Hearing My Cries

Aug 13

Have you ever had a day when you just wanted to vent? You just wanted to be heard? You wanted to make your cares known without any rebuttal. You don’t want any advice, guidance or sympathy. You just want someone to know you’re there and you and your problems count!

Me, too.

Sometimes, I cry out to God. Instead of our usual conversation, I simply cry on His shoulder. I tell God all about the hurt I have bottled up inside. I share about my fears without asking Him to calm my anxious heart. Because sometimes I don’t want any answers. I don’t want to know “how to” be an overcomer. Nor do I want wisdom or direction concerning a probing problem. I just want to cry about it. I just want to vent all the emotions, feelings and questions I have. And it’s comforting to know God is there.

He hears me.

He sees me.

He understands me.

He looks out for me.

And He cares for me… no matter how much snot comes out of my nose or not

Sure there are times I want advice and good counsel, but other times I just want to be heard. To know that I matter—me and all my concerns and worries. What’s really cool is I’m not alone. I love that the psalmist cried out to God as well.

May my cry come before you, Lord; give me understanding according to your word”. (Psalm 119:169).

Yes, I look to God’s Word for comfort and counsel, but some days I simply pour out my heart to God and find comfort in knowing that I am heard. I am not a burden to God. I don’t annoy Him or make Him weary. I matter to Him. He cares about my sorrows and needs. So it’s okay if I need to unleash my emotions from time to time. And it’s okay for you to do the same.

What are you carrying today? Need to tell someone about it? Then make your cry before the Lord. He’s listening—because your cries matter to Him.


  1. Carol says

    Strange to read this today – since this is exactly what I was doing all night last night instead of sleeping.
    Micca – Thanks for all you do and I can’t wait to read the book – cause I have a very troubled heart.

  2. Brandee says

    Thank you for this today Micca. Here lately that is exactly where I feel I am. Sometimes we just have to let God have our broken hearts knowing He is the only one who can heal. He is the only one who can pick us up and help us get through the pain and trials. He is comforter and He is healer.

  3. Vicki B says

    Micca, you are a gift from God! Just what I require in my path right now, for I have a very troubled heart. Been through so much, just regaining my focus, and now starting to deal with the aftermath; which includes other people and thrir lives. Trying to decide if I’m to deal with it, or let God do his miraclous works. The only thing that seems to work is to stay out of the frey at this time. Some of the things have happened; identity theft by family member; taxes not filed by tax person (2010), told me they did file; 17 deaths in 20 months, my mom, and my husband of almost 42 yrs; major surgery; loss of job; my dog died; and my family turned against me, and turned rest of family against me (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandchildren). Think you kinda get the picture, alone, and in God’s arms, safe and protected always. Just get hung up in the whys??? Vicki

    • Kristi Seat says

      Oh Vicki! You have had such trials over the past few years. Thank you for venting on this page so that those who read your story can pray for you. It is so hard when it seems as if you have lost everything. I can tell you that on a personal level since I am essentially homeless at the moment and unsure of what the next day will bring. You may feel alone right now but you are not. Continue to reach out and persevere. God will provide for you dear heart if you continue to trust Him. You may be unsure of the Whys and Hows right now as am I but God will work all things for good. I can empathize with you on so many levels. I will be praying for you every day. Are you thinking about doing Micca’s online study? Her book changed my life as I was going through many of the same circumstances. If so, I would like to walk beside you.

      Dear Lord,
      I lift your dear child up to you. She is unsure of the present and even more uncertain of her future. Dear Lord, hear her cry and dive into her situation. Allow her to feel your presence and give her a peace that defies understanding and her circumstances. She is in so much pain right now. I ask that you bind up her hurts and move mightily in her situation. Allow these circumstances not to be setbacks but an opportunity for You to show Your power because You have promised that when we are at our weakest, You are there at the bottom of everything. For when we are weak, You are strong (1 Cor 12:9-10) Thank you for allowing me to pray for my sweet sister in Christ. Let Your glory shine from her every day. Allow her to be living proof of a faith that is stronger than any fear. Dear Lord, I ask all these things in Your sweet name. Amen.

  4. Holly says

    Thanks for the reminder that it is okay to “vent” to God; that He knows & cares about every little detail of my life, & He has a plan to somehow turn what I have been through (abuse, divorce, laid off, moved away from support system) & am going through (health issues that keep me mostly home bound & in bed most of time) into good for His glory.

    May God richly bless you as He continues to use you to bless us.

  5. Charmaine says

    Thanks, I needed to hear that and know He hears me. It’s funny I know that, but I guess I needed to hear someone else say it. How wonderful my Daddy is<3 Thanks Micca, for the Word!

  6. Paige says

    I so needed this today. I am working in a job that I like, but my co-workers are back stabbers. I just got this job 6 months ago after being unemployed for 15 months, so don’t feel like I should be looking. I am thankful to know that God does hear my cries. I am working on the faith that he is listening and taking care of them…………

    • Kristi Seat says

      God does hear your cries and thank you for sharing your story. Nothing is too small and backstabbing coworkers make the day very stressful. Faith is a continuous journey. But, you are being persevering in faith and that is wonderful. Take care!

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