There’s More Than Snails

Jan 23

I love the ancient legend about a swan and a crane. It goes like this…

A beautiful swan settled on the banks of a pond where a crane was wadding through the murky water looking for snails. The crane finally noticed the swan and inquired,

“Where did you come from?”

The swan replied, “I come from Heaven!”

“Where is that?” questioned the crane.

“You’ve never heard of Heaven?” replied the swan.

For the next few minutes the swan talk non-stop about the beauty of Heaven. She shared about the streets of gold. She told him about the pearly gates and how the walls were made of precious stones. She described the river of life to look like pure crystals. And on the edge of the river stood the tree with the power to heal nations! She went on describing the magnificent angles and the host of saints.

The swan paused for a moment to catch the cranes response. It was then she noticed the crane hadn’t shown the slightest interested in this marvelous place. Eventually, the crane asked, “Are there any snails there?”

The swan nearly slid off the bank. “Snails? What a hoarded thought!” exclaimed the swan. “Of course not! There are no snails in Heaven!”

“Well, the crane said in a causal tone, you can have your Heaven. All I want are snails.”

I have to admit that sometimes I’m like that crane. I miss God’s best by being satisfied with good enough.

Lord, I want more than snails. I want your best. Help me to not settle for good. Give me a desire to seek out and claim you best for me.


  1. Tricia Navilhon says

    Love this Micca! I will never look upon Cranes the same ever again! I find that I am a lot like the Swan….Reminding myself of the blessings to come keep me focused on my mission. Heartbreaking to know there are those who reject the Glorious Blessings that the Father has prepared for us. Even more so they have rejected His precious son, Jesus. So I will keep my eye on the prize and move forward for His Kingdom….which doesn’t envolve Snails…Ewww! :) Enjoy this Day HE has made!

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