Frisk Your Fear at the Door

Mar 28

Hi sweet sisters!

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For those of you studying An Untroubled Heart, I want you to know I’m praying for you. This morning, I’ve asked God to open your heart and mind to His truths. I’ve prayed against the spirit of fear and worry in your life. I’ve asked our great God to touch those empty places in your soul that only you and He knows about. … to bring comfort, healing, courage and the strength to walk hand and hand with Him through this journey toward finding a faith stronger than all your fear.

You are loved!

2 Timothy 1:7 has stuck like glue over the past week. I know it has for many of you, too.

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”

I believe it would be to our advantage to write this verse out and memorize it.

We know from this verse that the spirit of fear doesn’t come from God. So where does it come from? It comes from the enemy. The enemy knows if we trust God then our potential to achieve great things is endless. Therefore, he wants to shut us down by oppressing us with fear. The good news is we don’t have to get tangled up in his worry-webs. We can and must pray against the spirit of fear. We can pray something along these lines…

“Lord, I know my fear isn’t from you. I reject it. I reject its power over me. I ask you to bring it under submission to your power so that I may walk in freedom, in peace and in power, love and with a sound mind. I trust you, God. I believe you are greater than my fear. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. In Jesus Name, a-men.”

I love this verse for so many reasons. First because it tells me where fear comes from, and second that I’m NOT crazy!

I use to worry so much I thought I would go crazy. Can you relate? Again, I believe this is one of the enemy’s tactics. God’s promises you and me a sound mind! So whenever I would start the fight with worry, I learned to frisk those thoughts at the door of my mind. And, I refused to let them in. I’d say, NO! This thought. This fear. This doubt. This pain. This fight. This worry is NOT from God and I will not let it in. I will, instead, trust God with this situation. Doing this allows me to give it all over to God and fall back and rest in the security of His loving arms as He worked out the circumstances. Ah! What sweet comfort!

So, I challenge you friend. Frisk your worry at the door of your mind and do not let it in. Trust it to the care of your loving Father.

Memorize 2 Tim 1:7.

Pray daily to be set free from the spirit of fear.

Peace be with you…


  1. says

    Micca I want to let you know how much your book has helped me grow stronger with God. I am doing Melissa bible studie on your book I am excited to see what God has plan for me and my family plus all the women who are doing this bible sudied..I just know that God is going to bring alot of women closer to him through your book. God Bless you!

    • says

      Hi Sharon, I’m so blessed to hear that God is drawing you into a closer relationship with Him. Maintaining our relationship with God is key to overcoming all that troubles us, attacks us and tempts us. I pray that God will reveal HImself to you in a special way as you study, An Untroubled Heart.

  2. says

    Micca, this is wonderful! Thank you for praying for all the amazing women who are participating this this study. It’s such a blessing to have you walking along side us as we study God’s Word through your book.

    <3 Heather

    • says

      Thanks, Heather, for your kind words. And thank you for all you do for God’s kingdom and for your heart for women! God shines through you!

  3. LaKeta says

    Thank you for your praying for me. I really need it. I often struggle with fear and I want it to stop. I know it will stop as I grow stronger in trusting God, reading His word, and participating in this study. Again, thank you…

    • says

      LaKeta, I’m praying for you and each lady daily as you study An Untroubled Heart. I know God wants to do a work in you and that can be scary too. But our strength comes when we TRUST Him with our cares, worries and heartaches. Sometimes we just need to say… “God, I don’t understand this. I don’t like it. I’m fearful of it, but I’m going to trust you.” And God will take it from there!
      blessings, friend!

  4. Jenny Kozar says

    I am currently doing the study of your book and I cannot THANK YOU enough for being obedient to God and writing this. This verse is my shield this week (and I am sure for sometime to come).

    Bless you friend.

    • says

      Jenny, this verse has been a life-savor for me anytime fear strikes. I know it’s not from God, therefore, I pray against immediately. Then, the best I can, I give what’s worrying me over to God. I find rest. To be honest, sometimes I have to do that throughout the day to keep from allowing fear to win and to keep in perfect peace. Praying for you!

  5. Michelle says

    You book has really spoke to me eventhough I have only read the first two chapters. Thank for being obident to God and publishing your testimony and sharing with all of us women apart of this study that we can overcome fear!

  6. Sharon mi says

    No wonder I feel so much better :) Thank you for your prayers and your Godly encouragement. Micca you are truly a blessing!

    • says

      Thanks for your kind words, Sharon. Yes, I’m praying for you girls daily. I know God has good things in store for all. It may be hard at first, but it will be worth it. Hang in there!

  7. Kristi says


    Thank you so much for this post. Since I started reading your book, many of the fears which I thought I had escaped have been fighting to come to light again. But, I’m trying to have peace with that because it must mean that the Devil is simply trying to find any crack he can in my armour to manipulate me. Thank you for your prayers. I know there are many of us who have pushed many of those fears aside and your book is challenging us to wipe off the cobwebs and finally give them over to the Lord. It can be a daunting task but I’m so thankful that we are able to do this together in this bible study. Thank you again for your beautiful book and taking time to speak to us on Tuesday. Praying that you will have a blessed weekend!

  8. says

    Kristi, I love that you’re willing to let God wipe away the cob-webs and reveal all your fears. That’s takes courage!! So you’re on the right track! Hang in there. God is doing a mighty work in you as He grows your faith and makes your stronger!

  9. says

    Micca – First of all let me say I absolutely love your story and am so thankful that you were led to share it with us! I have already taken so much from this book and am so excited to read every chapter!

    Here’s where I’m struggling and maybe you can provide some input – God WILL provide – I know this 100%! I have no fear that He will provide – it’s a promise he has made to us. HOWEVER, my fear is in the fact (and it is fact) that it will happen in God’s timing – when the timing is perfect for Him. So, for example, if my husband is out of work month after month after month (he isn’t, this is just for examples sake) – and start losing everything we own…it’s the WHEN God will provide that scares me literally to death. If He isn’t ready to provide for current needs (for whatever reason) – then we could literally lose everything and have to start over…..and that’s very scary.

    It’s God’s timing that scares me – it’s not always in OUR perfect time and if it’s not, the outcome is very scary in many cases. So, this is probably where my biggest fear comes from.

    Any thoughts you could provide would be great…..this has been on my heart for awhile and will likely be my next blog – but I need some insight!

    Thanks!!!! Keep sharing! (((HUGS)))

    Kelley M.

  10. says

    When I heard you say Frisk your thoughts at the door on the live call, that really spoke to me because my husband has been a police officer fo 12 years and has had to do that in his job in preparing to take someone to jail. It has been a word picture in my mind ever since you made that statement. I am praying I can frisk all of the fears out of my life. Love your book. God Bless

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