Outside of the Boat

Nov 28

The best time to ‘ride the waves’ is just before or after a large storm. The waves climb so high they seem to reach heaven. Being on top of the wave feels like being on top of the world. However, it’s short lived when the wave comes crashing down on the other side. It’s a great ride on top, but you can get lost on the way down as the wave tosses you about. Perhaps even drown.

Life can often feel like ‘riding the waves.’ One day, you’re on top of the world. The next day, your world can come crashing down around you causing you to feel as if you’re drowning in your circumstances.

Psalm 107 tells a story of people in a peril at sea. Afloat on the waves, “they mount up to the heavens and they go down again to the depths.” As a result, “their soul melts because of trouble.”

Eventually, they send an S.O.S. to God. How does God respond? He calms the sea. He smooth’s out the waves and guides their boat until they reach their destination. (v-28-30).

When I face fearful circumstances, I tend to look to other people. I call my mother or a close friend. Sometimes I talk to a spiritual leader for guidance and direction. Getting wise counsel is never a bad idea. Most likely they experienced a similar boat ride. But when you and I are lost in an ocean of ups and downs, only God is outside of the boat.  Only God can see beyond the waves. Only God can calm the storm and lead us safely to our destination.

Are you facing trouble today? Call on God. He is greater than any problem you and I can face.


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