Turning Your Mess into Your Message

Apr 27

To be human is to be messy. It just goes with the territory. And let’s face it, some mess washes off and some doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean we have to become victims or prisoners of our mess. We break free by finding the message inside of our mess and sharing it with others. If you haven’t read my brother’s story, pause her and read my devotion, “When Your Mess Becomes Your Message.” 

Yes, you have a message.

A lesson learned.



And wisdom that someone else needs.

If you want to do something good with the mess in your life, learn from it and help someone else. The bible says it like this:

“For God causes all things to work for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28.

Your purpose and mine is to grow from our mistakes; to triumph over tragedy; to let God make something beautiful out of our brokenness.

Sounds good, but how?

First, I had to acknowledge I was the problem. For many years, I was angry. My anger not only affected my life but the lives of those around me. I prolonged healing by blaming everyone else, even God, for my anger and my unhappiness. Then, one day, I feel to my knees and prayed, “God, I’m so tired of being angry. I’ve made a mess of my life and my relationships. I’m no longer blaming everyone else for my heartache and pain. I admit I’m at fault. I’ve held on to anger way too long. Please, take away my anger and give me peace. Please fill me with your love so that I can love those you’ve placed in my life. Lord, renew my joy. Do this in me, because I can’t do it myself.”

After I prayed that honest prayer, my days grew brighter. God had heard me. He had forgiven me and there was new joy and peace in my life.

Some of you have begged God to help you stop ______________ . (you fill in the blank) but nothing has changed. If this is you, ask yourself this.

“Do I really want God to change the mess in my life? Or do I love the mess to much for real change?”

The way you answer that question is key.

There was a woman who asked her pastor to pray for her to stop smoking. To the woman’s surprise, the pastor said he wouldn’t pray for her to stop smoking. When the women asked, “why not?” The pastor replied, “When you love God and what He wants for you more than smoking, you’ll stop on your own.”

So true. Had I not really wanted God to change my heart, nothing would have happened.

Once you’re serious about allowing God to change your mess, you must learn to live daily in His Presence. My brother says nothing is more important than spending time with God. If he misses it, he becomes weak. Old habits would return. But feeding on God’s truths and drawing from His strength keeps him strong and victorious.

After we’ve learned to rely on God to change our mess, we have a message to share with others.

“God still delivers!” Oh, how your friends and family need to hear that today. Perhaps you need to hear that today.

Listen friend, it doesn’t matter how big your mess is. God is bigger! There’s nothing you can mess up that He can’t forgive, heal and restore. NOTHING! He is able to deliver you—if deliverance is what you truly seek. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivers him out of them all” Ps. 34:19.

Oh, how I pray you believe that today. I’m praying that you do and that you find true deliverance.

Some of you are already sharing how God has turned your mess into your message! I’d love to hear your story!

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  1. Vanessa says

    Micca, Your message today gave me such encouragement. My husband is an alcoholic, we have been married for 31 years, after two rehabs and countless times I have left him, he still continues to drink. Through all of this, I just kept hearing a voice say do not give up on him. I was saved in 1988, but only within the last 4 months really learned what it really felt like to have a personal relationship with my God. It is a long story, but I was led to Proverbs 31 website and it was the beginning of something so wonderful I can not begin to explain. I began really reading the Bible and seeking His word and applying what I read to my life and I can not tell you the change that has taken over me. I use to worry every time I left work wondering what I would find when I got home, now I have peace and joy and I know that my Lord will take care of me and provide me with the necessary tools I need to make it through. I have not given up and continue to pray for my husband all through the day, everyday. I know God has big plans for my life and can not wait to see what he has in store. Just wanted to say Thanks for all you do at Proverbs 31 and you are really making a difference!

    • says

      Vanessa, God has you in His care. He also cares and is working to draw your husband to Him. I realize it may not look like it, but God is working! Keep the faith and keep living it in front of him. Praise God for the peace and joy He has given you, and thank Him for the day your husband will have it as well. Praying for both of you today.

  2. says

    Hi Micca! I just published a memoir for a Native American man and his wife called Total Pardon; An Extraordinary Love Story. It deals with Wil’s recovery from 42 years of alcoholism and all that goes with that. HOWEVER, his amazing reversal of destiny story gives radical hope for those suffering with addiction and I’m so blessed to be the scribe. I share this information with you because the story (and book discussion questions) may be of interest to you. If you like, you can check it out on AMAZON at http://amzn.com/0982152132. We love it when people leave comments. To see the book discussion questions and more about Wil and Linda and their ministry Christ is the Answer, check out our website http://www.totalpardon.com. Wishing you a blessed weekend Jodie

  3. Janetta says

    I read about your brother’s story with tears streaming down my face. I am so ready for that to be the ending to my son’s story who is on the same path. Please pray for Joshua that he will come back to the Lord and turn his life around. Thank you for your devotional today and the blessing of hope.

  4. L says


    This message was meant for me. My sister in law has been struggling with drugs for 12+ years. She has three kids and we all as a family pulled together to help raise them. My husband and I and our two kids moved to another state so my inlaws are helping raise the kids.

    It seems as though she will never rise out of the pit. I know she cant do it alone. We love her and miss the old her and pray she will seek Jesus to be saved and healed. Hearing your brothers story and countless others really testifies to beleivers and non believers that God is alive. He can change and heal people that can’t do anything about themselves.

    Thank you for sharing. I know Jesus is the only healer, the only solution. Only the Son can set free!!

    • Kristi S says

      I will be praying for your sister-in-law. You are so right when you say that GOD can “change and heal people that can’t do anything themselves.” I pray that He will soften her heart so that she will see the love that surrounds her in the form of YOU and your family and see God’s example in you. God bless sister!

    • says

      I’m joining you and Kristi today in praying for your sister in law. May God’s will be done!
      Don’t give up on her. Press on in prayers and faith!

  5. Cheri says

    Dear Micca,
    Thank you for sharing your brother’s story. It renews my hope that my brother may one day also find recovery from his addiction and most importantly – salvation.

    God bless you,

  6. Heather Kelley says

    This is so close to my son and his choices. I am a child of GOD and I am also a praying mother! I so badly want to help my son and help him change and get away from all the bad influences he has around him and lead him to GOD (which I have many times) but I cant make him accept Jesus as his Savior. I have cried and cried many sleepless nights and have prayed and prayed for him. Last week he had witnessed what would eventually happen to him if he kept walking down the path of darkness. He ended up in jail and there was nothing I could do to get him out! I prayed for GOD to show some favor on my son and to show mercy in the days to follow… we are one step & one day at a time. I am going to print this and let him read it and pray that he will understand that GOD will never leave us nor forsake us and that he has to want to make the change! Thank you for sharing this! GOD BLESS!!!

    • Kristi S says

      Continue to pray dear sister. God is always there and it may take time but he sees your love. I can say this because my life was severely offkilter due to some abusive relationships in my life. My parents prayed for many years that I would return to church and find a closer relationship with God. I will be praying that God will reach into his situation and he will see that there is hope and a future that he never planned is available to him through our sweet, gracious Jesus Christ.

    • says

      Heather, I’m so sorry for your pain. You have such a mom’s heart and it’s been broken. But I shared my brother’s story today to give you hope. God still saves, heals, and restores. Hope in Him, friend. I’m praying today that God will turn your son’s eyes from darkness to light.

  7. Jana Payne says

    Wow, I’m always amazed at the transformation God does in peoples lives if they truly want it! Thank you so much for sharing yours and your brothers stories! Sometimes I need a reminder how God can touch and change peoples hearts through our openness, transparency and obedience. I too have a story similar to that! On May 7th, my husband and I will be clean from drugs for 6 years and as your brother says, it only happens by daily making the choice to let God lead my life. I do become weak when I do not take strength from my relationship with Jesus Christ. My story had a slight twist! I lived 13 months without my children in my home, the hardest thing I’ve had to walk through soberly. They were removed in March 2006 and it wasn’t until May 7th, 2006 that I made that realization and surrender. I know that with God’s continued help and my obedience that I will never return to drugs, but I still have struggles that have come through that. I am walking in the pain of lack of confidence(planning to do A Confident Heart bible study) and busyness. Thank you for the reminder that I need to be willing to openly share my struggles. My husband and I are now facilitators for a faith based 12 step program, so we can help others walk through the road to recovery in Christ. I hope to read you Untroubled Heart, one day. You have blessed me this morning, I hope you are blessed as well.

    • says

      Wow! Jana! Thanks for sharing your story!! And thank you for giving back to others by leading a 12 step program.

      You know, Jesus told us that we would face trouble in this world but to take heart because He has overcome it! If we belong to Jesus then temptation may come, but we can overcome it!! Keep walking with Jesus!

  8. Lora C says

    Your message really ministered to me. I am so glad that I read it and that I visited your website. I cried as I read your story. Thank you for sharing it!!

  9. Chris R says

    Thank you so much for your honest blog post today. I tend to read blogs only when the title catches my attention (and it’s something I think I need to hear) and this time, I thought I was getting something very different. But God knew exactly what I needed to hear today. He has been working on me for the last couple of decades while I try to clean up my mess. I’ve had an amazing transformation since last fall. The other day, though, I was starting to crave my mess again…just a little bit, but I knew where that could take me. When I read, “Do I really want God to change the mess in my life? Or do I love the mess to much for real change?”, I knew God was speaking directly to me. And I knew these were the missing words that I could use when I share my story with others. Thanks for speaking God’s truth to me, today, Micca.

    • says

      You’re so welcome, Chris!! Hang in there friend. Run from those desires as fast as you can and lean on God’s continued strength when you are weak. He wants you to succeed!!!

  10. Rosemarie says

    This to was also my story (anger) and almost ruin the beautiful life God had given to me. I just have to say – “It is AMAZING what God can do with are messes once we step out of control and let GOD have HIS way in our lifes.” GOD BLESS YOU!!! Micca <3

  11. Kristi S says

    Thank you Micca! I can truly say that your book and your posts have been so near and dear to my heart. For many years, there was such an anger in my heart because I didn’t understand why I “deserved” the things that happened to me. I excelled in school but I had debt up to my eyeballs. I was kind to the men that abused me emotionally and physically. I worked hard for all of the patients I saw in the pharmacy each day. I had a purpose-become a pharmacist that will change the world. And, I meant it. I had been the fearless child until life got in the way.

    Thankfully, God stepped into my situation. Although the future is unknown, I know that God has a plan and that is what I cling to and NOT those days of fear where I did anything to numb the pain. Now, I understand that God may have another way for me to “heal” others as he healed me. Without medication but with His love. And, I’m so grateful that He stuck with me through all of my mess. He allowed me to find the fearless girl again who has a song to sing but now one of His goodness and mercy in my life.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and allowing me to process through some of those lingering fears. It’s a daily process but I am so humbled that God is with me through everything.

  12. says


    I can’t tell you how it blesses my heart to know God is using me and my book to speak truth into your life! Keep seeking HIm. Fear doesn’t come from God as you know now. He gives you the Spirit of power so that you can overcome and be victorious as you daily depend on HIM!

    Sweet blessings, Micca

    • Kristi S says

      Thanks Micca! Since May of last year, I made a commitment to live with audacious faith and I’ve seen God work mightily in my life. Your story is such reinforcement for me and it has helped me to draw even closer to Him. So grateful for you! Blessings :)

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