August 20, 2012

Week One: An Untroubled Heart

I’m so excited about our journey together! I know God has great things for us as we seek His face and study His Word. Each week I’ll choose a memory verse for us to memorize. Hiding God’s Word in our hearts equips us with less fear and more faith.

This weeks verse is Psalms 46:1, “God is our refuge and strength; our very present help in times of trouble.

Now, grab your bibles and watch the video for our lesson.


Click here for video  


In case you missed it, here’s our challenge: Come out of hiding behind your fears and your own resources, and acknowledge God’s Presence.

Every time you sense His peace, comfort or help (which could be a phone call from a friend. A hug. Someone offers to baby sit. You realize you haven’t worried about something for a while, etc…) write it down or post it in a comment. At the end of the week, I want you to read your list and be amazed at God’s very present presence in your life.

Remember, God is there. God is there in trouble times. God is there in peaceful times. God is there in fearful times. God is there in times of faith. God is there

Dear Lord, Even though I don’t always acknowledge you, I believe you are there. Give me eyes to see you at work in my life. Use this new awareness to strengthen my faith and draw me closer to you, In Jesus Name, a-men.

Thank you for being with me today. We’ll meet again on Wed.

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  1. So Excited to start this journey!! I am having a hard time opening the link for the video :( is there another way to get to the video?

  2. Great video and message. I m loving the book.

  3. Hi Im Meg and I cant wait to start this Journey either! I would like ot share a peace that I got last week as I was crying… I was crying last friday night it was our last night in Alaska and was not wanting to go home but wanting to go home at the same time cause i missed friend and family here… I was also crying cause I was missing my best friends mom who died 16 months ago unexpectantly she was like a second mom to me.. Anyway I was about to go and get my friend for her to come and pray with me but I was telling God i needed help and needed him. So i was literally crying out to him and a minute or so later i felt so much peace and i stopped crying!! It was so amazing!!

  4. I feel like I’m taking a deep breath for the first time in quite a while. I’m so thankful for this study. Your video was very powerful! I couldn’t believe some off the things you mentioned. It was like you literally had been in my head!! God is going to do an amazing work through this study and I’m SO GRATEFUL!!!

    • Thanks, Annette. If you felt power, that’s God and he longs to keep speaking to you through this study!! I can’t wait to see all he shows you! Peace, sister.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet. I just finished reading chapter two and will dive into the video tonight. I wanted to share a peace moment while I was still resting in it. Our family has had significant hits to our finances in the recent couple years. We’ve always been okay because he has a savings, which is depleted for the most part. We have been fine through the summer, which was a concern. Well, we just finished balancing our checkbook and we are relieved to know that this is the first time all summer (while I’m not working) that we’ve had to take any money out, and it’s not as much as we thought it could be. We have had so mnay random resources pop up that have provided. What a blessing from God! It is teaching me one step at a time that He does provide and not to react out of fear when it doesn’t seem as though the numbers will add up.

    • Yes! That’s what I’m talking about !! Write this down and keep it for times of doubt and concern. It will lift your faith to look back and remember how God provided. :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Micca thank you so much for offering this study online. I have many fears that I have passed on to my children and my desire is to be so connected with God that I am able to had over all those fears so that my children can see me defeat these fears through Him and they too will seek Him in the midst of the trials in there lives as well.

    • I love reading your vulnerability and honesty and admitting that your fears have been passed down. I am active in my best-friend’s children’s lives and I have to stop and pray each time I about to see them because I don’t want them to feel any of my angst, doubt, anger – all the symptoms of fear and sometimes I think I am making a mountain out of a molehill but they are so precious and young and like sponges. Anyway, thank you sister. Praying for you and your children.

  7. I am enjoying your book and study. I have suffered from panic disorder and agoraphobia for 25 years and i want to learn to use my faith in God to release these fears. I am encouraged and excited to continue in the truth of Gods word. Micca, thank you for sharing your story and yourself with us. God bless!

  8. I am in a stage of recovery – finally listening to God’s call to STOP and get better. In short I as saved January 18, 2009 and litterly since that day I have had severe, acute health problems and during my most recent bought from December – March of this year my baby brother passed away unexpectedly. While I would be forced to take off work for months at a time over the past few years, I always had my position waiting for me (PRAISE JESUS) but more recently I had been living a complete lie and in what the Dr are calling a hyper functional state of PTSD. I am now laid off (another Praise Jesus because my boss laid me off so I could take time to truly heal) but today I woke up longing for the escape work had been. I am living for my Jesus time but also need to work through things with people and while I have the two best friends a girl could have one is going to school full time and is married, and the other has three young boys and they don’t have the kind of time I do to dedicate to my Journey with Jesus. So the peace moment is the tweet from Micca that said it was not to late to join the study. I had somehow missed the study was even happening and while I went through her book once with another online study it was within weeks of losing my brother and it was helpful but I was in a drastically different place then. Now, I am truly ready to let God do a healing in me and he delivered that tweet and then I screwed it up and got in the way and joined pinterest because I followed the link on my phone but Praise Jesus Micca cleared it all up for me quick on Facebook. I am praying for each of you as I read your comments and will carry you in my heart as we go through this journey together. Thank you Micca you and this book are a precious gift from God!

    • Kristi Seat says:

      What a beautiful testimony Melissa! I will be praying for you and that God will guide you close to him during this time. I also did an online study with Micca’s book and I am ready to dive in again. Sweet blessings to you!

  9. Just a couple of my favorite quotes on fear & worry I wanted to share with my SIC (sisters in Christ) on this journey:

    Worry is not believing God will get it right. Bitterness is believing God got it wrong. -Tim Keller

    Fear is a poor chisel with which to carve out tomorrow. -Anne Franke


  10. God is sooo good to me, when i first saw the assignment for the wk about writting down every time you sensed God’s comfort or help i thought it wouldnt happen so easily but… today God really touched my heart. i went in to my nail salon to get my eyebrows waxed and the dear lady that has been doing my eyebrows for a long time totally surprised me. My husband and I are having a baby our first due sept 21. So anyways Tina my eyebrow waxer totally surprised me with a nice baby gift for the baby… it was totally unexpected but totally God … and i reliazed he really cares for me he touched me my heart through this random act of sweet kindness…

  11. Micca … Loved the video and the scriptures you took us too. Good reminder on where fear originated. Fear is not FAITH .. long to be a women of Faith and one that relies on God.. Praising Him today with my sisters!

  12. I am so glad to be doing your study. This has been a really bad week. We went back to school last week, and the job that I do isn’t what most think of important, but I have been there for (this is going into my 6th year) But this year the way things are being done have been changed, but not by myself (my boss) But others are upset and acting like these were my choices. So today I had had enough. Already not feeling well the last 2 days(verdtigo) I got off work and just started crying. It’s really nice when people can make others feel so bad, and it’s not there falt how things are being done. Well sorry for going on, but thank you again

    • Praying for you Moya!

    • Moya, sweet sister – I pray you feel Jesus’ arms wrapped around you and you know that so many are loving you while others are making you feel less than you are God’s precious daughter, Jesus’ beautiful bride and have the Holy Spirit residing in you!

  13. Can’t share to much but I want to share. I not only deal with my own fears but as a nurse I deal with fear in others as well. I am excited to say that I got to share our verse with someone at work and I know that it made a difference! I am thankful that you are sharing such a big part of you and I am so very thankful that God is using me!

  14. Kristi Seat says:

    I was just able to view the video today. Internet connectivity is slow and I can view web pages but not videos. Yesterday was crazy and I felt very stressed but I kept repeating the memory verse several times to myself. Today, I was able to go to the coffee shop and watch the video. Thank you Micca. Such a beautiful message. I loved how you dove into the Scriptures. Today, I felt such a peace wash over me as I reviewed my notes and read the Bible.

    I have essentially been homeless since the beginning of June and am now staying in an extended stay trusting God for His provision. And, today, I realized how many times He has helped me when I felt as if there was no solution. I was reminded that the devil knows how to trick me with His lies. Once I remembered all of the times that God stepped into my situation, I realized that God was asking me to have faith that He would supply a solution and He always has.

    On Saturday, I heard this quote on Evan Almighty (I know it’s silly but it made so much sense to me). “If someone prays for {insert-fear to be removed], God will often provide an OPPORTUNITY to be courageous.” We have not because we ask not. He wants us to turn to Him for EVERYTHING.

    I used to be chronically anxious and depressed. However, when I relinquished everything to God during a chronic illness, I began to see God move. After that one step, it became easier. When those feelings resurfaced lately, I began to remember those times. Although I would not want to relive some of those times (domestic abuse, illness, abandonment), I can be thankful because He provided and I can use those times as a reference for the present. He was my help in the past and he is with me NOW.

    So excited for this study because I feel as if I have become numb recently and unsure of which direction to turn. After rereading Chapter 1 and 2, I was reminded that the only direction to turn is to God and lay everything at His feet-my finances, my living situation, my health, everything.

    • Sweet Krisit, you are courageous!! Thank you for that wonderful testimony of faith. My heart is broken over your situation and I’m praying to the Lord our Provider to meet all your needs. As you’re experiencing, He has not forgotten you. He knows right where you are and He is working on your behalf. It’s hard in the “wait.” I know. It’s scary too. But God has a good plan for you–not to bring you harm but to give you a hope and a future. (Jere 29:11) Hold on, friend. You’re miracle is coming. Please keep us posted on how we can pray for you.

  15. Had to share how God delivered me today: I have had many MRI’s over the past few years but never had to be completely encased before – today I did as they were scanning my spine. I let God’s peace overcome me and repeated our memory verse to they normally scary noise of the MRI machine!

    • That a girl. That’s how you lean on God’s strength and trust Him to carry you through. Yes, God’s peace indeed guards our hearts and minds… even while taking an MIR.

      Praying for good results!

  16. Felt Gods gentle hand as two opportunities arose to share my faith with friends @ work yesterday. Peace and confidence in Him (not in my own words) as I shared basic truths about who our God is. I’m a notoriously chatty person but often lack confidence as to whether or not I can speak intelligently on anything subject.

  17. Charlotte says:

    I could write a ton about today but I will sum it up this way. I invited a friend to join my kids and I on a last minute beach trip today. The whole experience was a series of small god moments when I now look at it from my friends company to kids and dogs playing to random stops and relaxing surprises when life has seemed chaotic. I am so excited about it and now reflecting on the day that I had to share.

  18. I am so thankful for this study. I have struggled with anxiety for years. Just last weekend, I decided that I was finally going to get a handle on the anxiety and fear. Then lo and behold, this study started the next day! And then Ann Voskamp posted a post about Fear at inCourage today. I guess this is the right time for me to delve into the anxiety/fear issues in my life and take care of them!

  19. I struggle with fear/anxiety about storms. There are two storm systems in the tropics that look like they could impact Florida. So I’ve started confessing Scripture over myself, day and night. Each time someone tells me that Florida will be on the East side of Hurricane Isaac and this is bad, I confess 1 Tim. 1:7. I don’t have a spirit of fear, the Lord gave me a sound mind and power. I confess that He’ll never leave me nor forsake me.

    It has worked so far. I know that sounds weird to be amazed by that, but when you are living in the middle of a panic attack, baby steps are what is required.

    Thank you for doing this study. I sent an email to you before the study started, I know you can’t respond to every email, but you so touched me with this study.

    When I can I am going to buy the book. I borrowed it and read like crazy to take notes before I had to return to the library.

    Thank you.
    M. Waters

  20. Micca, I have read this book at least 2 times already and have it all highlighted and marked up. I am looking forward to going through the study again with you each week! This week was especially hard for me…worry about God’s provision and how to manage some debt. I was SO OVERWHELMED. I realized that I was trying to fix so much of it myself, that I wasn’t looking for God to step in and rest in HIS provision. I do have food, shelter and clothes each day. The rest is up to Him to take care of. I am being responsible and He is my Resource so the rest is up to Him and His timing to fix. I was trying to “sew fig leaves” rather than rest in Him. Thank you and I am looking forward to the rest of the study with you. Thank you also for using your gift of teaching, encouragement and wisdom with us out here in cyberworld :)

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