Don’t Take Your Honey For Granted

Jan 21

 My husband and I were having a delightful dinner with friends when I got an unusual text from my son, Parker.

It was a list of ingredients such as eggs, flour, and almond extract to name a few. At the end of the list was this question.

“Do we have these ingredients? I want to make fortune cookies.”

“Why?” I inquired.

“To ask Natalie to the prom, of course.”

My husband and I arrived home around nine o’clock. Parker was waiting for me in the kitchen. Although it was late I gathered the supplies, mixed the ingredients, and placed the batter onto the cookie sheet. It looked like a small pancake.

While the cookies baked, Parker wrote out Natalie’s fortune on a strip of paper.

“Tonight, you’ll be asked to the Prom.”

When the cookie had baked for 10 minutes, I scooped the pancake up with a spatula. Parker placed his note on top of the cookie and folded it over. Moving fast, he then folded the cookie again over the edge of a coffee mug. Next, we placed the cookies in a muffin tin to cool and harden. It worked like a charm!




On Sunday, Parker stuck to his well thought-out plan. He invited Natalie to lunch at Fulins–an Asian restaurant–after church. Once they placed their order, Parker excused himself to go to the restroom.

On the way, he met their waiter and handed her a baggie with three homemade fortune cookies. Parker asked her to bring his cookies to the table at the end of the meal instead of bringing their cookies. She agreed and followed through.

Natalie cracked open the cookie. A big smile fell across her face as she read her fortune.

“Well, will you go to the prom with me?” Asked Parker.

“Yes!” She exclaimed without hesitation.

The waitress must have been watching from afar. At the bottom of the bill she wrote, “Have fun at the prom!”

I’m proud of my son. He doesn’t take his relationship for granted. Parker didn’t assume the two of them were going to the prom even though they most likely would.  He knew she still wanted to be “asked” to the prom. I’m proud he was thoughtful enough to do just that, ask.

What a great lesson for the rest of us. I think after years of marriage we tend to take our partner for granted. I expect my husband to work hard for the family, keep the yard up and take out the trash. I’m pretty certain he expects me to cook dinner, do the laundry and rub his feet while feeding him grapes.

(Like that happens.)

How nice would it be if he asked me to do his laundry or I asked him to take out the trash instead of complaining when he doesn’t? Asking instead of expecting can go a long way in a relationship. That’s not all.

A simple “thank-you” when your spouse brings you another fork because you dropped yours says, “I don’t take you for granted. I appreciate you.”

It’s easy to assume my spouse will do certain things for me. Yet in the beginning, I didn’t expect. I asked.

This weekend would be a great time to ask my husband to dinner and talk about ways we can show each other gratitude.

Showing appreciation to one another has to be a good tool in growing a healthy, fulfilling relationship. …Something we all desire.


  1. says

    An awesome son has a lot to do with an awesome set of parents….love this! My daughter was just asked in the cutest way yesterday to go to her sophmore cotillion by a good friend. I love to see boys that go the extra mile to make things special. I know Hayley has a lot to look for in a husband after having such an amazing example in her Dad- there will be some big shoes to fill one day! But I pray every day that God will take care of that. Way to go Parker!!
    Shelley Summerville

    • Micca says

      Thanks, Shelley,

      Parker is a great kid. We’re thankful. Like you, I’m praying for the right mate for my children, too. I rest in this truth. God is faithful!
      Hugs, Micca

  2. Kathy says

    Appreciation and gratitude for each other in a relationship makes each day full of joy and peace. I find when my husband does an unexpected chore, like mopping the floor and doing the laundry, he needs only my sincere “thank you,” to make him smile. I can count on him to go the extra mile when there is an attitude of gratitude within our home.

    • says

      What a wonderful relationship you have with your spouse, Kathy! I agree, appreciation and gratitude are key. I say there’s nothing sexier than a man mopping the floor!!
      Thanks for your testimony!

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