Near and Far

Oct 15

Hi Y’all!

If you’ve stopped by to enter the “P31 Woman” yearly subscription, you’re at the right place! Leave a comment below as to why you would like to receive the magazine and then check back on Wed. I’ll announce the winner then. Good luck!

Hide and Seek

About a year to two ago, I begin having trouble seeing my computer screen. Enlarging the font helped, but I also noticed I could no longer read the labels on everything from my make-up to items in my pantry. Not being able to see clearly became a nuisance—fast! I was forced to have my eyes checked.  The doctor suggested I get a pair or “reading glasses.”

What? My mother wears those! Surely he’s not talking about those little glasses that sit on the end of your nose. I rationalized to myself. That was exactly what the doc was suggesting.

I walked around the rack that held the eyeglasses until I was alone. Then, I quickly tried on a pair. To my amazement, I could see!

In my devotion, Hide and Seek, I talk about seeing God. We see God in different ways. Some Christians see God as “close-up and personal.” They think of Him being present in their daily lives. Others see God more clearly by thinking of Him as “far away” or far beyond anything they could image, ruling the universe with great power and mystery. People differ on how they see God, but the bible works like a prescription lens helping us to see that both views are right.

For example, Ps 145:18 says, “The LORD is near to all who call upon Him.” And verse 3 says, “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.”

Thankfully, our heavenly Father is close enough to hear our prayers, and He is so far above us in power He is able to meet our every need. No matter how you focus on God, He is big enough and close enough to care for the smallest concern or care.


By the way, I’m on my second week of therapy after my shoulder surgery. I greatly appreciate your kind words and prayers. I feel them and they are at work! I’m doing better than expected. I still have several weeks in my sling, but I’m getting stronger every day.

Sweet blessings to each of you!


  1. Awusi Quartey says

    Hi Micca, hope you’re doing good. I’d really like to win this promotion beacuse the Proverbs 31 devotions, Encouragement for Today, have really touched me ad helped me in my walk with God. I’m a university student in Ghana and i’m constantly sharing with my roommates what i read. I think the Proverbs 31 organization is a wonderful idea for all women, and i want to say thank you to all the women who contribute to the orgaization.

  2. Carmen Janse van Vuuren says

    I am truly looking to know and learn about God. I want to become so much a part of Him and bring my family into knowing our God.

  3. Pat Cobb says

    Thanks Micca for your devotion today on “hide and seek”. I use to subscribe to P31 and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed how each magazine allowed me (the reader) to get to know each of you P31 Ladies a little better. It seemed each magazine had an article that spoke to me! Thanks for such an inspiring and uplifting magazine. If I were to win a one-year’s subscription I will pass the magazine on to my friends at work. Thanks for this opportunity! Sweet Blessings to you! Pat Cobb

  4. DeAnn says

    First thank you for the devotion today! I was just study this last night and a little confirmation is all you need sometimes. I would love a subscription to P31 magazine. I get the devotions daily and then email them to a group of girls I work with. They always speak to one of us in a special way. Thank you for what you do for this ministry.

  5. Brandi Yaghmai says

    I would like the P31 magazine. I read your devotions daily as I strengthen my walk with our Lord. I am going through a marriage breakup and I feel like the magazine could be of great encouragement. Blessings for your awesome outreach to women everywhere!!

  6. Carolyn Harper says

    I get so much from the Proverbs 31 devotionals. A few years ago, I was at a really “dry” place spiritually. I didn’t feel like my Christian life was moving. I didn’t have people I felt close to spiritually. I just felt “blah”! I somehow stumbled across Proverbs 31 devotions and saw how real and vibrant God was in the women who were writing these devotions. I also saw how real these women were. Another important thing I discovered was that I have to do something in order to grow closer to God. I’m not talking about works, but I have to get into His Word, spend time with Him, look for ways to worship
    Him. I have been so encouraged by these devotionals and would love to receive the magazine also. I would love to be able share what I get from it with others. Thank you for your obedience to God.

  7. Jen says

    Between 3 kids, on who is autistic, being involved in 3 ministries, and having my husband work late 3 nights a week in addition to his regular 40 hour a week job, I am exhausted. Anything that will give me encouragement and remind me the the Lord is always there and understands would be a huge blessing. I need those constant reminders that I can’t do it all but God can and your ministry has been so helpful for me. So having the magazine would be one more reminder for me that I am not alone and I can take it with me when I am on the go (since I am one of the last people in my generation without a smart phone or Ipad).
    Thanks so much for your ministry and you willingness to share all that God is showing and teaching you.


  8. Sandy Cash says

    First of all, you are in my prayers as you recover! Why would I like to receive a subscription to P31 Women magazine? I get so much encouragement from P31…the devotionals that I read online every day have helped me in my own personal life and as I seek to minister to others, especially the youth at our church. It would be awesome to have a magazine that I could draw encouragement from and then be able to pass it to others!

  9. says

    Hello Micca,
    Thank you for sharing your walk with Christ. I’m “leading” our women through your book “An Untroubled Heart” on Wednesday nights at our church. We’re through chapter 4 and it has truly been a blessing already. Thanks so much for sharing! May God Bless!

  10. Jordan Woodruff says

    I would love to receive the P31 Woman magazine for encouragement/advice on becoming a better wife and mother. Thank you!

  11. Niki Martin says

    First of all, I will keep you in my prayers as you heal from your surgery. I work in an OR as Surgical Technologist and am familiar with shoulder surgeries so I understand the healing process you are going through!

    I would LOVE to win the subscription to the “P31” Magazine. My husband and I have been going through a rough time recently, both spiritually and physically. He used to be ministry leader and ordained pastor over a large out-patient recovery program but a week after having our last son in 2010, he woke up with severe double vision to the extent he had difficulty walking. He was eventually diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis which went on to affect every aspect of his body. There were times where he couldn’t even feed himself. The responsibilities of the ministry we were involved were transferred to me. It became incredibly difficult for me to balance a newborn, 2 other small children, a full time job, the ministry, and trying to care for my husband in addition to the ministry. We had to ultimately step down. Long story short, there were some people who were hurt by our decision and we lost a lot of friends. Recently, I went on a retreat and was able to “reconnect” with God. It’s like you said, Seek and Find… I sought Him, and there He was… Having a subscription to a magazine like this will help me continue to my spiritual journey. There are many Sundays where we are not able to make it to church. I do a lot of home study but having something like a magazine come in each month (or how ever often) would bring in something new and fresh (if that makes sense).
    My husband has been dealing with his condition for around 2 1/2 years now. He hasn’t had to be in the hospital for over a month (which is a huge improvement from the first year where he would spend 2 weeks in, 1 week out). Our family has become quite close-knit as well as incredibly dependent on God as result of this experience. We don’t always know why God takes us through these trials, but we do know that He is always in control and He always has a plan……
    God bless you in all you do, because you have been a blessing to me today…

    Niki Martin

  12. Leigh Christian says

    I have always LOVED Proverbs 31 ever since church camp when I was in 7th grade and we had done a study on it. I lead our Fellowship of Christian Atheletes at our Cheerleading gym and am always looking for great stories, articles, lessons to share. Thanks!!

  13. Lourdes Grossman says

    It would be cool to win a subscription to the proverbs 31 magazine to hear from all the wonderful women who share their thoughts, ideas, etc. I aspire (struggle, really) to be a proverbs 31 woman each day. The daily devos help me along the way! Thanks.

  14. Sally Nicholson says

    I have read Encouragement for Today for ~ the last 5 years every morning. I love the devotionals and so many times I feel that they have been written directly to and for me. I have often looked at subscribing to the P31 magazine. Since I love the everyday devotionals I receive via e-mail I can only imagine that the magazine would be as or more inspiring.
    Would LOVE to win a subscription and share with my adult daughters!!!
    Thank you for your words of encouragement!!!!
    Sally Nicholson

  15. Charity says

    I would love to discover the P31 magazine. I have read P31 devotions for years, and often get on the blogs of the P31 women to see what is going on with each. Hopefully the magazine is something I could share with a friend of mine who does not have internet access.

  16. Leigh F. says

    I would love to win the Proverbs 31 magazine subscription! I read the blogs of the P31 women and need all the encouragement I can get!

  17. Kim says

    I would just love to find something other than bills and junk in my mailbox once a month! Love the blogs and encouragement!!!

  18. kristin says

    Hi there! I really enjoyed your blog today about hide and seek. I would love to win a subscription to the Proverbs 31 Magazine so I can learn from other women who have ( or who are) learned how to let God transorm them! Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Daisy says

    I want to thank you for the powerful word of growth p31 shares with me everyday. I have truely been able to use this words with other people in my life to bless them as i was blessed. I work in an office with about 6 other people that would also benefit from the magazine. God Bless!!

  20. Janet Axelson says

    I would LOVE this magazine…I really enjoy the daily devotions, and the books I’ve read so far from P31 authors, You all are speaking TRUTH into my life. Blessings, Janet

  21. says

    I love that analogy of the Word like prescription glasses and I enjoyed devotional over at P31. I’m always blessed by the P31 devotional and I can only imagined that the magazine would be enlightening as well.

  22. TAMMY says

    I would love to win the P31 magazine prescription because I yearn for God’s word. I have been signed up for the daily devotions for a very long time and look forward to them every morning. Your ministry has helped me to grow tremendously in my walk with God. When finished with my magazine, I would pass them to my mom and sister who do not have computer access. Thank you for what you do through Proverbs 31!

  23. BethA says

    I’d love to get the P31 mag! I read the daily devotionals and many of y’all’s blogs and they give such perspective and encouragement. It starts my mornings out on the right foot, reminding me to keep my eyes focused on Jesus.

  24. Cindy G says

    I love reading the blogs on P31, and the magazine would just be one additional great way to get to know the ladies at P31! I could also pass it around to my friends when I’m done reading it :)

  25. Tricia says

    I would enjoy the magazine for myself and to share with the ladies in my bible study. I am in full time ministry and have not received cost of living increases. I love what I do, but extras and gifts are small and far between.

  26. Jeanine says

    P31 email devotionals have restored my hope and given me insight to the year my family has faced. To be able to read devotionals from real women who love the Lord and have faced hardships and trials like me gives me a confirmation that Jesus is always there!
    I would love the magazine! Thank you

  27. Betsy says

    Winning the subscription of P31 would be such a blessing in my life right now. I am struggling as a Christian to fine more Godly influences, in this day and age is very difficult. My girlfriends and I share the magazines sold on the stands and sometimes can’t bring myself to finish them because of their sinfulness. I would love to be able to pass around the P31 magazine.
    The daily email devotions are such a welcome to my daily walk with God, and a sweet reminder of his love, devotion, grace and patiences with me.
    I love sharing at our family dinner table nightly what I have learned that day in my Proverbs 31 devotions.

  28. April V says

    I would love to have a subscription so that I could add it to my devotion time each morning!! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  29. Sherry D. says

    I believe we are to fill our minds with positive messages. Your devotions bless me and I feel your magazine will too. I donate all my magazines to our church after I read them so they can bless others.

  30. Jackie Smith says

    I have read P31 blog for a year or two, and it means so much to me in my devotional life. I love the comments, too….especially as we pray for each other. I would love to have the subscription to help me even more and encourage me more. Thanks.
    Jackie S.

  31. Melissa Hortin says

    Hi Micca, Thank you for the opportunity to win a subscription to the P31 Magazine. I love reading the daily devotion and thank all the wonderful women on the P31 team for their time, effort & God inspiration that enriches the lives of many women world wide. I would love to win this subscription & be even more encouraged with my daily walk/relationship with God. I pray your shoulder will heal completely & am encouraged till hear it is feeling better every day. Abundant blessings to you.

  32. carole says

    I would love to get the magazine ! I have had it in the past , and when I was done I always had an opportunity to pass it on, either to my daughter in law or a friend, who needed some encouragement!
    Also loved the reading glass story, I remember feeling the same way! I ended up wearing a contact in one eye for reading! called mono vision, its great no granny glasses!!!

  33. Nancy says

    I woud like to win a yearly P31 subscription for at least 2 reasons. The first is to hel me grow into the Proverbs 31 woman that God wants me to be. The second reason is so I can talk about articles with younger, unsaved women that are in my circle of interest. Although they do not yet believe that Jesus is their Savior, they are intrigued by the difference He has made in my life and my husband’s life. They are akk open to talking about it. I think the articles in your magazine would be terrific “discussion starters” and could help these young ladies want to ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins and ask Him to be their Savior. P.S. If I do not win the subscription, please pray for these three young women, Stephanie C., Stephanie B. and Stacie B. Thank you.

  34. Beverly Feather says

    Thank you for your daily words of encouragement. I always read P31 devotions for several years. I often forward them on to friends and family when the Holy Spirit prompts me to. I did not even realize there was a magazine to be read. Magazine or no magazine….thank you for your service to our God.

    Beverly F.

  35. AmyB says

    P31 devotions have been SUCH a blessing in my life these past couple of years. I would love a subscription to the P31 magazine, as I live overseas so it would be awesome to have that encouragement in English, from my country and culture! Thanks for all you do! Many blessings

  36. Amanda D. says

    I would love to receive the Proverbs 31 magazine. Reading the daily encouragement email is very encouraging. At the beginning of this year I walked away from God after my husband hurt me deeply. After 10 years of walking with God our family stopped going to church, bible studies and I stopped doing daily devotions with my two daughters. That was the worst mistake of my life. Things got so much worse. Lately I have begun to seek God again and I am starting to feel the old me returning, the one who relied on God for every through prayer and I feel my happiness slowly returning. The magazine would be another way for me to reconnect with God. Thank you for using your gifts for the glory of God and the furtherance of His kingdom.

  37. Marianne D. says

    I would love to win a subscription to the Proverbs 31 Woman magazine. The past five weeks have shakened my faith after an ordeal with my college age son. My entire family needs God more than ever. I recently discovered your website and look forward to the early morning e-mails from Proverbs 31. They are an inspiration to all and give me the strength to persevere. Thank you.

  38. Pam says

    I was blesses when I came across Psalm 31 on the internet. I actually stumbled across by mistake. I was looking for the verse from the bible and found so much more. I read the daily devotions and follow the advice given. I’ve saved the scriptures in my heart and speak from my mouth over my life and my family. This website has helped transform me. I would love to win the yearly subscribtion because I love reading and I know that it will help me further in my walk with the Lord and I can help others with my knowledge. I haven’t won anything in my life so this would be good. Thank you for your time and the work that you are doing,its very inspirational. God Bless you and your family and your ministry.

  39. Tammy M says

    So glad to hear you are on the road to recovery! I read your blog as well as the other P31 blogs as part of my daily devotional/guiet time. It is always a blessing to me. I would love to win the subscription and I will continue to pray for your healing.

  40. says

    Greetings From Quito Ecuador. I was just introduced to P31 a month ago. I am a missionary and find it hard to get understand the sermons enough to spiritually fed. I am hungry for more.

  41. Kiley says

    I just started getting the P31 daily emails because of reading the book “Unglued.” As a result, I have been introduced to all the lovely ladies involved with P31, and it is transforming my life. I feel God is slowly softening me through the words of these ladies. I would love to win this subscription to further my walk and then pay the subscription forward to other women I know.

  42. Karen Seibert says

    I am so excited. I didn’t even know P31 had a magazine. I’ve been reading the devotions for a while now. I’m also involved in the on line bible study, Unglued with Melissa Taylor. P31 is a wonderful organization. It really does add a lot to my daily life to know who other women relate to the same things I do in our walk with God.

  43. Lori says

    I would love to win a subscription to the P31 magazine. Like many others I get the devotions and follow several of the bloggers but there are times I would like to have it in paper to be able to share with friends who rarely use the computer.

  44. Jen says

    I have been undergoing a lot of changes in my life physically, mentally and spiritually in the past 13 months. I have been in and out of hospital, under doctor’s care, a burden on my family and friends. I have hurt my marriage, my children and my family. During this time of recovery, I began to grow a stronger bond with the Lord, but have recently seemed to lose touch again. It is imperative that I continue to strengthen my relationship with God for my own sanity and the well-being of my family. I pray that there will be articles or stories that could meet my needs and help me on my journey.

  45. Janelle says

    My mother-in-law is 82 and in the early stages of a form of dementia.I have the pleasure of spending time with her and providing some help with daily life activities and needs. Although she believes in the Lord, she is one who has more of a “far away” type relationship. Having this resource to share with her on a regular basis would provide an opportunity for her to realize, in a clear way, that God cares about her situation and wants her to call on Him for her comfort and strength…that she isn’t alone. Thanks!
    Janelle W.

  46. Rochelle says

    I had first heard about P31 from Lysa T. at a Hearts At Home conference. I loved listening to her speak. Recently I have really been drawn to the daily devotionals and the Lord has given me many things to think about. I would be very interested in taking a look at the magazine. I almost ordered a subscription for myself and my missionary sister-in-law, but didn’t end up doing that. Thanks for touching the hearts of many women.

  47. Jean says

    Just today, I discovered this site. I read Micca’s story and it touched me – encourgaged me. I’m so looking forward to winning the subscription to P31 because I can often used the words of encouragement from others and thus share the same with others that I work with. Having the P31 magazine would be a part of my everyday devotional as I work through life’s “curve balls” – lifting me up with words of encouragement. I work for a pharmacy (just a clerk) but frequently am able to share with customers who are going through some difficult situations. So many times, I believe God has put in the right place at the right time. Thank you.

  48. Sharon says

    Id like to win the magazine becuase the Lord brought me here for a reason and that just stuck out to me.. Im not too familiar with it but I work with lots of women, children and fams.. ( I have a large family myself 6 boys) that aI Can share what I learn with …

    Thanks soo much and God Bless

  49. Mandy says

    I loved the devotional and love my quiet time in the morning .. sitting with GOD .. it is a new “training” for me though .. in the past year, where I imagine him literally sitting in the chair beside me…You are correct.. when we can’t sense Him, we are typically the ones that have moved away…

    I’d love to get the P31 Magazine, because I love the devotionals, but I imagine I’m probably a long ways away from BEING the P31 woman I think I could really use the content from it in my life!! :)

  50. Sherry says

    I am a 50 year old mom of 3 kids, the youngest being 7. I also am a youth leader and homeschooler! Yes you can do it too! Even with hot flashes!Ha Ha!
    I used to have a subscription to a magazine called Spirit Led Woman and loved it! I would tear out articles to share or just pass on the entire magazine to friends and other women who could be ministered to by it. Unfortunately the magazine is no longer printed. So needless to say I would love to get this P31 magazine! I like to find a little quiet time in the mornings before the kids get up for Jesus and me, so this would be a blessing!

  51. Cammi Hevener says

    I would love to receive this to share with our Church library .. I would donate it to be sent to our Church so it could be enjoyed by many! Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. Hikari says

    I’ve actually just discovered P31 as well as all these resources online and I would love to receive the P31 magazine to see what other resources are out there. I’ve recently started to do my morning bible study, though I prefer hard copy versions of devotionals rather than online – too many distractions for me…! This is a great website! What a blessing!

  53. Robin says

    After experiencing the blogs and daily devotions of Proverbs 31, I would love to experience how the magazine would enrich my life!
    Thank you!

  54. Brenda Scott says

    Love the reading glasses analogy! I felt the same when I finally gave in to reading glasses…only because my arms weren’t long enough any more to hold things far enough away! Next step will be bi-focals, but like you…those are what my mother wears! I’ll get by thank you! 😉

    Would love the P31 Magazine, as the devotionals are such a blessing, I can only imagine the magazine would be just fabulous!

  55. Sherri says

    I would love to win the free subscription to the P31 magazine. I’ve only recently discovered Proverbs 31 Ministries, and have been getting the daily devotions. I heard something on KLove radio this morning that pretty much sums up where I am right now. I heard said that God doesn’t want you to change in order to come to Him…..He wants you to come as you are, and He will change you. That’s what I’m needing, and these daily devotionals, and positive encouragement are a few steps in the right direction!

  56. Lisa P says

    I used to get P31 Magazine and I let my subscription lapse. I’ve been reading the daily devotions for several years and they are a real blessing. It’s amazing how God speaks through different venues! I would love to be reminded how much I loved reading P31 and getting to know all of the P31 ladies better. I’m praying for you to regain your strength after should surgery, Micca. Blessings.

  57. Abby1999 says

    I would like to enter my name for the P31 magazine. At this point in my life i really need alot of encouragement like that I receive through the P31 daily devotions. When i see one that would encourage one of my loved ones i forward it or print it for those without email. Thank you for allowing God to leadyou to encourage others. God Bless.

  58. Yvonne Whetzel says

    Hi Micca, I especially enjoyed your Oct. 15th devotional. I have very poor vision and have worn glasses for over 65 years. I’m just thankful that we have dedicated doctors who prescribe glasses and people who have the ability to fulfil the prescription. The great thought is—in heaven, we will see clearly everything that was cloudy here on earth. We will understand all that God has promised and see Him in all His glory WITHOUT glasses.
    I’d love to get a year’s subscription to the Proverbs 31 magazine and would share it with many other friends and family.
    God be with you!

  59. Jane says

    I would love to win a subscription to P31 magazine because I have so many people with whom I would like to share it–from people in my mom’s retirement home to people in my bible study. I currently read the devotionals online, but many of these people are elderly and don’t have access to/know how to use a computer.

  60. Karianne Lusa says

    Hi there! I am a mom of twin boys that are 5 and I also have an18 month old. My husband is in his senior year of bible college (yay!) I would love to receive the P31 magazine!! I found proverbs 31 ministries approximately 6 weeks ago when I stumbled in the Made To Crave book. It is tricky fitting in devotion time into my daily life and I feel that this magazine would be an awesome tool in that goal!!

  61. DeenaK says

    I would love to win the P31 magazine. It would be a blessing to read on a monthly basis (not just when I find one in the magazine exchange at the library)

  62. Crystal says

    Dear Micca,
    I’m glad you’re recovering. Healing is a journey. I just prayed for you. I have been reading the devotions and love them. I would love to discover the magazine too.

  63. Vanessa says

    I’d like to win the P31 magazine because I’ve only been reading the P31 blogs and devotionals for about a month now and they’ve been such a blessing in my life. I’m encouraged daily! Can’t wait to see what the magazine has in store for my walk with the Lord. :)

  64. Polly Schneider says

    I love to read and would enjoy the magazine also. I really appreciate the Proverbs 31 ministry and reading the blogs
    They are such an encouragement.

  65. Jennifer Wayt-Dunten says

    Hello Micca,

    I would love to win the free subscription to P31 magazine. I read the blogs every day and they are so inspiring. They help me to look at the Bible in a new way, one I’ve never thought of before. I’m sure the magazine would be more of the same which would help me to delve more into the Bible and God’s love. I also believe the P31 magazine would be a good witnessing tool for myself and others I might come across who could benefit from reading it.

    I am also glad to hear your shoulder is doing well. I will pray for continued healing for you.

    In Christ,

    Jennifer Wayt-Dunten

  66. Catherine says

    I enjoyed the reminder today about asking God to reveal Himself to me daily. What a simple but profound request!
    Thank you for the offer to win a subscription! Receiving this magazine would be another sweet motivation to be in The Word through reflections of many P31 women.

  67. Carolynj Heilman says

    Thank You God for P31 ministry. I daily see God’s healing arms working through each and every devotion. Each morning I receive ENCOURAGEMENT . It is the first place I go to to receive daily nourishment. I would love to have a hard copy to carry with me to go to when I need God’s encouragement through this magazine. And I know He will lead you to the right person to receive this subscription. Thank you for all that you do to extend His kingdom. May our Lord grant you His richest blessing and insight in this awesome ministry. God is Good all the time ! AMEN

  68. Mariann says

    Hi, thank you so much for being there everyday. I starting getting the daily emails around 5 months ago. I have been really struggling with finding a Church family to be part of. I have attended the same church since I was a child and my husband has been attending for about 15 years. My husband has never really got involved and has said many time he doesn’t feel he fits in. I have been feeling God leading us to change churches so about 8 months ago we started attending a different church. Well I am really struggling I don’t feel anyone even cares we are there, no connection. I now doubt we should of changed, although my husband says he feels like he fits better. Im really lonely and confused. Your daily emails and web site have been such a comfort to me. It would be great to have your magazine Keep up the great work. Thanks

  69. says

    I would LOVE to win a subscription to P31 magazine because I’ve been looking for a devotional to do and be able to share with my Thirty-One team! I’m a Director with Thirty-One, which is a faith based direct sales company that not only sells personalized pocketbooks, totes, and gifts, but also believes in celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women for all that they do. I host a company sponsored celebrate and connect meeting bi-monthly and we have a devotion at the beginning of every meeting. I would love to be able to have this magazine to be able to share with these wonderful women as we all work to grow closer to being the Proverbs 31 woman God has called us to be!

  70. says

    I would love to receive the P31 magazine subscription. I am in my mid-40’s and am new to my faith in God and P31 has been amazing in helping me develop my relationship with Jesus Christ…..what an amazing gift :) God Bless!

  71. Shelli Garrett says

    I love the P31 devotionals and often send them to my mom. She rarely has time to get online because she’s so busy helping take care of my nephew after she works full time at her job. I would love to be able to send her the magazine. It’s so encouraging for me.

  72. colette says

    I could use some encouragememt from the P31 Magazine right about now! :-)
    Thanks for the oppurtunity to win! And praying for your speedy recovery! :-)

  73. Linda K says

    I would love to win a subscription to Proverbs 31 magazine. I am so blessed by your ministry and would like to share the magazine with others also.

  74. Sandra says

    I have enjoyed P31 magazine in the past; the stories are thought-provoking, helpful, and easy to read. When I finished each one, the following Sunday I would put it in our Church library for others to enjoy. Since money is a little tight right now, winning this subscription would truly be a blessing.

  75. Ruth says

    I am a recent subscriber of the P31 daily email, and can’t tell you how much my spirit needs this encouragement. Most days it brings tears to my eyes, and I’m reminded again how much love God has for us, regardless of what we’re going through. I would love to have a year subscription to the magazine for some more “me and God-time”.

  76. Barb says

    Great devotion this morning! Thank you! I would love to recieve the P31 magazine. God has me reviewing everything that is “going in” from TV shows, movies, music and even books I read. I have never received a “Christian” magazine before and would love the encouragement, support and articles to uplift me and help me on this faith journey! Thank you for your ministry!! God truly has blessed you with a wonderful gift!!

  77. Lynda says

    As a woman of faith who loves leading Bible studies with other women, the P31 Magazine would add a treasure of thought-provoking discussion with these women who want a closer relationship with Jesus. Having shared many of the devotionals and books from the P31 ministries with these women, I have seen lives changed. Some have subscribed to the devotionals and others have secured many of the books that the P31 authors have penned. The subscription would truly be a blessing to be shared!

  78. Elizabeth Zdrodowski says

    I love the Proverbs 31 daily devotions and have also enjoyed the online Bible study, “Unglued.” I think having access to the magazine would be another great resource to help me be a better wife, friend, and daughter of God.

  79. Megan says

    Hi Micca, I love reading your devotionals, and especially loved today’s Hide and Seek. It was a good reminder to me to seek the Lord, my heavenly Father, and seek him constantly. I loved what you said about the Lord will be found in the beauty of creation– butterflies are a special symbol in my life as they represent the change in life promised in 2 Corinthians 5:17. Whenever I see a butterfly (and during the fall migration is often, a yellow one just flew by my window as I typed this) I feel God whisper “I Love You.”

    I struggle with setting aside time to have a daily quiet time, especially since I got married in May and my former “routine” dissolved, and the times that I always found myself alone and able to spend some time in the Word are no longer there. I’m still trying to find a consistent time to spend with the Lord every day. One of the few personal emails that I have sent to my work email account each day is Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragement for Today. I love soaking in the Word of God as well as the words of godly women that I can apply to my busy days at the office and once I get home. I would love to read P31 Magazine on a regular basis and have even more encouraging words to read that I can apply to my role as a woman of God, and now as I seek to be a Proverbs 31 wife.

  80. Natalia says

    I would love to receive a magazine that focuses on devotion and faith with God, rather than so much of the other junk that is out there.

  81. Amanda says

    I have never read the P31 magazine. But I truly enjoy the devotions that are written by you and the other ladies and the encouragement they give! I am currently doing the Unglued Bible study at my church love it. Thanks for a chance to win :)

  82. Gina says

    Hi Micca-I know i can’t compete with students and others ona fixed income. I would very humbly like to request a subscription as I am a 43yo married woman with one child who needs to renew her relationship with God desparately. We are fighting God’s will to go to church, as I was raised. I need a focus on the kind of wife and Mother i need to be. I am loooking in all the wrong places. Hurt feelings abound. I have been getting a little redirection from Proverbs 31 and I would love to have the magazine. I am still a little old fashioned when it comes to reading online. I would much rather have a print copy to underline, keep articles, etc. In that way, I really can reinforce the learning and direction I receive. Please prayerfully consider my need. I need all the guidance I can get. Thanks so very much, Gina H Bham, AL.

  83. Julie says

    I have been so enriched by receiving the P31 devotions, and I would love to learn more by receiving the magazine. God has used you to greatly grow my relationship with Him, and I am so thankful for your ministry! I have a lot of issues to work through, especially as the time nears for the birth of my first child. While God has grown me up a lot in the past year and a half, I still have so much I need to work through, and the P31 devotions have helped me a lot.

  84. Marge says

    I’ve never had the opportunity to see a copy of the magazine but appreciate the wisdom and encouragement in your blog.

  85. Rosalba says

    Because I am a woman, wife and mom who need encouragement everyday of my life and I need and want to encourage my husband and girls to live a life in Christ.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  86. says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a subscription to P31 Magazine! I was subscribed a few years ago, but couldn’t keep up the subscription. I enjoyed the magazine very much, and would love to read it again. Godspeed in healing, Micca. Physical therapy is a wonderful thing, and so is rest. Take care.

  87. Licia says

    Thank you for today’s devotion from Encouragement For Today. I was feeling so alone today wondering how can i find God and you gave me the answer.

    God Bless You!

  88. Holly says

    Thanks for the update on how you are doing. I would like the magazine because it would be encouragement in small doses (read when only have short period of time).

  89. Kristin says

    I purchased your book “An Untroubled Heart” several years ago, but just recently picked it up again. It has been such a help as my father was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. I don’t know what the future holds for my parents or me as I try to be there for them and your book has been wonderful. I just finished reading it and will definitely reread it. I found out about Proverbs 31 Ministries from your book and have been getting the daily devotional. I would love to try the magazine for a year. Blessings to you.

  90. Denice says

    I would love to win the subscription! I read some of the P31 blogs and I’m sure the magazine would be more of the same. I am always encouraged!

  91. says

    I can not tell you how much Encouragement daily has helped me get through the tough days and brought laughter to my heart on others. I so deeply appreciate it and PV31 Women along with the women behind it. Thank you with all my heart!
    I have a message for Micca. I feel your pain woman. I had 2 shoulder surgeries a few months ago and was told I will have surgery on my other shoulder Nov. 2. It does heal and the pain will go away soon!

    I would so much love to have the subscription I am not only having the surgery on my left shoulder I will be having 2 surgeries on my left foot. I had 2 on the same foot in May and they damaged my nerves and 2 toes. So they have to fix the toes. I will be disabled again for another year and the subscription with words of encouragement and joy would be so helpful as I heal.

    Thank you and may God Bless all of you as you serve Him,

  92. says

    hi micca…your post at proverbs 31 was a good reminder that even in moments we feel far from him, god is not hiding. and he keeps his promises to be ‘found’. thank you for sharing! hmmmm….a why? i suppose to be encouraged! especially since i feel that god is calling me to encourage others. more filling of the tank! thanks.

  93. Heather says

    Yes, I am here to enter the “P31 Woman” yearly subscription. I discovered the Proverbs 31 verse after my first marriage ended and as I was struggling to find out what was missing in my life. I realized it was a relationship with God. Becoming a Christian began a new adventure, and now as a new Christian wife, I want to please God and my new husband with ways to become the modern Proverbs 31 Woman. I would love to have the magazine subscription to read, share with my discipleship team, and grow my relationships with those around me. Thank you so much for your blog, hide and seek – I have very fond memories of those dusky days in summer too.

  94. Chanel says

    I really needed your post on today! Today has been eye-opening for me in so many ways but mainly because I’ve re-discovered how much I need to let go and let God take control. Reading your post was yet another clue.
    This subscription will help me so much in the next year – my husband and I are recently separated and with two young sons, I need all the extra encouragement I can get. Reading in bed is the only down time I get on most days and I would love to curl up with this magazine. Thank you for this opportunity!

  95. Bree says

    I’d love to receive the magazine, because the P31 Devotionals have made such an impact on my life. It’s a great way to start the day. Also, I’m loving the Unglued study! I believe this magazine would be another handy resource. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  96. Tonya says

    I have read many of the above notes, I really do not know how you will possibly choose. Thank you, from a total stranger to a total strangers, Thank you. God really does work in ways that are beyond anything we will comprehend. Whenever I open my email for my daily email I am always amazed at how that days topic fits into my life at that moment. The email always seem to be what I need.

    Thank you for being Salt and Light. Tonya

  97. Sherri Beck says

    I would like to recieve the Proverbs 31 magazine because I have been struggeling. I know that God still loves me … I am just haveing a hard time right now. Thank you for your encouragement to ” seek Him right where we are and with all of our hearts”.

    God Bless,


  98. Jennifer says

    I would love to get the magazine because of all the inspiration I get from the blog. I have never seen the magazine and think it would be so neat to have. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  99. Lynda says

    Thank you for your devotional today, and the timely reminder that we should always be seeking God, no matter what the circumstances.
    I love the way that God uses the P31 team and devotionals to speak directly to me, and am sure that he would use the magazine to do the same if I were to be the lucky winner.
    Thank you all for your faithfulness in this work for God, and for women everywhere.

  100. Kristin says

    I’d love the chance to enjoy P31 on the go. I travel frequently for work and spend countless hours on airplanes. What a joy to be uplifted and inspired by the Proverbs 31 ladies.

  101. kelly wiley says

    I have been very blessed by P31. I would love to get the magazine so I can share and encourage other women in our church- secretly. I love to bless anonymously!

  102. Laequell says

    Good evening. Thank you so much for this post. It was right on time with where I am with my walk with Christ. I am always so encouraged with what I read and would love the opportunity to experience the subscription. Thank you for being a Blessing.

  103. Elisabeth Butts says

    I really enjoy the Proverbs 31 devotionals on Facebook. I think this is a great ministry and would enjoy getting the magazine.

  104. Jenny Lawrence says

    I love P31 so much!!!! The devotions always speak to me and help me thru my day. Sometimes I read them several times throughout the day, always finding something new that I needed. As a new momma who stays home, I would love and appreciate the magazine!

  105. Gail says

    I love knowing that myLord is with me ALL the time even when I’m not really aware of His presence. I can also relate to the glasses. As I look in the mirror I quite often see my Mother looking back at me. Even my husband commented the other day that I now look like my Mother. But now I can see clearly my needlework which is such a blessing.Thank you for the chance to win the magazines
    Blessings Gail

  106. Jescudi says

    I need God to seek Him, to want Him, to even believe in Him…… This magazine isn’t what I need to change my life because Jesus does that, but I would love to receive from the words in this magazine. I pray this magazine speaks truth that Yahweh has spoken to the author. Thank you for giving God the glory even in magazines.

  107. Kyndra says

    Hey Mrs Micca,
    thank you so much for sharing this blog. I love reading your devotions and the ones from Proverbs 31 Ministries, they help encourage me daily. I would love the chance to win the subscription, but hope that the woman with the greatest desire and need for it is chosen!

    Thank you so much again for sharing your personal devotions.
    I want to encourage others, as I too am encouraged!


  108. Jodi says

    I love reading the devotions each morning for encouragement. I’m sure the magazine would be packed full of wonderful information!

  109. Helen Ward says

    The Proverbs 31 ministry has touched my heart in my walk with Jesus. All the ladies there are such a blessing through their words and devotions. I would cherish a subscription to the magazine to continue to be touched by such a wonderful ministry!

  110. Joanna Warren says

    I have desired a subscription to P31 for several years, but it has never fit into the budget. What a blessing it would be! Encouragement, edification, and my relationship with God is my lifeline as I seek to parent three little ones (5, 3, 1) and love my wonderful husband.

  111. Jeanne says

    I would love to win. I have been reading devotionals and am very encouraged by them every day. I would love to read more.

  112. Valerie D says

    Thanks for the devotion! I appreciate the encouragement to seek the Lord. Our bible study is doing the study “When Wonen Say Yes to God” and this confirms the importance of wholeheartedly seeking the Lords will.

  113. Melanie Grace says

    There you are! I am so glad you are recovering well. Been praying for you and checking on you. Again, I want to thank you for leading and encouraging me through “An Untroubled Heart”. I miss sitting under your teaching. Hoping to do that again someday. Until then we will Practice His Presence & Fear Not! Blessings Sweet Sister. Isaiah 41:10

  114. Emma Arias says

    I have been blessed by proverbs 31 devotions and God convicted me to share them with my co-workers. As soon as I read it in the morning I forward it to eight of them and they have been blessed by them too. We all look forward to spending that special time with the Lord.

    Thank you!

  115. Amber says

    I am always looking for relevant reads and am so thankful for the ministry of Proverbs 31 Woman. I’d love to receive the magazine and continue the regular dose of encouragement and growth!

  116. Laurie says

    I would love to get P31 magazine. I’m always looking for a great articles that lead me straight to God’s word. I absolutely LOVE P31 and I’m positive the magazine would be so wonderful and perfect for me.

  117. Lisa says

    I just recently discovered Proverbs 31 and didn’t even realize there was a monthly magazine. This website has brought encoragment when there didn’t seem to be any. Hope that seemed to be lost in my current situation. Since my divorce I had been bitter and angry at my ex and at God. I had prayed over my marriage and when it ended anyway I was angry at God.
    I started reading Proverbs 31 and went to look it up on the internet and fond yor site. It has been an encouraging and uplifiting site. It has helped to renew my faith in God and given Me back to myself and my children. The monthly magazine would be great to have and read to futher help me along with my renewed faith and commitment to God, plus I love to read and prefer to do it in paper form and not on the computer. I do hope you heal fast! :) God Bless!

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