For The Greater Good

May 21

Bad things are going to happen to us while on earth. Usually they are the result of living in this fallen sin-sick world. While death, sickness, and abuse were not a part of God’s original plan, He may allow me to go through these things. It’s not to cause me any undue pain or fear, but rather it’s to accomplish spiritual growth. Charles Stanley explains it this way. “Some things are so important to God that they are worth interrupting the happiness and health of His children in order to accomplish them.” Sometimes what God allows shakes us to the core, but He never intends to terrify us. It may not be pleasant for a while, but in the end we’ll find it’s worth every sadness and every worry if we will trust Him.

A few years ago, my neighbor was bitten by a recluse spider. As a diabetic, the poison attacked the weakest part of her body—her eyes. After many surgeries, doctors were able to freeze Kathy’s eye loss so that she doesn’t have to live completely in the dark.

At first, Kathy went through all sorts of emotions. She questioned God’s love and protection. She wondered, “Why me?” and felt afraid and sorry for herself most of the time. Her husband, on the other hand, was very supportive and full of faith, reassuring her. His confidence in God surprised Kathy. For over 15 years Kathy had been going to church alone while praying for Don who had fallen away from God. Now, it appeared that Don had more faith than she did. Kathy decided to hang up her worries and woes and trust God.

Since Kathy couldn’t drive, Don took her to and from church every Sunday. On the ride home, Kathy would share about how nice the service was and how loving the people were. One Sunday morning, Kathy noticed that Don was all dressed up. When Kathy asked where he was going, Don replied that he was going to church. Don not only went to church that day, but he re-dedicated his life to the Lord and was baptized. Suddenly, it all became clear for Kathy. “My suffering was nothing like what Christ suffered for my salvation, but I would go through all my pain again knowing now that God was using it to bring my sweet husband to Him,” Kathy shared with great joy.

Sometimes it’s hard to see God at work in our circumstances. Still, the Lord never promised that our journey would be easy, He did promise to be faithful in using every situation for our good. Again, it’s not just any good, but the kind of good that causes us to look back and say like Kathy, “It was all worth it. Look what our good and gracious Lord has done!”

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  1. Stacy says

    thank you so much for this devotion. My husband and son and I are in this place that all our friends are too busy. We are in this place that is rather lonely. My dad and sisters don’t care, all about them. My so called friends are just too busy. So this is a real lonely time. And I have been reminded of Joseph, but this morning it really help. I just need to continue on and trust my Heavenly Father He is not wasting this time at all.
    It sure sounds like your book would be good

  2. says

    It is in the dark seasons that I realize God has been drawing me ever close to Him. I don’t see it until I’m past the season and I still wish some things were different but I wouldn’t change the outcome.

  3. Karen Jackson says

    Dear Micca,
    I thank the Father for His perfect timing! Kathy’s story helped restore my confidence in the plans and purposes of God! I know He is at work always, but somehow I have allowed situations to bog me hope down!

    Thanks again, there is such power in our testimonies!!!

    In Christ,

  4. Pamela Kottas says

    Loved what you wrote! “the mystery of God’s divine providence” is incredible! To know that He hand tailor’s the sorrows, trials, pain and sufferings… That He does make all things new and use’s everything in our live’s to bring His glory here on earth. It is a marvelous, awe-inspired journey….to find His peace within the pain. Thank you Jesus that you give us a pattern and the way we should take.

  5. Darlene says

    Thanks for the wonderful story. It just proves Romans 8:28, sometimes it is very hard to see the good come out of our current cirmcumstances but GOD is always in the midst with His children.

  6. Jeannette says

    It seems that every time I try to come out of this place of loneliness and trust again, I am crushed once more by the rejection of family and the people I was hoping would become friends. I have to believe that God is going ahead to prepare the way for me and that He is also preparing me for the good things He has planned. Today’s devotion helped me as I struggle to believe that I am valuable to God and that He will use me to be a blessing to others.

  7. Lisa says

    yes, the Lord does work behind the scenes at times, his Providence at work is amazing!!! I speak “all things are working for my good, because he loves me” many times daily.. thank you for sharing! God Bless you and Keep you.

  8. Carol says

    Thank you for all you do. I come from an abusive background and I find it hard to believe that after so many years – I’m still dealing with so many issues that it causes. I want to see the other side of it and find the good that has come from all that I have gone through. Well, I guess one of those is my strength but that is only through Him! I would love to have your book!

  9. Amy M says

    Thank you for this encouragement today! This is just the reminder that I need right now! My dear friend is suffering with cancer, several other friends are going thru cancer too, and I have my own daily struggles with life in general. I’m feeling very down, but knowing God’s will bring good out of all this gives me strenght and comfort. God bless you today!

  10. Amy M says

    Is your Untroubled Heart book appropriate for an unsaved friend of mine? Or is it written more for the believer?

  11. Jana P. says

    You have given me so much encouragement, and I thank you for that! God has brought me thru so many opportunities to bring Glory to His name, yet I still struggle to keep my eyes on Him at all times. You mentioned holding onto God’s promises when you are in the pit, I forget how, my circumstances put a fog of depression around me and all I can do is pray! Where would be the best place in the Bible to begin to learn more of His promises that I can cling to as He brings me through this dark time? I so hope to buy your book and do the Bible study,please enter me into the drawing also. Thank you for all you do to bring Glory to Jesus’s name!

  12. Rosalind says

    This was a right on time word for me. Thank you for sharing this. God is good all the time and if we never go through anything, how can we be a living witness to the lost? Also, you never know how strong your faith is until you have to prove it.

  13. says

    Oh thank you so much. I was brave enough to finally do what I know God has been leading me to after reading this. I’ve been finding excuse after excuse, knowing all the while the hurts and traumas of my past were going to be made into something good…if only I’d let God have His way with them. Yesterday in church, I figured out my pride was standing in the way big time…then this beautiful post encouraged added even more encouragement.

    I just love that verse, btw. : ) It has gotten me through so much.

  14. Jenny Grier says

    What a beautiful story about the woman who was blind and whose husband returned to the Lord after driving her to church and hearing from her about the services!

    I, too, am diabetic and, after thirty years, my eyesight is starting to be affected. My husband is already a practicing Christian; I wonder how my failing vision will be used by the Lord?

    Yours in Christ,

    Jenny Grier

  15. Suzanne says

    One of my favorite books is “Plan B” by Pete Wilson. In it, he speaks to us about how God uses circumstances in our lives to bring us closer to Him. So your devotions really resonated with me…sometimes God uses circumstances in our lives to bring OTHERS closer to Him! When we recognize that, it is life-changing!

  16. Jackie S. says

    Thank you for this, Micca! How easy to forget (for me) that HE does work things for our good! I am going to practice Lisa’s saying (above) every day!
    Would love to win your book.

  17. Trish says

    The longer I follow the Lord, the more I learn about Him. The more I learn about Him and His love for me, the more I love Him. Thank you, Micca, for your obedience to Him. Through your writing, I gain a different perspective of God’s character which confirms what I already know about Him: that everything He does (whether we understand it at the moment or not) is done as a direct result of His love for us.

  18. says

    I know in some of my dark times, all I wanted was for God to tell me why, to show me the purpose and how it would all work out for good, for His glory.

    In the end of those dark times, when the light starts shining again, you realize that the crazy amount of amazing you see happening wouldn’t have had the same impact on your life or those around you if you had been able to see it all along.

    Loved your post today.

  19. Angel Parnell says

    Wow! What encouragment to know God brought something good from what seemed so bad. God has done this in my life by restoring the relationship between myself and my father after the loss of my 18 week gestation son. Nathan never breathed on this earth, but his life healed a hurt of 25 years. His life was not in vain. Since I have laos been about to help others deal with loss through God’s strength. It is so encouraging to know God is doing the same in the lives of others. Thanks for sharing

  20. Michelle Cornthwaite says

    Hi Micca, I have tried everything to get your book, I have followed closely to every word written throughout the online bible/book study, Awesome, God Bless, ❤ I am from South Africa, love Proverbs 31 ❤

  21. Elizabeth says

    I am in a place (have been for quite some time) where I’m hanging on to Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28.

  22. Sharon says

    I have just recently started following your blog by way of Provebs 31 Ministries and I have been encouraged. Thank you Micca!

  23. Tammy C. says

    This is a true reminder of God’s love and that he always has a plan for us. Even though it is hard for us to understand why we are to go thru some dark seasons in our life and to find the good God has for us in that season.
    Would love to win your book!

  24. Trishe B says

    I am currently going through the darkest time of my life to date. All week God has shown me that I am to be JOYFUL through my trials. Your post is very timely for me and I would love to win a copy of your book.

  25. Julie says

    Hi Micca! Thanks for the thoughtful devotional. Oh, the pit, the silly old pit. We all have to spend some time in there at some point in our lives. I like to call it “spinning in my personal wasteland.” But when He pulls us out life is shinier, prettier, clearer and usually we’re wiser…changed… and can sense real joy. Thank heavens for His unending grace and that He loves us everyday.

    Would love to read your new book. Have a super day!

  26. Leigh Ellen says

    Your book has stood out to me for a while. I’ve often wondered if it might help me gain a Godly perspective on tough times and perhaps not fear them so much.

  27. Rebecca says

    I have a friend that has had several very rough years! God’s hand has been evident through it all and she see’s it, but there is still a fear in her and I have been encouraging her. I recognize that we are still living in this flesh and can struggle with fear while we are striving to trust Him with everything, knowing His plan is perfect. This book would be a great encouragement for her. Thank you for your willingness and obedience in sharing His love!

  28. Lucille says

    Thanks so much for this encouragement. Thanks for sharing Kathy’s testimony. It moved me to tears of the way God works. I was not able to have biological children so we have been fostering a sibling group since infancy. The children have had visits with the birth mom and I so many times I have wondered what the point of that all is. Since there is no way she will ever be able to parent the children. Reminding me of Joseph’s story and sharing Kathy’s story, I am encouraged to believe that God is up to something. I need to trust Him!

  29. Anne Lewis says

    Your post and devotional are great reminders that God wastes nothing we go through and he uses these trials to refine and mold us. I plan to share them with some teen girls I mentor as we all wander why we go through so many hardships and difficulties. If this is a sample of your book, I look forward to reading it.

  30. Kim says

    I am a day behind reading your post, but wanted to thank you for it. My Dad passed away unexpectedly almost 17 months ago. I have struggled with losing him so suddenly. I drew closer to God than I ever had but I still to this day question why. I think I struggle with wanting to understand because I think it will give me peace instead of just trusting God. And I’m not sure I’m good at figuring out what good it brings. I see God’s hand in my life but still have a hard time with understanding and having peace. Its hard to let go.

  31. Hannah says

    This post was very encouraging. My family is going through a hard time right now. My older sister has fallen away and has started drinking and getting involved in other sinful acts and she is only 19. We are trying to encourage her to come back. This post helps me believe that all of this is for a purpose, whether we realize it now or not. God has a plan and we just have to trust him for now.


    Praise God this is very encouraging and reassuring to see that God brings situations in our way for His glory. I thank God and i pray that all those women out there who have been praying for their husbands they will be encouraged to soldier on for God cares and He will definately answer. In His time He makes all things beautiful. To God be the glory

  33. Jacqui says

    I was searching for a blog to read this morning for encouragement, because I feel like I have fallen into an abyss of hopelessness. I keep ranting, “If God is my father, then why???” Reading this article has helped me remember that there are reasons outside our own understanding or desires. If I could just learn to trust Him more, I know I would be in much less pain. Thank you for this blog!

  34. says

    Amazing story of God’s grace and mercy. Love what you wrote re: Charles Stanley:

    Quote: “Some things are so important to God that they are worth interrupting the happiness and health of His children in order to accomplish them.” Sometimes what God allows shakes us to the core, but He never intends to terrify us. It may not be pleasant for a while, but in the end we’ll find it’s worth every sadness and every worry if we will trust Him.” – Charles Stanley

    Thank you for sharing this encouraging post 😀

  35. says

    wow I was looking for a blog and prayed God would show me what could encourage me right now, and this is it,Thank you Lord how great is your faithfullness, your mercy endures forever.

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