Learning to Trust, Again (Bible study)

Sep 7

To see video, click here Learning To Trust Again

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m a bit late posting today but I believe this video is going to be freeing for many of you! Watch it all the way to the end because there’s a challenge that will enable you to let go of your fear, anxiety, doubt, ________ (you fill in the blank) and help you trust again.

I know some of you have realized your worst nightmare such as I have. Others of you live in anticipation of it. Let me say again, most of what we fear never comes to pass. What keeps us anxious is our doubt and our inability to trust God.

I’ve been there, friend, and I have good news for you today in my video. I’m praying for you as you watch and trusting that God is going to speak to your need.

Please share your experience! I can’t wait to hear how God works!


  1. CJ says

    What study are you guys doing? I came here because I have enjoyed your writings before and I am grasping for anything that will connect with my spirit and give me hope. Honestly, I don’t trust and I am bitter and I am angry and I’m not even close to being able to let that boulder go. I’m not sure I will ever be. I think there is only so much a mere mortal can take. My devotion to Christ and following His ways and experiencing God’s love has been a big part of my life for the past 20 years. But again, there is just only so much someone can take…..He’s allowed me to be hit with cancer, and a newborn with issues, and a cheating husband, and financial drought because husband’s acting out cost him a job, and a cheating husband I thought was working on things who decides to walk out and live in a different city and leave me with two hurt little girls……and now that he’s successful he’s fighting to give me little money after I gave him so much……and he’s left me a mid 40’s woman with two young kids and stage 3 cancer that has lots of ongoing treatments and could recur. Nice! I’m sure some godly man will want to come partner with me in life. Yes, I’m bitter and I feel like I’ll never get over it….there’s so much more……waiting and prayed so long for my husband until I was 36 believing God would send His best and now this……having three miscarriages…..having a mom diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks before me and having a stroke the same day I was diagnosed……elderly parents that can’t help me much and one disabled brother confined to a wheelchair….we all need help but none of us can help each other. Really, God? Micca….I love your teachings and your sweet spirit and how much you have endured! I’d covet your prayers that I will some day come out from my big boulder that I am hunkered down behind right now. Better yet, I’d pray that God would pick me up and carry me out to the other side of that boulder. It is just too much for me to do. Through each of these things I’ve fought and come out from behind that boulder to a great extent (do you ever really fully get out?) but when my husband walked out 5 months ago….that was it….the cumulative effects are just too much and I don’t think I can come out. When is it time for God to throw me a bone to help me escape?

  2. Micca says

    CJ, I’m so sorry for all you been through and are going through. Yes, I believe you can through through it all a shinning trophy of God’s grace. And yes, I believe He is throwing you a bone. Each time you read or listen to His Word, God is speaking directly to you. He’s leading you, reaching out to comfort and heal you. We have to do our part. Let Him.

    I use to blame God for the death of my husband. Then, I came to understand that I don’t live in the world God created. He said it was “good.” You and I, because of the fall, live in a broken world. things such as affairs, sickness, abuse, addictions, war, and death were never meant to be apart of our world. And yet, it is. Jesus even warned us that in this world we would encounter pain and heartache. But “take heart” he says, “for I have overcome the world.” That’s our hope. One day we will live in a perfect world with Jesus.

    Today, we are affected by sin–our own and the sin of others. I want you to understand that when your heart breaks so does God. He didn’t intended to be this way. What’s our hope for today? It’s Jesus. Letting him comfort us and heal us until we make it home.

    I know this is hard stuff, but God is reaching out to you. Take one step of trust today and then another tomorrow. I know if you will you’re days will be brighter.

    The study we are doing from my book, An Untroubled Heart. You can read all the post on my blog and see the other video’s too.

    Now, let me pray for you.
    Lord Jesus, I thank you for CJ. Lord, she’s experiencing a lot. I ask that you blanket her with comfort. That you reveal yourself to her in a tangible way. Touch and heal her body, sweet Jesus. Protect her dear girls. Heal her heart and give her faith where she doubts. Lord, do a mighty work of healing in CJ’s heart and life. Send her friends of comfort and encouragement. May she experience you today, Lord, in strength and power. In Jesus Name, amen.

  3. Loretta says

    After watching the video I really thought you were talking to me. So many things you said pertained to me. The biggest thing was about being single and believing God is going to bring someone into my life to love. In the last two weeks this is the second time I have heard this so I guess I need to get my act together.
    The other thing was about Lazarus being Jesus friend, and Jesus wasn’t physically there when Lazarus really needed him. That just made me think how many times I have wanted the physical presence of Jesus, and it never happens. It is just making me rethink how I think about things.
    I loved the idea about the stone and so I will be looking for my stone. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us. I just love what I am learning.

  4. Claret says

    CJ – I, too could give you the scenarios that have devastated me and I certainly understand “your boulder”. Please believe me when I say that Mica has given you the prescription for your pain. He loves you. See Christ on the Cross and know that the cross was for us. Look at the miracles in the Bible and see modern-day people receiving His love. I have come from not trusting to trusting and it was a process and it continues to be worth it. I am praying for you and when the storm came up in the boat and Jesus was walking towards them – no one was lost!!!! God loves you and as my sister in Christ – I love you too.

  5. Mandy Currie says

    Hello Micca, I joined your blog in the middle of this study so I don’t even know what it’s all about really. But I wanted to tell me how much your message today meant to me, I have been going through a rough time for a while with several different areas of life but listening to you today things somehow soothed, I felt peace. I can remove the stone, I don’t know what my stone is yet, there are questions to be answered but at least I know I can remove my stone. God bless you in your work and ministry and I just wanted you to know that somehow you touched someone who just doesn’t even know why they are there. God bless you Kind Regards Mandy Currie (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

  6. Nancy says

    Such a great video and I nice way to spend my lunch! I have also struggled with trust and continue to do so at times. “Imperfect progress” as Lysa Terkuerst puts it in her book, “Unglued”. I remember many times through the darkest part of my life God gave me little nuggets to hold on to and to sustain me. One day it was a rainbow another day it was a perfect seashell amougst all of the broken ones, and one other time a song that I woke up to and the lyrics were “trust me”. Little things that someone could easily discount to circumstance but I knew, the way you sometimes just know,
    that these were gifts. The Giver of all good things knows what we need and when we need it. The abosolute key is trust. And the way to get trust is to ask and keep asking and believe with the meausre that you have been given. Thanks Mica!

  7. Melanie Grace says

    Micca, I am attending the Bible Study you are teaching (in person), but had to miss this past Wed. morning. Then it dawn on me to pull up the video! So glad I did. Thanks for this challenge. I will go out today for a long walk & talk with my Father. I will find my “worry rock” , hold it for a while, then with supernatural strength release my stone full of fear to the Only One I can trust with it. I’m Believing Him today. Blessings, sweet Sister. See you Wednesday!

  8. Kathryn Crane says

    I receive emails that i signed up for and i don’t usually read them, only occasionally. I have been trying to build my relationship with God and am committed to praying and reading His Word every day and to being spirit filled and spirit led and to not just be a hearer of the Word, but a doer too!! I just read your story about the loss of your husband and it touched my heart. There hasn’t been much that has touched my heart in the past 3 years, as I too, have suffered loss. Not as you have suffered. I raised my precious grandson for the first year of his life, only to have DHHS remove him from my home-even though he was thriving and happy and safe and in Church all the time I might add,-and he got adopted. I was promised to be a part of his life as his grandmother, but, sadly, visits have stopped. I haven’t seen Dameon in over 3 years. No emails, no pictures, no letters, no contact. The adoptive parents even now have Dameon’s siblings- a younger brother and sister they are trying to adopt. And even though, I know they are in a good home with a Mother and Father, I do not get to see them and be “grammie.” No books to read to them, stories to tell, cookies to bake, hugs to share, etc. And for a long time I was angry at God and I cursed Him. Every day I cry and miss my precious Dameon. Like a child ripped from you. There are no answers, only emptiness and longing. I am learning though, little by little to trust God again. I know Dameon and his siblings need a Mom and a Dad and these parents adore them and will provide them with a safe stable loving home, but I want to scream-What about ME???? And I know it’s not about me, but still…. I could go on and on but, enough is enough. I enjoyed your story Micca and I pray God will comfort you and continue to heal you and use you for His glory. I pray the same for me. I enjoy the way you write and would love to read your magazine as I think it would help me and encourage me. Blessings to you and all who are here.

  9. Sue Moore says

    Hi ! LOVED your story about you and your Dad playing hide and seek and how you played as a kid. ME TOO! I am a 49 year old mother of 4 boys. When I was a young girl growing up in Buffalo, NY we had a group of neighborhood pals that met at the dead end each summer night and the neighborhood became our playground! How I miss those days. Even more, I miss that we can’t trust the neighborhoods we live in now to allow our children to experience the same things. My Dad and I are very close. He taught me to trust and to love God. My faith has been carrying me through very difficult times. Five years ago my husband lost a very good business. Since then he has been laid off from a job and I had to close down another business that I built hoping to bring the security back to our family. We have lost everything – financially. Our home is ready to be foreclosed and we are in a scary place. But God is not hiding from me! And I can somehow stay calm in this storm. I know that no matter what happens, God will take care of us and I don’t have to chase after Him! I just have to seek him and He is there to give me guidance, strength and peace. I would love to win your contest, Micca! Thank you and God Bless you for your inspiring and encouraging ways you touch so many.

  10. Carol Y Parker says

    Hi, I just found your blog and have thouroughly enjoyed what I have read this morning! I will be a daily visitor. I am going through the “empty nest” syndrome for the second time around. We raised 2 grandsons, after our daughter-in-law drowned 14 years ago. They are now 17 and 20 and live in TN with their other grandparents. So, I now have time to do more things I love. Like reading. Thank you so much, Carol

  11. Onita says

    Wow, Micca! I was recalling those summer nights playing “Hide ‘n’ Seek, as I was reading your e-mail to me. I recall those evenings, not only in Chicago, where I grew up, but also when my folks and I would travel to Iowa to visit my cousins [all 8 of them!], around 4th of July. Hiding on a farm was sure a heck of alot more fun than in the city!
    I will be in prayer for you, Micca, about your rehab & recovery of your shoulder.
    I’d like win the subscription to the “Proverbs 31” magazine, because as soon as I ‘digest’ it I would pass it along to my “girls” in the Women’s Ministry I attend on Subnday morning. Is the magazine in ‘hard-copy’ form or electronic?
    May our Lord bless you, today, all this week!

  12. Courtney says

    I haven’t watched all the video but I can tell this is what I have been praying for. I just discovered my husband cheated on me. He says nothing physical (ie intercourse) ever happened but I know there was emotional cheating. Either way it was cheating. He says he was helping her in a bad situation and just got caught up to deep but he is handing it over to someone else to help her. My insecurities won’t allow me to believe him. He constantly will turn his phone so I can’t see the screen and put it on silent. He never had it on silent until I confronted him. To make matters worse my parents divorced because of my dads cheating. He promised me he would never hurt me or our kids like my dad hurt my brother and myself. I guess this is why I am in total shock! Thank you for this video. I can’t wait to finish watching it! Please pray for myself, my husband and our kids. No one else (family or friend) knows. Our town has been hit by a high divorce rate over the past few years by couples we never thought would divorce and we don’t want to be added to that statistic because it eiykd shock many in our tiwn if thus happened to us! he is an elder in the church and a really recpect man. Please pray for strength of him to let know ( he has only known her for 2 months) and undying faith on our God! I need the power of prayer to forgive my husband and the trust I had for him to return . The devil knows this is my weakness and he is on it every second of the day and night! Thank you so much!

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