Not What I Planned

Nov 14

Surgery was not what I envisioned when I joined the gym. I looked forward to a healthier, happier self—not to mention a leaner, meaner body who looked good in those new fangled colored skinny jeans.

Everyday at noon, I put on my sweats and t-shirt, laced up my running shoes, grabbed a bottle of water, and set out to slim down and tone up. Our class consisted of–me and my husband, a pretty blond, who worked in the building beside the gym, two ladies that attend my church, a young mom, a retired man and others who exchanged their lunch hour for a good workout.

Our instructor, a young guy who has a passion for fitness and is engaged to a future doctor (somebody has to pay the bills,) sets the clock, turns up the music and the workout begins. We move around the room in 60-second intervals changing exercises as we go until we’ve worked every muscle in the body, or so it feels.

I’m not sure when or how, but at some point during my workout, I injured my arm. The CAT scan showed a tear in my rotator cuff. Surgery was inevitable. It’s funny now that I think about it. I joined a gym to get healthy and ended up in the hospital. Go figure!

The surgery was hard, and this is coming from a woman who has given birth three times. I remember thinking, “This is not what I planned.” I had always assumed that Ps 37:4 was a guaranteed promise for me.

“He shall give you the desires of your heart.”

The desire of my heart was to be fit, not broken, but God doesn’t always “bring it to pass” the way we plan it.

The realization of unmet desires brought sadness and disappointment to my heart. Like me, you may have unmet desires. Perhaps you have a situation that has not turned out like you planned. I understand.

As I rested from surgery, I chose to rest in God, too. I know He wants me to be healthy. It may be that I have to find another way of going about it. Turning my focus on His heart, I no longer felt sad. God became my joy. I laid my burden on His strong and capable shoulders, and as I entrusted my life and cares to Him, I found rest. You and I can rest in the truth that God is going to bring about the best for our lives no matter our plan.

Will you rest in that truth with me today?

“We may plan, but the Lord directs our steps” (proverbs 16:9).

“Rest in the Lord” (Ps 17:7).


  1. mandy says

    Micca .. you are a beautiful woman INSIDE and OUT! Thanks for sharing your heart and your encouragement.. nothing seems to be going right at times.. but God is always RIGHT and He is always working .. I’ve had to cling tight to that fact for over a year now… He is!! have a blessed day .. (My husband is 2 years on the other side of the same surgery .. it’s terrible, but you will heal and be stronger … praying for strength and healing)

  2. Jackie Smith says

    I needed this today, Micca….thanks! I am 75 and walked 2 miles almost daily for 29 years. However, 4 months ago, I began having sciatica, kidney stones, and unable to walk! I am still being treated for this. I’m going to hold onto your sentence….God is going to bring about the best for my life no matter my plan!
    Praying for your recovery!

  3. Maria says

    Thank you Micca! Your message is quite timely. I found out today that I may need surgery. It caught me off guard but I’m encouraged and full of faith. Your message refreshed my soul.

  4. says

    Oh Micca…I love your heart and desire to share Truth. Lately I’ve realized that my days never go as planned…happens with 5 kids, but I found myself getting frustrated with this. That frustration was tempting me to not be content or joyful…thankfully God is showing me things do unfold according to His plan. Sometimes it’s hard to accept, but He has a purpose for it all…pray He reveals that to you in BIG ways!! Blessings Micca! Thankful God brought me here today!!!

  5. Susan says

    My body is fine. That is the problem. Everything works. One year ago my sweet 16 year old daughters’ body was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. My beautiful, perfect, baby of 3 girls. Full of joy and laughter, our fun loving light hearted girls’ life changed forever in one day. The year has brought heaviness and struggle. My heart cannot accept or understand yet. Her silliness has yet to return. I am praying God bring us strength and understanding and the ability to cope with this 365/24/7 disease. Broken bones heal, surgeries correct. Type 1 Diabetes is forever. Praying for miracles.

  6. Jodi Fay says

    Hi Micca,
    I am always encouraged by your blog! I love that you turn to God at all times. When we are happy, it’s easy to say God is good and blessing me. When we are challenged, it’s harder to say- Thank you Lord for caring for me during this time of ________ (fill in the blank: change, loss, confusion, fear, etc.). Thank you for reminding us to always look to our Creator, who knows us inside and out! When He is our focus, how can we not be joy-filled!
    Hope you are restored to full health soon!
    Happies Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family! =]

  7. says

    Micca, I’m praying for your continued healing and that one day soon you’ll return to the gym and get into those skinny jeans, just like you originally planned.

    Cyber hugs,

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