August 31, 2012

When You Need Super-natural Strength

A few years ago, I was battling severe fatigue. Normal life activities became a real struggle for me. On top of it all, I had a heavy speaking schedule. Knowing I would need an extra measure of strength, grace, and inspiration to keep going, I cried out to God for help.

On my way home from Houston to Nashville, God arranged an unexpected encounter with someone from which He would strengthen and inspire me beyond my wildest dreams.

I was sitting at the airport in Houston awaiting my flight, when I looked up and saw a recognizable face sitting directly in front of me. Quickly, I pulled out my cell and called my husband. “Guess who is sitting across from me at the airport? It’s Beth Moore!”

“No way? He replied.


“You should say ‘hello.” He encouraged. Heeding his advice, I made my way over to Beth and introduced myself. It was a great opportunity for me to thank her for her faithful service. She was her usual precious and humble self. After our short conversation, I returned to my seat only looking up occasionally to watch others meet and greet her as well.

A few minutes later, it was time board the plane. I got up, gathered my belongings, and headed for the gate. To my surprise, Beth was boarding the same plane. While standing in line together, she invited me to chat. I knew our conversation would be sweet, but short, because I had seat 1-A on the plane.

Upon entering the aircraft, I discovered yet another surprise. A frail, old man was sitting in my seat. Turning to the flight attendant, she explained that the man needed special attention. Then, she politely asked if I would mind exchanging seats with him.

I have to be honest. Even though I am short, I wanted the extra legroom that came with seat 1-A, but Beth was standing right behind me. Therefore, I put on my spiritual hat and replied, “Of course, I’ll suffer for Jesus by giving up my seat.”

Sometimes what seems like a bad deal is actually God inviting us to experience Him in some way. For me, God was about to answer my prayer for inspiration and strength. Had I not submitted to the situation, I may have missed it.

The flight attended thanked me for switching seats and gave me my new seat assignment. “You’ll be in seat 5-C.” she directed. In response to my new seat, Beth added, “Why, Micca. That seat is right next to me.”

I could hardly believe it. For the next two hours, I had the privilege of visiting with Beth Moore. We mostly talked about big hair and raising kids. Then, somewhere during our conversation, I heard God whisper. “How’d I do? You said you needed some inspiration, didn’t you?”

How’d you do? I responded from my heart. You did more than I deserve—more than I would have ever imagined or thought to ask for.

But that’s our God! He doesn’t respond to our times of weakness by telling us to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps. No! He provides real help. God gives us supper natural strength when we call out in our weakness. In fact, God had already provided the answer to my cry before I asked. How about that?!

Sometimes God works in small quite ways. Other times His actions are up there with the parting of the red sea. Whatever way God decides to work, experiencing Him always fills us with inner peace and strength for our journey.

Do you need super-natural strength today? Don’t miss His answer. Run to Him with your petitions. Why not call on God right now? Here’s a prayer you can use:

Dear God, I’m weak. I’m afraid. I’m worried about __________. I need super-natural strength. The best I know how, I’m giving you my situation and asking you to give me peace as I trust you. Open my eyes, Lord, and help me see your provision today.

If you prayed this prayer, leave this phrase (I prayed, I’m trusting) in the comment section. I’m praying for YOU! 

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  1. Oh how I am praying and trusting!

  2. I prayed, I am trusting!

  3. I prayed; I’m trusting!

  4. Annalisa walker says:

    I prayed. I’m trusting

  5. I prayed, I am trusting!

  6. I prayed. I’m trusting!

  7. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  8. Kelley Sexton says:

    I prayed, I’m trusting. Thank you for being faithful and for being God’s servant in my life this a.m.

  9. I prayed, I’m trusting

  10. I prayed, I am trusting!

  11. I prayed, I’m trusting!

  12. Jennifer Rasor says:

    I prayed, I am trusting.

  13. I prayed, I am trusting

  14. I prayed, I am trusting.

  15. I prayed, I’m trusting! And thank you!

  16. I prayed, I’m trusting! Micca, I’m participating in your bible study & boy is it bringing a lot of my fears to the surface…I’m trusting that God will work with me through your study to help me let go of these fears & trust in Him more. Thank you for you book & your prayers

  17. I prayed, I’m trusting!!

  18. Shannon Linde says:

    I prayed, I am trusting.

  19. I prayed, I’m trusting!

  20. I prayed, I am trusting.

  21. I prayed, I am trusting

  22. I prayed, I’m trusting

  23. I prayed, I am trusting!

  24. I prayed & I am trusting!!

  25. I PRAYED!!!!!!!

  26. I prayed, I am trusting!

  27. I prayed, I am trusting!

  28. I prayed, I am trusting!

  29. I prayed, I’m trusting!

  30. I prayed, I am trusting!

  31. I prayed and I’m trusting!

  32. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  33. Cynda Cottrill says:

    I prayed! I’m trusting!

  34. I prayed and I’m trusting! Thank you for your faithfulness.

  35. I’ve Prayed, I’m trusting

  36. I prayed, I’m trusting!
    Micca – Thank you for all you do!

  37. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  38. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  39. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  40. I prayed! I’m trusting!

  41. I prayed, I’m trusting. ( “we walk by faith, not by sight”)
    Thank you! You are a great encouragement to me.

  42. I prayed, I’m trusting.
    Thank you… thank you for your encouraging sharing! Hugs, HL

  43. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  44. I’ve prayed, I’m trusting. That you for this post – it was just what I needed to hear today. :)

  45. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  46. That is such an awesome story! Thank you for sharing! :-)

  47. I prayed…..I’m trusting!! <3

  48. I prayed. I am trusting.

  49. Charlotte says:

    I prayed. I’m trusting. And as you said and was prayed….. The best I know how

  50. I prayed. I am trusting. Thank you for your inspiration! My husband and I both needed that prayer and we both prayed it.

  51. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  52. Michelle Cornthwaite says:

    I Prayed, I’m Trusting! Thank you❤ Michelle

  53. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  54. I prayed, I’m trusting!

  55. I prayed and i’m trusting

  56. I prayed ..and have been praying .. and I’m trusting..

  57. I prayed and I’m trusting God’s healing hand.

  58. DONNA TODD says:


  59. I prayed and I’m trusting!

  60. I prayed and I’m trusting <3

  61. I prayed! I’m trusting!!!!! Thank You!

  62. i prayed; i am trusting. two issues – work related and family related.
    just thought of a wonderful SS song – MY GOD IS SO BIG!

  63. I prayed; I’m trusting!! Micca, your words are a blessing! Thank you for answering God when he calls. :)

  64. I prayed. I am trusting! I am also in tears,’cause
    This is EXACTLY what I needed right now! Thank u

  65. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  66. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  67. Becky Nichols says:

    I prayed, I’m trusting.

  68. Thank you for YOUR words of encouragement! I prayed & am continuing to trust…:)

  69. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  70. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  71. I prayed and I am trusting !

  72. I prayed, I am trusting!

  73. Hilda Quintanilla says:

    I prayed, I’m trusting

  74. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  75. I prayed, I’m trusting!

  76. Jackie S. says:

    I prayed; I’m trusting!!

  77. I prayed; I’m trusting!

  78. I prayed, I’m trusting!!!!!

  79. I prayed I’m trusting

  80. Teresa Wood says:

    I prayed. I’m trusting. Thank you so much Micca. I love Beth too

  81. I prayed and I an trusting!

  82. I prayed, I’m trusting!!

  83. Tiffany Howard says:

    I prayed. I’m trusting. And thank you for the inspiration today of all days. God is good.

  84. I prayed, I’m trusting

  85. I prayed I’m trusting!

  86. I prayed and I am trusting God

  87. Jana Payne says:

    I prayed, I’m trusting! Thank you for loving God, serving him and His people and for being obedient! Have blessed day!

  88. I prayed, I am trusting.

    Work a new heart in me God. Less fear and more trusting that YOU are taking care of it all.

  89. I prayed, I am trusting.

    Work a new heart in me God. A heart that fears less and trusts you more!

  90. Kaylee Ann Smith says:

    Ohh Micca thank you so much for this very timely message. I needed to hear this sooooo much. Thank you dear!

  91. I prayed. I’m trusting GOD to give me supernatural strength!

  92. My wife and I lost our three-month-old daughter, Mia, to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in March of this year. Since then, we have been praying and desperately trying to trust. He has more than answered our prayers on so many occasions. Though every breath we take is so incredibly hard, we are trusting Him to relieve this terrible pain and awaken our hearts again…
    Thank you for this post, Micca. It was an answer to one of my many prayers. May He continue to bless you with the same strength He gives us.
    “I waited paitently for the Lord to help me, and He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along…”
    Psa 40: 1-2

    • Dear Guy,

      I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart is broken for the two of you. And God’s heart is broken as well. I love that His Word tells us that He is close to the broken hearted and He binds up their wounds. I’m also comforted in knowing that one day you and I will get to be with our loved ones again.

      We are all on our journey home. When I think of those whose lives our cut short here on earth like Mia, I can’t help but think this. They made it home before it got dark. Sweet Mia in her short 3 months of life experienced only goodness and light… the light of her parents love and care. Now she rest in God’s care until you meet again. I hope that thought brings you some comfort. But don’t rush the grieving process. It’s important. Cling to one another and most importantly keep clinging to God. He will bring you through!
      blessings, Micca

  93. I prayed, I am trusting.

  94. I prayed, I’m trusting. He is I AM!

  95. I prayed. Lord help me to trust You with each person and situation.

  96. I prayed and I am trusting — constantly and continually!

  97. Leah Cybulski says:

    I have prayed and I am trusting in Him for my son’s complete miraculous healing. In Jesus name!

  98. I prayed and I am trusting!!

  99. I prayed and I am trusting.

  100. I prayed, I’m trusting.

  101. I’ve prayed and I’m trusting

  102. I prayed and I am trusting. Yesterday I was so stressed and so I kept repeating to myself – It’s all in your hands God – He is faithful! Blessings to you for your servant heart

  103. I prayed and I am trusting.

  104. I Prayed and I’m Trusting! You are a Blessing!

  105. I prayed, I’m trusting. 9 yrs ago Sunday, I lost my infant son, so these upcoming days are always hard. I’m also struggling to come to terms with a newly diagnosed chronic disease, my relationship is strained by being a blended family, my son (13) is at a trying age and my husbands ex has been making things unbelievably difficult for us to enrich our relation ship with my step daughter. She’s an extreme “parent by fear” and its taken its toll on the whole family. These words were just what I needed. Thank you so much! God Bless you!

    • I prayed and I am trusting. Thank you so very much

    • Dee
      Sorry for the mix up on my reply!! I wanted to tell you that I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I am so sorry for the overwhelming time you are going through, but I know God will give you the discernment, strength, and love to weather through this. He is there for us ALWAYS, but sometimes we forget that. I pray you have peace and that as always everything will be for our good at the end.


  106. I prayed and I am trusting
    God Bless you all
    thank you

  107. I prayed & I am trusting. Was very frustrated not to get to this until today, but it was just want I needed to hear. Right now am “begging” that the possible slot at the doctor’s office for next Wednesday will be mine, but am trusting that God knows best and will be with me however long it takes to get seen.

  108. I prayed and am trusting God. I need him more than ever! I need him ALL THE TIME. I’ve been filled with so much fear and I’m sick of it. I’m laying it down and trusting God to not only provide peace and strength, but the grace and love and mercy for me to overcome my fears with HIS power and love.

  109. Just the prayerI needed when I couldn’t find the words

  110. I prayed, I am trusting!

  111. Otilia Gwenzi says:

    I prayed, I am trusting

  112. I prayed, I am trusting…thankyou for sharing Micca…really needed this :)

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