Here We Go–From Fear to Faith!

Mar 26

It’s here! The day 2600 women have said, “I am going to fear LESS and LIVE MORE!” I’m so excited for each of you I don’t know what to do. So, I thought I would write you a note of encouragement.

If you’re visiting from today’s devotion, Stop the Masquerade, Welcome! Often times we mask our fears but we don’t have too. We can throw away the masks and develop the courage to be ourselves–and love it! If you haven’t signed up for the online bible-study of my book, An Untroubled Heart, it’s not too late. Purchase a copy today or leave a comment and enter to win a copy. Hop over to Melissa’s blog and get started!!

Now, back to my note. Let’s be real. Fear is a powerful emotion. It can keep you up during the day and shut you down at night. Not only that. Fear robs you. It robs you of our peace, joy, and confidence. It also robs you of your relationships, dreams, witness, and opportunities. But no longer!

As Melissa said, we are taking hold of and believing God’s truth “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.”  2 Timothy 1:7 

I encourage you to write that verse down and tape it to your mirror or keep it on your desk. Place it anywhere you send lots of time. Then read it as a prayer. Believe it as truth. And when fear tries to spook you, the Holy Spirit will automatically remind you that you’re not timid. You have power, the love of God, and the discipline to walk away.

That reminds me of an acrostic for fear that goes like this:





Like a scaredy-cat I use to do just that whenever I was afraid—RUN! Not any more. Well, I still run but not because I’m afraid. I flee from fear so that I don’t fall into its snare. I do that by not giving what spooks me the time of day. I don’t allow myself to dwell on what’s scary. I refuse to let it paralyze me, worry me or rob me of my peace and joy. So yes, I run from fear but with a different purpose.

You’ll learn to do the same. I promise. It takes time, faith, power and discipline. …just what God has provided for us.

Listen, I know some of may already be battling fear—fear of taking this study—wondering what it will reveal—fear that you’ll not be any better when you cross the finish line than you are now. I understand.

I realize what a huge step this is for you.

Think for a moment about the 11 disciples who stayed in the boat instead of stepping out onto the water with Peter. They missed an AMAZING opportunity to walk on water with Christ! Sadly, most of us living in the safety of the boat our entire lives and then wonder why life is so dull and uneventful.

I can almost hear the 11 calling out to Peter in fear. “Don’t do it, dude!” “Are you crazy?” Peter could have listened and stayed in the boat too. But he didn’t. Though the 11 tried to cast doubt and fear into the heart and mind of Peter, he courageously threw one leg over the side of the boat and then the other. Before he knew it, Peter was walking on water.

Don’t let the voice of fear keep you in the boat. Throw over one leg at a time, and I promise you at some point during this study you’ll be walking on water with Christ

I’m praying for you today!! …and thanking God for the privilege of speaking truth into your lives. His truth. Truth that transforms fear into faith.

Love you from the top of my head to the bottom of my coral toenail polish!


  1. momoljcc says

    So it looks like I have been sporting masks for as long as I can remember. Coming up on 45 and I have no clue who I am, what I like,what I want or what is my purpose. Think I just may need to join your study. Will there be access online for a while? Not in a position to get the book anytime soon but would love to be able to come back to it when I can get my hands on a copy : )

    • Kristi says

      You can check out to check out posts related to the study. Also, if you check out her page today, you can check out how to get a portion of the book for free. The posts will also be available later when you are able to buy the book. However, you are welcome to join in the community on the blog in the comments section! Micca’s book is AMAZING! I definitely encourage you to check it out!

    • Sonja says

      I am so with you momoljcc. I am 43 and still haven’t really found my purpose. Stuff, like depression, fear and anxiety is holding me back being the me I used to be. Anyways, hope you’ll join our group – it’s a really great one. Hop on board but don’t be afraid to get out and walk on the water.

  2. Florence says

    I’m so tired of fear stealing my peace and joy….I pray that God does a mighty work in me through your book and the study. So excited to get started. Thank you much for your encouraging blog!

    • Deborah says

      I am right there with you Florence….I am tired too and I too am praying that God will do a might work in me as well…So tired of being afraid….GOd Bless You

  3. Michelle says

    I used to think I knew who I was, that I had learned how to live without masks, but then my husband walked away from our children and me. Now through the hurt and pain of divorce, God is teaching me who I am IN Him. What a glorious lesson to learn. Life is still painful, but God is with me, comforting me, teaching me, sustaining me, filling me more and more with Himself. What an amazing God we serve.

  4. Glacon96 says

    I have been wearing a mask all my life but referred to it as my ice castle. It kept people from seeing the hurt and pain caused by a dis functional family and later allowed me to conform to what I thought my husband wanted as a wife. Now at the age of 40 I am struggling to take off my mask and find happiness. But what do you do when it is the fear of raising your children in a broken home that is keeping you from dropping your mask? I thought it was interesting in your devotional you left out spouse in the list of people that we conform too. Why? I look forward to reading futrther.

    • Jenny says

      I definitely feel you on this one. Mine doesn’t really even know who I am and neither do I anymore. I have been trying so long to be the person that I think he wants me to be and so scared that if I talk and act and say how I really feel that he won’t like me or leave me or cheat on me.

  5. Carrie says

    I am so excited to have started the bible study. I think after hiding behind so many masks, I forgot who I really am. But, very excited to try and find out who that person really is.

  6. LRF says

    Thank you for this devotion. I would love a copy of this book. I honestly, think I have masks as well. I never really thought it was out of fear but as I sit here writing & thinking on your devotion & blog I realize that it has been out of fear-fear of rejection being top of the list. I have much to think on today.


  7. Alicia Farage says

    I needed these words this morning…. I’ve been wearing a mask for 40 years and am so ready to take it off…

    I’ll be following this study and would love a copy of the book.

  8. Becca Dowling says

    Loved your message on the Proverbs 31 devotional today about fear and masks. I have memorized both the Psalms 139 and 2 Timothy verses in my pursuit to cast out fear with His perfect Love.

    I’ve been in a class called The Search for Significance based on Robert S McGee’s book of the same name. It has been monumental to me in revealing the lies of the enemy that have been false beliefs in my life, feeding my fear of rejection and failure, of how I must have the approval of others or that I must meet certain standards to feel good about myself. Even more revolutionary are the Truths of God revealed in the book:

    I am deeply loved,
    I am completely forgiven,
    I am fully pleasing, and
    I am totally accepted by God.

    Habits born of false beliefs take time and Grace to change. And the more of God’s truth I put into my mind, the more it sinks in and replaces those habitual thoughts and reactions. It sounds like your book has a similar message, and I would love to read it.

    I pray more women hear these truths through your devotional, your blog, your book and your ministries.

    God bless!

    • Teresa says

      Becca, the Search for Significance book was one of the best books I ever picked up to read. It was the first one that cracked the “cement” wall I had built up around myself. I read it almost 20 years ago now, and life has been getting better and better each year as I continue studying other books to help me see all the many ways the enemy deceives us and lies to us. I’m excited to be doing Micca’s “An Untroubled Heart” now. More bricks will come down. I must be getting close to having the whole wall down by now :).

      I pray you can continue to grow your faith and allow God to shine His light inside you to show you lies you’ve believed. What an awesome God we serve. I’m so glad He loves us sooooo much.

  9. Adriana Urbanczyk says

    Yes, I wear masks…and battle the fear of rejection and the desire to please that drives it. I’d like the boldness, freedom and confidence I see in others.

  10. says

    Loved your devo today and I’m so excited about leading an Online Bible Study of your book. Girl, we have over 2900 signed up and they are all ready to face their fears and with God’s help move on.

    Thank you so much for writing this book. Your journey and message is going to be the tool God uses to set many of us free.

    Love you! And I’m looking forward our conference call tomorrow night :)

  11. Melanie Shannon says

    I so love all the devotions of the Proverbs 31 ladies because as I read them and the comments that follows, I realize that I am not alone. I am not the only one hiding behind of mask because fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear driven my worry. I am at a point in my life that I have lost touch of who I am, where I belong & why I am here. I know God has a perfect plan for my life….I am fearfully and wonderfully made…..FOR A REASON!! And I know that if I will commit myself to God 100% instead of trying to do it on my own, He will show me the way. Praying today…..Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understand. But in all ways acknowldge Him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6. Blessings!

  12. says

    Genuiness is something I am daily striving in. God has been working in my heart & showing me areas to improve. Your P31 devotion struck a chord with me.

  13. Rhonda H. says

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am going through my own personal grief with losing my father, but feel the strength of the Lord every day.

  14. Patricia Mwangi says

    I love the devotions on Proverbs 31 ministries as they daily minister and remind me of God’s love. Masks are real.I thought that as I grew older, I’d wonder less about who I am and my purpose and dreams would be more defined. But, sometimes life can get complicated with the desire to accomplish much and one can get destabilized. God’s word is a sure refuge and foundation.

  15. Anne Lewis says

    This book sounds awesome and what all believers can use to help us to follow the path God has set before us. I am mentoring 11th grade girls and your devotional really spoke to me for them and then linking to this blog I desire this empowerment God has for me and them. The study I believe is a divine appointment. Thank you Lord for using Micca as your vessel!

  16. Judy says

    I just finished Chapter 1 of your story. When you wrote, “Even if we don’t have all the answers, our past will never make sense until we invite God into our present. Then we will see He has been there all along.”, that really resonated with me. Thank you for your vulnerability to share your story. I look forward to what God is going to do as we study together.

  17. Samantha Swindle says

    As several of the other commentors mentioned, I also have so many masks and have used them so long, I honestly don’t know who I am. I can’t even imagine how to go about finding me. Except perhaps to just run away and start over somewhere else where no one knows me. Of course that’s not an option due to hubby, kids, parents, etc. But that’s what i want. Just to run away and start over. I’m so tired of pretending, but I’ve lost sight of what’s real and what’s not. I’m so discouraged.

  18. apryl says

    I just got done reading ‘Stop the Masquerade’ and I wanted to tell you thank you for writing it! The Lord totally used you in my life today! When you were talking about what your daughter went through in middle school, I thought, ‘that was me in 7th grade!’ I did exactly what your daughter did and ended up returning to my old self. I have been going through that again recently though and didn’t even realize it. The Lord is good though and reminded me that he loves me and I am fearfully and wonderfully made! The world is a cold place and people can be so cruel but God remains the same! He is the same forever! I thank the Lord for you! To Him be the glory forever and ever:)

  19. Lulu says

    Love your book…trying to stay on course with the study and not read ahead :) Stopping and answering the questions is helping with that–so often I read questions in books and keep on going; but, I really need this help and healing. I literally have tried to figure out “what I wanted to be when I grow up” and think, now at 43, I’ve finally found the answer. Now, it’s a matter of placing it in God’s hands and getting out of a stressful job with a bad situation and into a job doing what I’m getting my certification in, and hopefully working with more professional people. I know since I’ve had to change jobs several times (mainly due to layoffs) that the grass isn’t always greener; but, I have had jobs where people have treated me with respect and I hope to attain that atmosphere again REALLY soon.

  20. missy says

    I like so many have different masks as well. I have often wondered which I really am. I have carried so many fears with me. Fear of life, fear for my children, fear of being alone, anxiety that I have fought every day for many years! Not anymore! I’m claiming the challenge and believing that God can work powerfully in our lives. Living without fear is possible ! Looking so coward to this study!!! Thank you for sharing yours!!!!

  21. Deborah says

    The phrase “Do It Afraid”, actually brings about more fear for me…I no longer want to try and Do IT Afraid….With the help of this Bible Study and GOd I want to conquer my fears and move forward….

  22. says

    It is so funny. Until I read today’s devotional, I didn’t really realize how I have walked around just about all my life with baggage and a wardrobe of masks. My heart feels like it is just breaking as I realize how much I missed out on because I forced myself to go off my own track (whatever that was) and into the one someone else (many someone elses) have lined up for me. I would love to join the online study but unfortunately I have to wait for pay day. I will definitely be picking up the book on Friday though.

  23. Crystal says

    Thank you for the reminder that God created me to be who I am, and it is me that is afraid to be that person. It is me who puts on masks, such as expectations, that hinder me from being who God created me to be.

  24. Orenda Smith says

    I just want to say Micca, thank you for writing the book and sharing it with me. I myself have lived 35 years of wearing mask, and in fear. As I read your story and comments here and on Melissa Taylor blog, the fears that been swirling around inside of me, I can see other woman struggling to. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone and that we all have fears, but we need to put our trust in the Lord. I have read the first two chapters and scam some of the questions and I can see it’s going to be changeling for me. I can all ready feel Satan trying to make me doubt if I am really ready to do this. I know it’s time through God’s grace He made this happen so I can participate. I can feel Him telling me it’s time my child to let go and cast all your worries on me. After so many years of feeling hopeless, powerless, alone and fearful it brings my heart great JOY to now know that I have a Loving Father who is with me through any storm!!! That God didn’t give me those feelings of fear, but of POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND!!! WOW what great feeling to know that I don’t have to feel powerless, unloved or crazy!!! I just have to give it all to God and through Him I have the strength and courage I need to face anything!! I just have to trust and believe that I do, that is hardest part for me. I am praying that God will revel what is in my heart and through this study, that I will get to a point I can start letting go some of my fears.To start really trusting and believing in Him, when I am afraid. I am so excited to see how God is going to work in this!! Here’s to letting go myself and of my fears, and to just grabbing 100% onto Him!!! God Bless to everyone

  25. Robin says

    This book is a book that I will be getting now instead of an “i’ll get around to it”. Thank you for the reminder of what God wants for me!

  26. Denise says

    It is my prayer as I take this journey to do this online Bible study with you and Melissa, that the Lord would minister to my troubled heart in an amazing way, I need Him to Pierce my Heart and remove the Fear I am now struggling with. I want my Peace back I once had, due to many different trying circumstances going on in my life, I somehow allowed the enemy to get the best of me!
    But with that said, I CHOSE to perservere in my walk with the LORD and I will no longer allow the enemy to steel away my Joy! My Heart is open to the Lords will on my life and all that entails!! I will seek the Lord and purposefully will do as He calls me to do to Recieve ALL He has for me as His Faithful daughter!!

    Today I CHOSE to follow whole Heartedly!! MY Savior!, My Redeemer, My Rock!

    Thank You for your faithful servant Heart Micca, for all you have been through that has brought you to this place today pouring His Love and Encouragement on all us ladies here through your ministry!! Gods wastes nothing!
    I am truly Blessed to be able to take this journey with the Lord and you and all the other ladies involved!! God is soooo Good!!

    In His Love

  27. Ellie says

    Hi girls! For those of you looking to get the book…
    I had a had time getting a copy of it. But, I was able to download a FREE version of Kindle for PC. Then I had to buy the kindle version of the book. I hope this helps!! :) It sure helped me!

  28. Rhonda says

    Hi, I did start the bible study today with an open mind and open heart but I am still afraid of what is to come! I am so trying to have the faith right now but it is so hard to not try to control all because of past rejections and hurts! I am still like a little child inside that yearns for acceptance and love!
    I recently found out my son got married in a civil court (2nd marriage) and when I confronted him he flat out lied to me that they were wearing rings on their fingers from his fiancé wanting to look like they are married with the kids when they come to his house! There has been many lies from his wife to her parents and as a parent I feel it is our right to tell her parents but my fear of rejection and passed problem makes me just stand still and quiet! I am afraid my son won’t be in our lives if we go forward with this and we won’t see him or the grandchildren again and that hurts me! So I am trying to have faith that God is in control and will work this out! A expensive wedding is planned for the end of June in FL and for one thing I do not want to spend this money when they are already married for another thing, their marriage is started out all by lies!
    I really need prayers and I need the holy spirit to speak to me and calm my fears and anxiety through this all!
    Thank you for this bible study and I am so thankful for girlfriends in Christ to help us through all the hard times we have on this earth!
    God bless,

  29. Diane says

    thank you for the encouragement today. i do have fear that i will come out of this study the same as when i went in, but i have given that to God and dove into the book today. there is so much that spoke directly to me in the intro and first chapter. i am praying for change today so that i can fear less and live more. thanks!!

  30. Amanda G says

    Micca thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Thank you for your transparency and willingness to share your story to help others. I can not wait to hear you on the conference call tomorrow and more excited to meet you in person in Danville, IN on April 21st :)

  31. Paige says

    Thank you for the analogy of not letting fear keep you in the boat. My family may have the possibility of an upcoming move soon, and I get so scared of the unknown and leaving family behind. Instead of focusing on the voice of fear, I need to focus on the voice of God and what He has for us. Thanks for bringing my mind back to that.

  32. Kelley says

    Thanks so much for this message. It’s made me think of a whole different area of my life that seems to be run by fear at times – and I had planned on running once again – it’s the first time I’ve seen it as running thanks to your blog today…

    Now that I’ve identified this, I’ll be even more mindful and intentional about this study to ensure I follow what God wants me to do and that I don’t run like a ”scaredy” cat!!

  33. Lynne K says

    Hi Micca! I just want you to know that I am privileged to be in Melissa’s bible study for your book. I am soo excited. I have been in 3 studies with Melissa and have been dealing with fear head on. I am excited to see how the Lord is going to deepen my faith and lessen the remaining fears. It is hard work, but so worth it…and in facing the fears and learning to trust Jesus, we are being obedient to God…which is something I am really working on. Being obedient.

    One thing we all need to realize is that we are all in the same boat. Each of us deals with fear…in one way or another. That is why it is such a blessing to be part of Melissa’s studies and the online bible study/prayer groups. We find out that we are not this world or spiritually. Thank you Micca for your willingness to open yourself up to all of us. Blessings on you!

  34. says

    Mica, I am so giddy over this study. Although God has made a big dent in my pile of fears…there are still a few left at the bottom, and boy are they doozies! Although I feel God has empowered me in my writing, fear still paralyzes me when I try to speak, and that is a fear I am desperate to move past. So leaning in desperation on the Lord to pull me through and teach me through your words leading me to His word. Many blessings! Thank you for writing this book, you and your message are empowered by the Holy Spirit girlfriend! Blessings and Hugs!!!

  35. Linda says

    When you said, “…some of may already be battling fear…fear that you’ll not be any better when you cross the finish line than you are now” I thought, “that is me!” I hope I am wrong and believe that I will be. I really think God is going to help me through this study.

    “It takes time, faith, power and discipline. …just what God has provided for us.” That is something I want to remember!

    Thank you!

    • Linda says

      BTW, I loved what Judy posted (March 26) “Even if we don’t have all the answers, our past will never make sense until we invite God into our present. Then we will see He has been there all along.”

      The one highlight that stood out to me was when you said, “My first step in learning to trust God again came when I chose to believe that I am never ever alone. God is always near me.” It’s so easy for me to forget that or not believe it.

  36. Paulette Taylor says

    Thanks so much for your encouragement today. I have joined the online Bible study. I have so many fears that I face daily, and I am ready to enjoy the life that God has intended. I have to repeatedly tell myself that God is for me. I have to trust Him with all that I am or ever will be. I know He created me, and my life was pre-planned before He formed me in my mothers womb. Since He knows every hair on my head, it would be foolish of me to think He won’t take care of me. I know He has brought me here because He wants me to learn how to trust Him fully.

  37. April says

    I read the first chapter of your book. It made me cry, but I rejoice that you found your strength from God and did not turn from Him. You are a blessing to women all over the world who will read your book or hear you speak. I believe you will be blessed beyond reason and I thank you for your encouragement in our daily walk with Christ!

  38. Kristi says

    Your book has already been such a blessing to me Micca. Over the past year, I have been on a journey of finding a faith that is stronger than all of my fears of the present, past and the future. Worrying can be all-consuming and that is what I did. Of course, most of the time, noone would know because I never stopped enough to breathe let alone realize that those fears could ever dissipate. In losing almost everything, I found that God will provide in amazing ways. It didn’t happen instantly. I realized that my efforts to control my life were futile, I began to see God work in amazing but sometimes just little ways. Whoo. I made it through another night. Whoo. I got out of that situation just in time. Wow. I was able to eat everything on the plate (Sounds like simple things but when some of the basics of life like safety, a place to lay your head and being able to consume food are all conspiring against you at the same time-it truly is the LITTLEST things which can make you happy!)

    I could relate so completely when you stated in the intro “When the unthinkable happens, and we lose a loved one [or____ or_____ AND ______], we’re gripped not only by great pain, but also by great fears as our illusions of control become shattered.” I’m so glad that God is in control. Can’t wait to hear your sweet voice on the conference call tomorrow night. I know that God is going to use your story to impact the lives of many. Thank you for following God’s calling for your life!

  39. Dawn says

    I am so grateful for this study. I have waited so long for something on anxiety and fear. I couldn’tt find anything in my church or surrounding churches. I stumbled across this one, I am sure not by chance. I am excited to see God move. Thank you for sharing.

  40. Lily says

    I’m ready Micca to let out my feelings. Most of the time I surpress my emotions because i dont know where they will take me. But God is in control! I want to know what is it in my heart that is causing so much pain. I believe God will speak to me thorough this study. Micca I am sorry for your loss, I have lost many people in my life but the hardest was my dad, he was my mentor, the man who reminded me of how strong the Lord made me. When I lost him I felt like I lost my advisor but I’m here to learn how to give that roll to Jesus who it belonged to in the first place. God bless you and thank you for your encouragement.

  41. Sheri says

    Thank you so much for writing this book. I have to admit I can’t put it down and have read ahead. I’m through Chapter 6, but am going back and re-reading with the group. I am very much looking forward to letting go of fear, and anxiety that I have fought all my life. Blessings to you!

  42. Stephanie says

    Thank-you for having the courage to share your story and experiances. I know I need to overcome fear, and grow in faith to be the best I can be for God, myself and my family.

  43. Amy says

    I wear masks daily.. it sure wears me out. I Am so ready to be me. I Am not sure what me is…. But I am ready. Thanks so much!

  44. Aileen says

    This study is so timely. I thank God for this study. I pray and trust God to set me free from this fear that steals my joy. Thank you too for the opportunity to win a copy of your book.

  45. Terry says

    I read the introduction and chapter one of An Untroubled Heart today. I’m looking forward to this study and it is my prayer that God will help me to trust Him more and set me free from fear. When I’m smothered with fear it’s very difficult to see that God is there. I try to remember that God is bigger than my fears and He is God in the valley just as He is God on that mountain, but I can’t seem to get that peace as you described. Thank you for the encouragement.

  46. Lauren says

    Loved Fear Everything and Run… I’d just like to add TO GOD! When we run to HIm, he promises to shelter us and hide us and protect us. Thank you, MIcca, for sharing your story with us! May God richly bless you as only He can <3

  47. wendy says

    I wasn’t going to sign up for this study. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to face my fears. But I was called continually to the post’s about the study. It’s time for me to face my fears and accept the changes that God is going to make in my life. Thank you for writing the book and thank you for letting Melissa Taylor use the book for an online study!

  48. Teri P. says

    From the time I was a child I have battled fear. I was afraid of the dark, afraid of being kidnapped, afraid to take any chances, afraid of being hurt, afraid of death. Fear can still paralyze me and it definitely keeps me from doing many things. There is always the “fear factor”. I want to get your book and join the study. Thank you for conquering your fears, so God can use you to help others!

  49. Jennifer says

    I am doing the bible study but am unable to purchase the book right now. Im not working right now I just graduated from the RN program and have been looking for a job BUT I am going to do my best with reading the blogs and spending time in the word to try and follow along. I love God soo much and I just want to turn my fears into faith!!!

  50. says

    So true; Seems much to easy to fall into the fear trap; But as I read your words written here, and thinking of all of His amazing promises in His Word, I know I am accepted; His grace IS enough; Fully forgiven, full of mercy – his love endures for each of us –forever! What an amazing Daddy we have in Him!
    More reason to Praise Him (especially if we have that fear factor rising up in our minds – replace it with Praise! The Holy Spirit works quicker and better than any aspirin works for a headache!!!)

  51. Kirsten says

    I would love to read this book, but even more, I would love to win a copy to give to my sister-in-law. Her fears really paralyze her so often, and her 8 yr old son already has anxiety issues that stem at least in part from her influence. I’d love for her to find peace and assurance that God can handle all those things she worries so much about.

  52. Kelly says

    I think I live my life in fear. I am afraid of everything and almost everyone. It is my comfort place. The problem is being across keeps me from trusting anyone and doing anything. I think my fear keeps me from hearing Gods voice and knowing his will for my life. It keeps me alone. Funny thing is being alone is scary also especially when I feel I will never be able to love or feel

  53. Nancy says

    Thank you! I just read the intro., first chapter and am looking over the questions. They are not questions that can be answered easily or quickly. They will take a lot of thought and honesty with myself. I am praying that God will help me follow through and answer all of them and really do all that is advised. I believe if I do, God will help me overcome my fears so I can get on with what I know He has called me to do. I have been unable to find the book anywhere and appreciate being made aware that we could read this first chapter here. Thanks, again.

  54. Jodi Howald says

    I am so encouraged that you were willing to tell your story!
    I am already being forced to face my fears & running away is so easy. I said a prayer for you today & want you to know how grateful I am that you followed God’s leading in your life! God is so proud of you! (I am, too!)

  55. Melissa G. says

    I am so excited about doing this online bible study! So many times I am fearful of a lot of things without even realizing it. I know that through your book God will open my eyes to those things and I can begin to by faith and not fear. Thank you so much for just wanting to share and help women just has yourself. I beleive God allows things to happen to us so that we can be a living testimony to help someone else. I know that it’s not about us, it’s always about others. It is very hard because we are in constant war with the flesh. I pray that God will give us the endurance to overcome! Thanks for being so encouraging and planting a seed that will grow and blossom to others.

  56. Beth M. says

    I am looking forward to being involved in this study! I am currently doing the Renee Swope’s online study; A Confident Heart! I would also recommend this book and she’s hosting another online study soon!
    I love having the freedom to do these studies online, which my schedule will allow, even though I miss doing one in person.
    Thank you ladies for your ministries to help other women live in freedom from fear AND with a confident heart!

  57. Sheena Wilson says

    Hello Micca!
    I am leading two study groups for this book with Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study, and I must say, my heart has already been gripped with the truths and rawness you shared in the intro and chapter one. I can tell already that this is going to be one of those “get ugly before God” kinds of books and I LOVE that! I’m looking forward to seeing how God is going to move through this study! Thanks for being a vessel to lead women from fear to faith!

  58. Dawn says

    Missed reading this yesterday- I was sick. Your book is amazing! Although tough to read initially. I am so blessed to see how God has moved in your life and touched you in so many ways. Your humor in the book is great- I have really enjoyed the stories. Your husband, is so much like me. I come by it honest because my dad is Mr. Safety. Perhaps that is why your daughter might have struggled with fear initially.

    When I was in high school, I decided to face my fear and go down the Der Stuka (?) at Wet n Wild in Orlando while at a family reunion. I approached it the same exact way as your husband. I took a couple of steps forward looked down, and thought “no way.” I took a few steps back and almost chickened out. Then with adventure in my heart and thinking it will only last a few seconds I chose to go. They pushed me down I arched my back I flew off the slide and literally free falled until I hit the curve. I screamed all the way down. My bathing suit was – well we won’t go there. I had a bikini on. Any ways, my Uncle Elbert came running, in fact, the whole family heard me scream all over the water park and came running to make sure I was OK. I have a southern accent and I guess they just recognized my southern drawl in my scream. Anyways, i accomplished it, and felt better for it. It was scary though, but God saw me through.

    Love, the book, and your outlook on life. It has touched me and enriched me. Thanks for sharing yesterday! Have a blessed day!

  59. Sandra says

    I have had a mask over my face for so long I have forgotten who I am, but I remember now that I am His.. I am so glad …Love to all and off with these masks!!!!

  60. Teresa says

    hey my toenails are coral too!!! my fav! Thank you Micca – I am looking forward to reading your book…starting tonight! I have been struggling with some fear issues myself lately, much like the 11 I am afraid to step out of the “boat” – So I am excited to be involved in this study…to have an accountability to read and study…to envelop myself in God’s Love. Thanks for writing!! God Bless You and Yours!

  61. Charlotte says

    I was so touched by your transparency and openness during the conference call tonight with Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study. God said we would have troubles but He is with us through them for He has overcome the world. I have learned that trials grow our faith, rather than subtract from it. It is a process and in some ways, I wish I had heard this last year when I was in the midst of something, but God has brought me through as He will do and is doing for others. Continue sharing! Love and blessings to you!

  62. Linda says

    this is a good study- sometimes one feels the disconnect between what the bible says on fear and who one acts in reality- looking forward to tking this journey

  63. Tiara says

    I have been wanting your books for months. I have it saved on my website to remind myself and also in a Barnes and Noble cart. I’ve heard it mentioned on another Word of Encouragement and thought it was perfect for me to read. Fear sometimes gets the best of me, and I know I need to redirect my thoughts and such to be less fearful. I hope to get your book soon and join in on the study! Thanks so much to speaking out. I think sometimes we wear masks and don’t even realize it. :)

  64. Carolyn Johnson says

    Hi There!
    This is the study for me! I know that fear has caused health issues, robbed me of a good testimony, and made me less than an authentic Christian even though I am leading a wonderful group of ladies called the Yada Yada Lunch Bunch. We have been studying More Than A Good Bible Study Girl and LOVING it. I need to face these fears head on and not try to control every situation. How timely for me. Charging forward!!!!!

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