Take The Fear Factor Test

Jul 30

Hi Friends,

I realize some of you are wondering, “Is this bible study for me?” Or, “Would this study benefit my family member or friend?”

Those are good questions and why I developed the “Fear Factor” test.

The Fear Factor test is fast and easy. It will help you determine if An Untroubled Heart bible study is for you or not. To take the test, click here http://bit.ly/PWo0yU

You’ll also be able to read my first chapter for free! The link is provided at the end of the test.

If you discover-after taking the test-that you don’t struggle with fear as much as you thought, then perhaps you are meant to share this study with a friend.

If you discover that your life is tangled with fear, don’t be discouraged. There is hope for you. There is peace for you. There is freedom. But it’s a journey… a journey of letting go, a journey of trust, a journey that leads to brighter days ahead.

For details about the online study that begins Aug 20th, see previous post below.

To sign up for the bible study, click here http://mad.ly/signups/57574/join You’ll also want to subscribe to my blog so that you’ll be informed about information, videos, and post concerning, An Untroubled Heart!

May the peace of God be with you today!

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