Preparing for She Speaks

Jun 26

Hi girls,

As promised, I have uploaded an unedited video with tips on preparing your talks for She Speaks. I didn’t edit because I want you to see that I am a normal person who isn’t always polished to a “T.” Who is, anyway? I feel when you’re natural, you’re relatable. We are not looking for “perfect” so RELAX! Share from your heart and believe God will show up!!

The evaluation groups are my favorite part of the conference. I love hearing your stories. They encourage, challenge and inspire me. Others in your group will feel the same.

I couldn’t figure out how to upload a video onto my blog so I uploaded on YouTube. Here’s the link

I hope you find the video informative and encouraging.

I realize some of you may have trouble viewing it so I’ve also written it out below. Happy Preparing!!

Me/ Introduction: Open with a personal story about your main topic.

You/Identification: Identify with your audience. (I bet you struggle with ____, too) Stay in this section until you’ve created enough tension that your audience must know the solution.

God/Illumination: Go to God’s Word for insight and instruction on the subject.

You/Application: Now that you know God’s solution, help the audience apply to their lives. Give them something tangle they can do right away.

We/Inspiration: Share an illustration, story, or challenge that will help the audience see how their life would be different if they chose to make the necessary adjustments.

See y’all soon!!




  1. Janet says

    The structure that was discussed seems great for the Teaching talk. But how would you structure the 3 minute “Your Story or Testimony”?

    • Micca says

      Hi Janet, I’d structure it pretty much the same way. For example, I was widowed at the age of 21. To share my story, I’d open with a question. “Has God ever hurt your feelings?” He has mine. I grew up loving and trusting God until my husband was killed in a tragic fire accident. (I’d share more details about the fire and his death,)
      Next is identify with the audience: “I asked “why?” I didn’t understand what God was doing. I grew angry at God. You’ve been there too. You’ve experienced hurt, anger and disappointment when God didn’t act like God. So how do we learn to trust Him again?
      Next is God’s truth; I’d share Ps 139. The passaged reminded me that God was always with me–even in the pit of death, He was there.
      Next is application: Faith is learning to say, “God, I don’t like this. I didn’t plan it, but I’m going to trust you. That’s what I did. With every fear, heartache and pain, I’d give it to God. Each step of faith took me to a new level of grace and healing.
      conclusion: Faith is hard in the storms of life, but image learning to trust, again. There are steps you can take. I’m so glad I did. I now have a closer relationship with God than ever before.
      Hope this helps. If you have more questions, let me know.

  2. Dana Saraniero says

    Hey Micca! I appreciate the call and the -utube video. I entered the call a bit late and wondered if the 3 and 5 minute talk topics were of our choosing? And should both talks be on the same topic and just further developed? Any insight or feedback you can give on this.
    Thanks again –

    • Micca says

      Hi Dana, The 3 min talk is about your story–any story where God showed up. The 5 min talk is a teaching talk where you chose a verse or short passage and teach it. You can begin your 3 min talk Fri night and develop it into your teaching talk (5 min) on Saturday night. Does that make sense?

  3. Anne says

    Hey there. I really enjoyed last night’s call but missed one little tip. It was about typing out your talk and that one page, double spaced equals ?? minutes? Being type A (grin) this kind of tip is very helpful to me. How many minutes does one, double spaced, typed page equal? Thanks!!

    • Micca says

      My husband wishes I were a type “A” person. I’m more of a free spirit who fly’s by the seat of her pants. (i’m sure you can tell) I love type “A” people. I need them in my life!

      Two pages double spaced is usually about 5 min. long. So, one page double spaces should average 2 1/2 to 3 min. It’s good to know that two pages double spaced is about 5 min so that when you have to give a 30 min talk, you know you need 10-11 pages of material. Hope this helps!

  4. Nicole Ray says

    Micca, I loved your video and enjoyed getting to hear from you on the conference call as well. You’re really beautiful outside and inside, thanks for sharing with us! I almost didn’t believe your video was you, you look so different from your website pic!

  5. says

    Hi Micca-

    Thank you so much for the YouTube and the Conference call-very helpful and you have gone a long way in calming my nerves! Can you please elaborate on introducing our story in the 3 mins talk and the using it again for the teaching talk the next day? I am ‘stuck” on this. I have a story I feel is important to share and teach, but it is also a big part of my testimony. So… it truly ok to use it both times? I have gone back and forth in discerning if it belongs in my testimony or in my teaching talk. I would hate for the feedback to be that they hoped to hear two distinct stories,,,,any guidance would be so appreciated. God Bless you–your “realness” is a breath of fresh air!~Laura

  6. says

    It was nice to meet you Micca!

    Hope you’ve gotten some good rest since you returned home! Thank ya’ll for all the hard work you put into She Speaks this year. It was such a precious time for me and I am so thankful for the few days in North Carolina!


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