God Can Heal Your Hurts–Savannah’s Story

Dec 11
  • Have you ever felt too broken for God to fix and love? That’s how Savannah felt–untill she gave it all to God. Today, she offers hope to others through her testimoney. Savannah is living proof that God can heal your hurts.

    Here’s Savannah…

    Proverbs 31 Ministries has been a huge blessing to my life. I will never be able to express how much this ministry means to me and how it has helped me grow in my walk with the Lord. The thing that first drew me to the ministry was that these were real women that have had a lot of hurt in their lives and they weren’t afraid to share it with others. They did not act as if they had it all together and never struggled with anything. They shared about their imperfections, brokenness, depression, hurt and struggles, but also how God was working in their lives and the things that He has helped them overcome. Their boldness to share their story gave me hope that God could bring healing in my life as He did in theirs.

    I come from a broken family and a life full of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I’ve been in situations as both a child and adult that nobody should ever have to be in. Growing up I didn’t have a safe person who loved me and that I could talk to. I carried all of the secrets of what was happening to me and never shared the hurt with anyone.

    At the age of thirteen, I went to foster but never shared my secrets. I began to numb all of the pain that I was feeling by cutting myself. It only took one cut and I found the physical pain numbed out the emotional pain I was feeling. From that point on whenever I was angry or upset I would cut myself, which slowly became an addiction. That addiction took over my life and controlled me for almost ten years. During those ten years the cutting got worse. I was battling depression and felt as if my life was not worth living.

    When I was twenty-three, God showed me that I was on a road to destruction that was leading to death. I had been attending church for a couple years and I liked the idea of God, but having never been shown love I couldn’t really grasp the love of God. I honestly felt too broken for God to fix or love, but He continued to draw me to Himself.

    One night in February of 2009, I was really struggling with my self-worth and purpose. I began to read 2 Corinthians 5:17. It says,

    “If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come.”

    That night I surrendered my life to Christ because I wanted to be a new creation.

    After I gave my life to Christ I felt new and expereinced God’s love for the first time. Still I struggled with the depression and brokenness. Everyone else around me appeared to have their life together which made me feel all over again I was too broken for God.

    Soon after that is when I learned about Proverbs 31 Ministries and heard some of the women’s stories, which made me realize that there was nothing wrong with me. Their stories gave me the hope I needed to keep going. The women have encouraged me in so many ways. They have helped me to see my worth and have helped me build my self-confidence. I now have a strong relationship with the Lord. He has healed me in many areas and is now using me to help others. If it weren’t for Proverbs 31 Ministries I don’t know that I would be where I am today. My life has been eternally impacted and I am forever grateful for the ministry.

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  1. Kathi Whittamore says

    what a beautiful testimony!! Thank you for sharing…we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony!!

  2. Melissa R says

    Bless the Lord! Thank you Savannah for sharing your testimony! Beauty for ashes! I love hearing how and from what God brings people!

  3. Mary T says

    Micca, Savannah’s story touched my heart! I work with children and it breaks my heart to see the suffering that continues long after any type of abuse occurs! Thanking God for filling Savannah’s heart, healing her feelings of brokenness and giving her the spirit to share her story! Also thanking Him for Proverbs31 Ministries! I am proud to say I have already partnered with you all via an on the front lines post! Praying for Savannah and all of you at Proverbs31! God bless!

  4. Mary says

    What an awesome story! God is at work always, behind the scenes, to help us know Him deeper and deeper. I too appreciate Proverbs 31 ministries since I am on the road in the semi and don’t have a lot of time to be with other women in groups. I can participate through them and share through comments, and the books, oh yes, what a blessing! Thanks for sharing Sharon

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