A Long And Winding Road

Aug 3

At times the road before me seems long, steep and challenging. I can feel lost. Uncertain. Afraid. Sometimes I’m not sure I have the strength for the journey. Then I remember that I’m not traveling alone. God is my ever-present guide. He knows where the road leads. He can see what lies ahead. That’s not all.

God also knows my concerns. He knows what I feel. That pain that I cannot explain to someone else, God knows. The fear of the unknown—He knows. And He offers me Himself.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed today. You may be experiencing some sadness, loss or worry. You may find it difficult that God has called you to this path. “Surly,” you think, “God has an easier road for me to travel.”

The truth is we aren’t wise enough to assume that another path would be best for us. Maybe the easier road won’t make us into a better person who emulates the essence of Christ. Perhaps the difficult road is a path of grace—leading us to pure joy, peace and purpose in life. Could it be the difficult journey that enables us to be all God intends?

Out of all the possible paths, God knows the best path. Isa 55:9 says, “ His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.” Because of this, we can take the path God has laid out for us today. We can trust, and not fear, in His infinite wisdom and love. And we can be certain that God will never lead us down the wrong road.

If you’re in a scary place today know that you are not alone. God is with you and He knows the way.

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Hope you’ll join us!



  1. TL says

    I’m awaiting one last piece to start a new journey and I’m scared. I know it’s the right one, but it’s difficult. Praying that transcript gets to the school in time.

  2. says

    This post is so good, so comforting, so true and so timely ~ thanks for posting it! And, I’m looking forward to the online study with you too. I’ve got your book on my Kindle and I’m ready to go!

    Cindy K


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