March 8, 2012

Loved, No Matter What

Happy Thursday! I hope today you’ve experienced the love of God in your heart. If not, I encourage you to pause now and read my devotion, Loved, No Matter What.

God’s love is true and reliable. There’s only one problem. Sometimes you and I don’t feel worthy to be loved by God. Usually because of something that happened in our past we tend to think the Lord could never love us. Or we let our affections for God grow dim when we experience unexpected troubles or sorrows. These types of experiences can also make us feel as if God has turned His back on us and withheld His love.

This is the way I had felt after my husband’s death. I was trapped in Satan’s lie that God didn’t care.

It wasn’t long before my feelings toward God gave way to pure anger. With fear and trembling, I nervously wondered, “Has God taken His hands off the wheel of my life? Has He left me to spin helplessly out of control?”

Most days were a blur after I returned home from Porter’s funeral. I couldn’t focus on cleaning. I couldn’t even concentrate on my son. Sadness was my only garment. I couldn’t seem to toss if off or exchange it for something lighter and easier to wear. No, the heaviness of my pain and fear were more than I could bare at times. All I kept thinking was, “God, where are you? Don’t you care?”     Perhaps you’ve felt the same way. We tend to think that once we belong to God we are placed inside a spiritual bubble that protects us from all adversity, worry, and fear. It’ doesn’t make sense to us if we assume that peace and happiness show we have a caring Father but trouble does not. Yet, the bible tells us even as children of God, we are not free from troubles. Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:32).

No. God had not taken His hands off the wheel of my life or yours. He is aware of our circumstances and is in complete control of them. Still, when life suddenly turns stormy and unexpected events occur, we doubt God’s love. Trials and troubles in our lives don’t mean that God doesn’t care. During these times that make us feel alone and betrayed, we must not give an ear to Satan’s lies. Instead, we must trust that God is acting in love on our behalf even in dire circumstances. Even though our fears and emotions my lead us to believe otherwise, God, and what He allows into our lives, is always motivated by one thing—love. (Taken from, An Untroubled Heart, page 181-182)

I have a saying that goes like this… God loves you and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

I believe someone needed to read that today. I believe that some of you will need to remember it tomorrow. I encourage you to write it down and tape it on your mirror or put in your car or take it to work with you. Read it often and thank God for His love, no matter what.

Love, and lot’s of it…

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  1. Micca,
    This devotion speaks out to me. I was “fatherless.” My Mom had many men in her life; my step father was no “father in a silver bow.” He was young, trying and I was closed. Every time he would make an inch in our relationship, I would open up and something would happen, whether in his eyes it was little or small. Slowly I would begin to close even more, my world with men figures became null. It’s the same story many of us share, learning to trust someone, but also wanting the attention that you would see other guys providing. Later that proved to be a disaster with often a verbal abuse and some physical abuse later. It wasn’t until I met my husband, we were both saved that I realized what a man was supposed to be like and that I didn’t need to fill a void I had wanted all my life. My father had been there, ALWAYS. I just never realized it until I became a believer. God is so God. He is always there and he knows our plan. So through trials and tribulations I am grateful for HIM and who he has shared with me on this earth. I am truly blessed, I get that now!

    I love that through life’s storms we always fine calm seas and beautiful sunrises that move us.

    Thanks for your devotion today, this hit home for me and I am sure many others. Embrace those around us, love your children, and hug someone else’s. We all need a little positive influence in our lives.


  2. I am so glad I signed up for Biblegateway emails. I have used the site for years to look up passages, and never explored the other feautures. Your mesdage about God’s love there and above in this blog are for me. I am a widow with a beautiful eight year old and wonder how I can show her more love. Thank you for the ideas you gave me today.

  3. Beautiful Micca, just beautiful!!!!

    I am so very thankful for our heavenly Father, who’s love is always present and never conditional.

    Thank you for a beautiful way to start the day. May the Lord of all creation bless your family with love abundant.

    In His embrace,

    Toni Ryan

  4. Lori Ann says:

    I have been feeling particularly troubled. . . burdened for over a year now with issues that my family has been facing. With an adult child who is ill struggling with a mental illness/eating disorder, and a marriage that is feeling the weight on it all, I have prayed that God will give me a peace deep in my heart. I have never doubted His love, but know that I have not always allowed it to reach the depths of my soul. I am excited to begin Melissa’s study of your book and to finally allow myself to feel the depths of His love and the peace that comes with it. I also intend to share this with my daughter so that she too can experience this peace and begin her healing journey.

  5. Sabrina Caston says:

    Sometimes God uses the little things to speak right to you. This morning it was like that with your devotion. It was in my in box when I checked my mail and for once I wasn’t running behind and had a moment to read it right then. It was one of those need to hear moments for me and realize that he is here for me where I am am, all I had to do was open my eyes. Thank you.

  6. Even in all of our trials and tribulations God is with us. I know my reedemer lives, He is the WAY, the Truth, The Life. Alleluia!

  7. Faith Davis says:

    Thank you for the reminder that God loves unconditionally. The story that you used to illustrate our heavenly Father’s love was incredible! Sometimes we rage, cry and even panic but he is always there with open arms waiting for us to calm down. He is patiently waiting for us to cast every care on Him.

  8. Oh, Micca. I had to come over today to tell you how much I enjoyed the devotion this morning. Beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m so thankful of my Father’s love. When I read your blog, I was reminded of your story. My close friend just love her husband (age 44) from a heart attack. She has a 11 and a 8 yr old. They are really hurting right now. She keeps telling me it doesn’t get better with time. I can only imagine she’s right. I’m praying that God will bring healing for her broken heart, and thought she’ll never stop wishing her husband were here, she will accept this new normal and be able to live a full life. Please pray for her. Her name is Valerie. Thank you so much for your ministry and all you do. Blessings!


  9. Adriana says:

    This entry and the one I just read in my Encouragement for Today devotional about your husband loving your son are touching beyond words. Thank you for sharing so poignantly God’s enduring love.


  10. Tiffanie says:

    Thankful for this word today! Being reminded that He loves me no matter what is a great and very needed way to start my day!!

  11. Sophia DeLonghi says:

    Would love to win your message!

  12. Janet W says:

    Thank you Micca for sharing your heart!

    Janet W.

  13. Thank you so much for this word today! Even though I know it sometimes we have to be reminded! God bless you and your ministry! I’m holding on to Jesus right now with all my might!

  14. I have just started reading an untroubled heart. It has been on my must read list for a long time so I am excited to see what God has to say to me!! Thanks for this post and the
    31 devotion. They both encourage me to jump in with both feet!!

  15. Cheralyn Corlett says:

    I was blessed to have a loving father who showed the unconditional love of Christ in so many ways. My husband had a father was a pastor and showed the love of Christ to others but not his family. He failed to protect his children for fear of offending or ruffleing other peoples feathers. It hurt all of his children and it continues to hurt them. My husband struggles when he hears a message about the fathers love. Thank you for sharing this message that so many people need to here. Lord help us to hear your words and believe in your love.

  16. Abigail says:

    Thank you Micca. God’s love is forever and I am thankful. Even with my husband separation from me and can’t or don’t want to be with me, I know God is with me and will never leave me or forsake me. “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.(John 14:1).”. Have a blessed day.

  17. Sarah Rose says:

    Micca—thank you for allowing God to use you in my heart this morning. I know the troubles I’m enduring at the moment are nothing like what you have endured, but I still felt like I needed that reminder that God loves me and there’s nothing I can do about it. I base how much I think God loves me on what I do all the time. And it has nothing to do with me or what I do. Thanks for that reminder. :)

  18. thanks for sharing and being transparent today.

  19. Michelle T. says:

    I’m overwhelmed. I just need extra prayer. And I’d love to be in the drawing too. Thanks.

  20. Staci Dunn Silva says:

    Awesome devotion. I was truly moved.

  21. Carrie P. says:

    Read your Proverbs 31 Devotional today and what a wonderful story! It’s so easy to fight somebody’s love, whether it’s because we’re not trusting, we’re afraid, or we don’t feel deserving. What an amazing example of just completely letting yourself go and fall into someone’s love. To a father’s love. To God’s love. Thank you so much for sharing!

  22. God bless you, i just want to say thank you for this great message i was i work when i read it, and it brought me to tears so i had to take a break. See for years i’ve been struggling with my son for the same thing only that his dad didnt pass away he just abandonen us and so when he was 1 yr and a half i met this great man to which i married and we’ve been marrd now for 17yrs, my son struggles alot with that eventhough my husband would do anything for him words cant describe how much he loves him, and so that has lead my son to make some really bad choices and now he is in jail facing 3 yrs, and my husband and i are wondering did we do something wrong, or did we not love him enough. This devo helped me so much today to see that the love of my Father God will never fade no matter what we really do beat ourselves up to much sometimes. I really just want to thank you and tell you may God bless you all the more as you encourage us who need this encouragement on a daily basisr

  23. Darlene says:

    It is so good to know that God loves me and there’s not a thing I can do about it. I also recently found Zephaniah 3:17. It got me through a rough time, knowing that the God of the Universe searched me out and sings over me. Thank you for the wonderful reminder. Blessings.

  24. Candice Fassett says:

    Thank you for your devotion and encouragement through your blog today! I am grateful for these reminders today.

  25. What a great message! I have a friend who is struggling through the hurt of adultery and all the emotions that come with the people judging her for wanting to stay with her husband. I can’t wait for her to read your post on Proverbs 31 and this one on your blog!! Thank you!

  26. Oh, how I needed to hear this (message), you’re most POWERFUL words, experience and true devotion you have for the LORD! I AM SO THERE~ RIGHT NOW (with the daily struggles/challenges and disbelief) and it feels HORRIBLE! So thanks, Micca for the “tiny, meaningful, spark”!

  27. I thank God for leading me here today! And I thank you for allowing God to speak through you. God Bless You!

  28. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for this post.
    I am a Christian struggling with fears.
    I feel so unworthy and struggle with things of the past.
    The book study is coming along at a perfect time for me.
    May God Bless you as you reach out to women.

  29. Jessica B says:

    My Facebook status says this today ” Thank you Micca Campbell for helping me to remember that God dances and sings over me”. I woke up this morning with tear stains on my face as I had cried myself to sleep last night. I’m in a new relationship after being divorced for three years and last night was my first disappointment. I needed to feel loved, wanted to feel loved and was struggling. So again, thank you.

  30. Wonderful message that shows that God is always present within our spirit and wants us to experience His love that surpasses our understanding. Life is always going to have its share of pain and sorrow but the one constant we can rely upon is the unconditional love and peace that God blesses us with. I am in awe of how He desires us to be transformed into the image of Christ and reflect His glory. Difficulties and sorrows are the vehicles which God uses to turn our spirit to His, resting in complete trust that we are in His perfect will.

  31. Micca, thank you for a beautifully written reminder of our Father’s love. You brought tears to many eyes today, I’m sure. God bless you.

  32. Thank you so much for your wonderful message. I am so blessed to be a part of the Proverbs 31 ministry. I am a sixty-three year old newlywed and when we were first dating, I gave my then boyfriend a card telling him I wanted to be a Proverbs 31 woman to him if he would have me. In the three years we have been married, there have been many (sometimes too many) trials to face and obstacles to overcome. Yet, through it all, we held hands tightly and that third cord, Jesus, kept everything from unraveling. We are facing yet another crisis and your message helped my sadness, frustration, and pain. I am printing this out so my husband, Denny, can be blessed also. Thanks again for your words and His, Hugs and blessings!!

  33. Thanks Micca, I too lost my husband and have since re-married and right now am wondering if I did the right thing or not. Would I have better off raising my children on my own, our home is turmoil and despair. My step daughter despises me and my children. Her mom died too and I am not her mom and our world has really been turned upside down. Giving praises that no matter how unloved I feel right now, how forsaken, my Father loves me and I will be safe in him arms.

  34. Micca

    Thank you so much for the truth that God loves us. I have not known love especially from a father or male figure. I have been married looking for that love and did not find it. I am heart broken today because i was looking for love in the wrong place. But i appreciate this reminder of the unconditional Love of our Heavenly father. He says that while we were yet sinners He loved us and died for us. We have never done anything to deserve. I feel uplifted today and ready to overcome the challenges that i am facing with the strength of my Father’s love. I told Him last night that I LOVE HIM. I know He never seizes to let me know the same.

  35. Domanicka says:

    I know I have lost sight of God’s love for me. Thanks for the reminder.

  36. Thanks for such an encouraging message. It’s easy forget how much God loves each of us. I enjoyed your devotion on Proverbs 31. It was a beautiful illustration.

  37. Thank you so much! I discovered the Encouragement for Today devotional a few days ago and have been so blessed by the messages. I am a pastor’s wife, working full time and with 2 teenage boys still at home. Life can get overwhelming, so it has been amazing to run into a wonderful group of godly women online and hear your hearts and encouragement. Thank you again!

  38. Kirsten says:

    Thank you for that reminder and the beautiful story that so perfectly illustrates how much God loves us, despite our reactions or mistakes.

  39. samantha howard says:

    Thank you for your reminders of God’s love being a constant in the circumstances of our lives, good and bad. I needed the reminder today!

  40. What a beautiful message when I so needed it today! Thank you! I’ve felt like my heart has been troubled lately–so much worry in my life that I struggle with. Your reminder of God’s love for me despite my worry brings me so much peace and comfort. Thank you for taking the time to construct such a helpful message!

  41. Would love to win your message!!
    Thank you for opportunity!!


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