A Favorite Christmas Memory and a Giveaway!

Dec 7

One of my favorite Christmas memories happened one year as a result of a family tradition. Each year my mother withholds baby Jesus from her nativity set until Christmas Morning. One year, when her firstborn grandson was about three years of age, he asked her, “Grandmamma, where is baby Jesus?”

“He’s not been born yet. She explained to Patrick. “Jesus comes on Christmas Day. Then, you’ll find Him lying right here,” she added while pointing to the manger.

Like years past, Christmas came. Mom and Dad’s house was full of excitement as each family member arrived with their arms full of presents. We expected to exchange gifts and enjoy a time for food, fun, and celebration. Patrick expected something different. He came running into the house shouting, “Is He here, yet? Is He here? Has Jesus come?”

Mother took Patrick over to the nativity and there, cradled in the manger, was baby Jesus. He had come just as she had promised.

At the age of three, Patrick taught me to anticipate the Presence of Christ during Christmas—while I shop, decorate, wrap, bake and worship.

Christ’s presence may go unnoticed by the world, but for me, along with heaven, a few shepherds, three wise men, and others who have made room in their hearts, can experience all the glorious wonder that He brings when taking time to acknowledge His Presence.

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Wishing you a blessed Christmas Season!


  1. Deb C says

    Anticipating the Presence of Jesus Christ is something I want to live out each moment of each day that God gives me for His Glory and my good. In looking at all the characters in the nativity scene, I suppose my favorite one would have to be the shepherds. SInce I am an animal lover and a musician, knowing that the angels proclaimed His birth from the Heavens and knowing that if God was telling the shepherds to go and see where the Christ Child was born, then they knew He would provide for the safety of all those hindreds of sheep. I often wondered if the shepherds just left them all there and went with haste without even any concern for the safety of the sheep until they returned, or if they hauled all of them there…..hummmmm.
    Thanks so much for sharing your heart adn family’s view of Christmas. What a wise Mom you have.

  2. says

    Love this story! Thanks for the reminder that we are to be anticipating this season and not complaining! Merry Merry Christmas! Love ya. Praying for you as you speak!

  3. Darlene says

    I never thought of doing that with the nativity – what a wonderful ways to reinforce what Christmas is about with the children. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful memories.

  4. Darlene says

    I never thought of doing that with the nativity – what a wonderful way to reinforce what Christmas is about with the children. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful memories.

  5. Alicia says

    I chose Joseph because he was faithful and trusted what the Lord had spoken to Mary, I admire that he stood by her courageously and patiently, trusting in the Lord,despite the comments of other people he stood there strong believing for this miracle in the woman he loved.

  6. marge michulsky says

    When I was raising my children, and they were focused on Santa…I asked my mom HOW did you keep us focused on Jesus at Christmas. and she said, of all the decorations, she always put the manger set out FIRST. I have kept up that tradition. I also, had an older manger set that they could all play with. :)

  7. Erin says

    I love seeing baby Jesus all Christmas season, but I think that keeping His arrival until Christmas is also a neat tradition to have!

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