December 20, 2013

Room For Jesus

One of the first words that come to mind when most think about the holiday season is “busy.” It’s sad, but true. We are busy decorating the house, baking goodies, shopping for presents, planning parties, attending Christmas plays, and writing out our Christmas cards. Then, just when we think we’ve got a handle on it, we receive that unexpected card in the mail or the neighbor brings us a fruit cake. What do we do? We make time to return the jester.

In fact, we find time and make the room to do all sorts of things during the holiday. We make room for company to come. We make room in front of the picture window for the Christmas tree. We even make room in the kitchen cabinets to store the extra cooking ingredients we need to make our favorite holiday dishes. Let me ask you this…have you made room for Jesus this season?

In the familiar story of Christ’s birth, it has always bothered me that there was no room in the inn for Jesus. I can’t help but think; didn’t they know who He was? What could have been so important that they couldn’t stop and make room for Jesus? My best guess is they were thinking only about themselves and their own busy agenda. In doing so, they missed the Messiah.

Likewise, we can become so busy with our Christmas agenda that we can miss Jesus, too. Instead, we should approach the season with expectancy. If we make the time and room for Jesus, I know He will show up! My nephew taught me that.

One of my mother’s Christmas traditions is to withhold baby Jesus from her nativity set until Christmas Morning. One year, when her firstborn grandson was about three years of age, he asked her, “Grandmamma, where is baby Jesus?”

“He’s not been born yet. She explained to Patrick. “Jesus comes on Christmas Day. Then, you’ll find Him lying right here,” she added while pointing to the manger.

Like years past, Christmas came. Mom and Dad’s house was full of excitement as each family member arrived with their arms full of presents. We expected to exchange gifts and enjoy a time for food, fun, and celebration. Patrick expected something different. He came running into the house shouting, “Is He here, yet? Is He here? Has Jesus come?”

Mother took Patrick over to the nativity and there, cradled in the manger, was baby Jesus. He had come just as she had promised.

Over 2000 years ago, God promised us a Savoir. In a little town called Bethlehem, God kept His promise and Christ our Lord was born. While most missed what was happening that holy night, it didn’t escape the attention of heaven, a few shepherds, three Wise men, and some cattle. They pushed aside their duties and agenda’s to make room for Jesus. In fact, like Patrick, some of them anticipated His arrival. In doing so, their lives were forever changed.

Every year Jesus still searches about for hearts to fill. The trouble is He can only fill the space you and I allow for Him. This year, I plan to make room for Jesus. Will you join me?

Christ’s presence may go unnoticed by the world, but you and me, along with heaven, a few shepherds, three wise men, and others who have made room in their hearts, can experience all the glorious wonder that He brings.

I invite you to throw away your busy addenda this year. Instead, make room for Christ to come. Anticipate His arrival and experience Christmas like never before!

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  1. Thank you for this timely lesson. We need to realize it is not about us but about HIM!! Thanks again, Merry Christmas

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