My Desire For God

Jun 2

The most worthwhile thing you and I can experience on earth is nothing less than God himself!

I confess with my lips this is true. However, my life says otherwise. As soon as my feet hit the floor, I’m giving myself to my kids, the laundry, and errands. This list is long. So my prayer life consist of reading a devotion and a quick prayer—or plea for God to HELP me get through the day.

I’ve discovered this kind of prayer life doesn’t work. It’s not that God doesn’t want to help me. He does. In fact, he’s already given me everything I need to succeed.

Did you know that when you became a believer in Christ, he deposits within you a portion of His divine power? He does! Yet many believers today are not experiencing the power within to deal with the power of the word that comes crashing in on us each day.


Devotion to God.

You and I were created to seek, know, and love God. Let’s be honest. It’s not going to happen if we only take 15 minutes a day to converse with him.

As glorious as God is, so is the glory that begins to work in the hearts and lives of those who give themselves to live for God. It a great step forward when you and I truly seek to know God—to adore God—to love God.

This is what God desires from you. It’s though prayer that he enables you, with divine power, for daily living.

It’s what you’re looking for and what your heart truly desires. Let’s make Ps 63:1 the beginning of our prayer every morning.

“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirst for you in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”

Repeat these words of David until the Spirit makes them real in your heart. Then, wait. Wait on God until you realize what a great blessing it is to meet with him. As you do, you begin to grow in your devotion to God, and also come to expect his presence and power daily.

Dear Lord, I confess that I know little of you. I fail to seek you for Your sake first. Create in me a hunger and thirst for you. And help me to wait on your presence and power to live this day.

I’m giving away a journal today so that you can begin to seek God. Write your prayer in the journal, and then, add to it how God responds to you. This is a great practice for growing your relationship with God. Share your desire to know God, and enter to win!


  1. Holly says

    Thank You for sharing your heart through this devotion. I am a working mother of 4 children and I struggle with finding time to spend with God. I have a great desire to know God and spend time with him. Please pray that I will have the strength to add this into my daily life.

  2. Colleen says

    O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirst for you in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”
    I am posting this all over the house as my hearts cry.

    I would also love to win the prayer journal. Do I leave the message here?

  3. Kris Brown says

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this devotion the Lord has laid on your hear. It really hit home. I have been convicted lately about living life ONLY for his sake. But, each morning I get so wrapped up in my day I lose my focus. PS. 63:1 is a great way to start each day. I am going to put this on my bathroom mirror to help me remember how to start my day each day. This will stand out to me as I get ready each morning.

  4. sandra says

    I desire to know God because I am afraid, I’ve always been insecure and down on myself and I’m just now learning to see myself as God sees me and to to give thanks to Him.
    I pray that God continues to let me gain self confidence and to thank Him for it. To be grateful to Him for all my blessing, because He’s given me so much. I am blessed. To place His hand on my marriage, that I will do His will in my marriage and to remember he is important. It needs to be my God, my husband and then everything else.

  5. Pam Howard says

    Thank you for sharing from the heart. This hit home! I try to do everything on my own and in my time. I truly need to step back and seek Him first! A journal with David’s prayer is a great way to start to see how God works. Thanks again for the encouragement. God Bless!

  6. Kim Round says

    Thanks for sharing this devotional with us today. Being more devoted to God is something I struggle with, too. Between my kids, my husband, and all the roles we women have, I’m just not spending as much time with The Lord as I need to. I pray I’ll start being more devoted a little at a time, more & more each day. Maybe I could read more scripture daily or get up a few minutes earlier to have more time in prayer. Thanks again for this devotion. I feel God sent it as a reminder to me today! :)

  7. Carol B says

    My desire is to be closer to Him and in His will daily. “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirst for you in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” This verse is exactly how I feel most days right now, in a dry and weary land but I continue to search for His water.
    Thanks for all you do!

  8. Jaime says

    I have let my busy life of teaching and 3 active kids get in the way of my devotion to God. Lately i have been feeling the spirit tug me back to him. Showing me ways that i might reconnect and put God first in my life… I keep telling my kids that the only way to get to know God and have a relationship with him is by talking to him and reading his word, and i need to follow my own advice and be the example I want my family to see.
    Thank you for sharing this insight with us. I would love to enter for the journal but not sure how.

  9. says

    I want to rest in presence for more than 15 minutes a day. I am learning that He is with me all day and while I have a very, very long way to go I want that intimacy with Him so when I fail, I try again. Thanks for such touching words today.

  10. Valarie says

    Thank you for this very precious reminder. It’s so easy to be drawn into the cares and demands of the world and be consumed with worries and fear and struggles. God is so faithful to us and continually seeks to draw us to Himself. I’m so thankful for the privilege and great honor to know and love him!

  11. Sue says

    Thank you for sharing from your heart. it’s not easy to carve out time for God, but I have found by doing so at the start of the day, before it gets hectic, is the best time, and the day goes much better. I’m still working on it and iI can see where a journal would be a great help.

  12. Halona Luna says

    Thank you for this. I have several noncurable diseases which leave me virtually homebound but I still struggle.

  13. Carolyn Rivera says

    Thank You for your devotion it blessed my heart! I am in a season of drawing closer to The Lord, he is drowning me into this journey with Him! I am asking myself what keeps me from his presence? I need to be more disciplined and consistent in spending time with Him! I want it to be my priority not only in words but in action!

  14. says

    This is the second time in two days God has placed a message in my heart asking me to turn from bad habits and self-indulgence that separates me from him. Thank you so much for these powerful messages and verses. I am praying throughout my busy mama day that God’s will for my day guides me while I spy all the blessings He placed in my life! Thank you for all the hearts you touch with your writing! From Colorado…

  15. Shantil Ransby says

    Hello there I really enjoyed today’s devotional. I’d love to receive the journal from you. How do I enter to receive it?


  16. Cindy says

    This certainly speaks to me. I am focusing on keeping God first in my life and you helped make me aware of areas where I need to make changes. Thank you so much!

  17. Stephanie Wilson says

    Ever since I was a little girl, I believed in the Father and his Son. However, I have never felt like I had a true relationship with them. I prayed when I was in trouble and I learned what I know of the scriptures from sunday school….never really delving into it on my own. About 7 years ago, I started going to a weekly women’s bible study and going to church on a regular basis. I still struggled to carve out time to talk and worship him on my own. My husband and I moved away from that church family 6 years ago and I lost my way. In the last month, he has really worked to get me back to where I was. He was probably doing it all along, I just wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, I am back at church and I am back at bible study and the blessings that God has shown me have been amazing. I am trying to submit everything to him because I have come to the realization that I can’t do it on my own….I just can’t. I have 4 children and I still struggle with carving out more than 15 minutes a day for him alone. Sorry to write a book but your devotion today was just what I needed to hear. I will be adding Psalm 63:1 to my daily prayer time. Thank you for sharing your faith.

  18. Ashley says

    Thank you so much for sharing this devotional. Devoting myself to God is something I surely struggle with, as I find myself so easily putting everything else before him. Making Psalm 63:1 a daily prayer sounds like a great way to begin my day with a focus on God.

  19. Margie Collins says

    Thank you for sharing. God used you as confirmation to a prayer recently prayed – to know Him in His fullness. Also thank you for the offer of the free journal. A tool I sure could and will use. God bless.

  20. Kim C says

    Thank you for a wonderful devotion today, spoke to me for sure! I would love the journal and would be greatful to start using it daily. :)

  21. Carol says

    I am so thankful for this reminder that God deserves more than a 15 minute devotion. My kids are home for summer break and I am relearning how to find a quiet moment. In doing so, I not only line myself up for me, but for them. I love that I can be an example for them! We are putting into practice good habits for them. I want my time with the Lord not to be something I check off my “to do list”. I am longing to become the mom and wife God called me to be.

  22. Dianne says

    I say daily, “today is the day”, then the early morning distractions begin. I may get in just a few early minutes with Jesus, but I am never satisfied. There are little times throughout the day I talk with him, but never really long enough to enter into His presence. Lord, help me to seek You FIRST and then again, throughout the day.

  23. Hazel says

    Thank you for being so transparent. I, too, struggle with being completely devoted to God. Sometimes I wander if I am even saved or not, but God in in his sovereignty always lets me know that He is with me and He will never forsake me. What an awesome God He is.

  24. says

    What is most refreshing to me is when I remember it’s not all about me and what I do. I fall down in being devoted to God because I am sinful. But When I turn around my thinking and make it about God — God is devoted to me! Immediately I am refreshed and my burden of guilt is lifted!

  25. says

    I desire to spend less time on myself and more time praying, learning, and seeming God! I often times finding myself putting devotions and Bible Studies on the back burner until the last minute of the day but God deserves the first minute of my day!

  26. Vicki says

    Sometimes it so helps to be reminded that it isn’t just me that slips and lets my desires overtake those God has for my life. What a blessing this message was to me this morning. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Rebecca says

    Thank you for sharing, I long to have a relationship with God on a daily basis but find that my life takes over the minute I get out of bed. Lord help me to seek you and only you.

  28. Madison Herman says

    So thankful for your devotional today from Proverbs 31! It really spoke to me and I to desire to be fully devote to God! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  29. Linda says

    Thank you for your transparency for your struggle to be fully devoted to our Lord. Our desire to put God first in all things and balance our responsibilites in life is common to many as we walk in our Christian faith daily. I am so glad I found this devotional today. Just what I needed. I have a lot of hard work that needs to be done and appreciated the further reading of Ecclesiastes 3. Hoping to remain inspired as I seek His direction in accomplishing my work that needs to be done. Second time in 2 days the Lord impressed on my heart 2 Chronicles 16:9a “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” I have never posted on a blog before. I would love to receive the journal. I was not clear on how to enter for it. May God continue to bless you in your ministry!

  30. says

    In small group my prayer request has been that my devotion to God would grow, and today (as every day) I needed a firm and hard reminder. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Cheryl says

    I am a mother of a 17 year old son who I struggle with daily. I cast all my cares upon the Lord because he cares for me. All my worries and frustrations I give to God because I know he will see me through these trying years raising a teenager.

  32. Carmen says

    I desire to know God better and build my relationship with Him because I seem to be constantly worrying about things. I’m scared of what the future holds and it seems that my mind always comes up with the worst possible scenarios. I have a very hard time giving my problems to God and letting Him handle it and not worry… Prayers needed to learn how to let go and feel His peace and love!

  33. Carolyn R says

    Hello Micca,
    Thank you for your devotional today. It spoke so deeply to me. I love the Lord and I want to spend more time in His presences, but I don’t. Thank you for challenging me to do this. (I don’t need to win the contest, just wanted to thank you so much for a meaningful devotional. I hope to seek Him first more often.)

  34. Lynne says

    God is bringing me through a journey that is teaching me to rely on Him, trust Him, and hold nothing back from Him. Yet, even through having cancer, I find myself reverting to my old ways, quick devotions and quick prayers, when the desire of my heart is (at least what I say it is) is to know Him and to live a wholly devoted life to Him. Winning the journal or not, I believe He’s challenging me to write my thoughts and prayers as a way of revealing to myself where my heart really is and focusing on turning it completely to Him. Thank you for your blog – I can relate to every word you said! Praise the Lord for His loving guidance in our daily lives.

  35. Kim H says

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful devotion. I’m going through an unexpected divorce – totally blind-sided. My world has turned upside down and this reminds me as to where I can look for strength to remove the bitterness so that I can find peace with the future that awaits me.

  36. Jen E says

    My pastor also suggests that by writing your prayers in a journal, you are better able to focus on prayer, not the things going around you, such as the troubles of the world or your daily to do list. It can also be a great way to look back and see how God has answered your prayers, possibly in ways you did not expect.

  37. Maria Gloria says

    Thanks for sharing your story and for giving this opportunity to have a journal. That would be a very helpful tool for me. Thank you & God bless!

  38. Cindi says

    Read the Proverbs 31 devotion for today and then I went to your blog. Appreciate your thoughts about being devoted and committed to God. Reminded me of my commitment to my husband. Thanks.

  39. Mitzii says

    You are so right, those short prayers on the run don’t work the same as truly spending time with Him. I do desire more time with Him, but struggle with the hours in the day. One of my new goals is to spend more time with Him and to read more of His word.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  40. Bonnie says

    This is something that I have been trying to work on is loving God with my whole heart, staying in HIS word and learning what He is trying to tell me. Some days I get so wrapped up in what I am doing at work or home that I loose track. But each day I try again. Thank you for your devotionals they bless and encourage me.

  41. Beverly says

    Hello Micca,
    Thank you for your devotion today WOW Is all I can say this so spoke to my spirit because I long to be devoted to God I want to not just be a hearer but a doer of his word and be able to apply it to my life and I try so hard to not make it a 5min thing if at all I truly get overwhelmed when I try to do things when it comes to reading I truly love this devotional it has really hit home for me thanks again.

  42. Melinda Cooper says

    This was such a timely devotion. I love journaling my prayers. Life has gotten pretty hectic and I need to start journaling again. I feel so much more peaceful when I do. I would love a new journal to write in. :-)

  43. Ashley J says

    It’s been a little over a year since I decided that my way wasn’t working and I need to trust in God. Trying to live in a way that puts God first has been very hard for me… I’ve struggled this year trying to do whats right… It would probably be easier to just up and move to a town where no one knows me… Its been so hard to walk away from family and friends to focus on him. I must admit I don’t feel I give him all the time he needs in my hectic life. However, I feel a peace I’ve never felt… My goal is for people to see HIM in me, its hard but I continue to work towards it daily. I just pray for direction while I’m trying to build my relationship with him… I feel so lost at times, so your devotional really makes me think about some issues I’m having trying to walk right…So thanks for sharing..

  44. Jo ellen says

    Micca, thank you for that devotion. I fail to truly seek God for who He truly is on a daily basis. I am a semi empty nester and I am struggling right now to know God’s will and purpose for my life. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  45. Anna says

    Thank you Micca for this devotion. My heart desires to be even closer to God , I wrote down Ps 63:1 and Also 62:1-2 Truly my soul silently waits for God (only) From Him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.”
    I will pray His words daily.
    Our youngest of four (girl) just graduated and has left home already. Our youngest son moved out 21/2 months ago. We are going through the empty nest syndrome, and honestly it has not been easy. I have to start journaling my feelings and also God’s response to my prayers.
    Thank you again,
    Blessings Anna

  46. Carol Elburg says

    I heard your devotional today on k-love and it ministered to me during a very difficult time during my work day today.

  47. AMANDA says

    My heart was saddened when I read your devotion today due only to the fact that I can so wholeheartedly relate! Truly my heart desires nothing but to seek and serve Our Savior but amidst being mother, wife, woman, employee, sister and daughter I find myself loosing out on time being daughter of the King! It is such a hard thing to have a heart that seeks to serve my King and a life that beccons my time and attention be on things of this earth.

  48. Anne Lewis says

    Thank you so much for your devotional and blog post. Satan certainly tries to use busyness to keep us from connecting with God fully.

  49. Naomi says

    This really hit home for me. My desire is to live for God and walk with him each day but my reality is I let the business of life come first and it overwhelms me. I feel too busy and hectic to sit down and spend that time with God, forgetting that I would actually be more peaceful if I did take the time. Thank you for the reminder!

  50. Lisa Richardson says

    Micca, thank you for your words today, this totally hits me in my heart. I have been struggling with selfishness and busyness and not putting God first. I want to put God first everyday, but I get up with good intentions, then I find myself playing on the phone, cleaning, or even taking a nap. I talk to God everyday, short little prayers. I desire a deep relationship with Him, I want to feel His presence in my life, I want others to see Him through me. I want to be the daughter of the King, the wife, the mother, and friend that He created me to be.

    I just don’t know how to get there. I sometimes feel like I am waiting for God to hit me on the head and tell me what to do. I can follow directions, but I am not so good at searching my heart to find out why I am the way I am. God has moved me and molded me so much over this last few years, but this lesson I keep failing. Some days I get an A, most days it’s a C.

    I can’t wait to start reading your blog, thank you for you love and inspiration.

  51. karen miller says

    I am still learning how wonderful it is to read the word every morning. I feel so blessed when I do this every day! I love going to God every day!

  52. Heather says

    So thankful that He is always there, even in the deserts so life.
    “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirst for you in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”

  53. Juanita says

    I always enjoy receiving your posts in my inbox. Filled with insight and honesty. Thank you for being an amazing person and sharing your journey. I know I always struggle with finding time to be with God. I desire those long periods of aah ha moments that sometimes I don’t take time for the little moments too. Thank you and God bless!!

  54. Trudy Mintun says

    I have trying lately to know how to really get to know God. I have been wondering how do I do this. What do I pray. Your post today has gone along way to showing and telling me what I need to do. Thank you somuch.

  55. Courtney J says

    Thank you for sharing, Micca. I am finding it so hard to spend time with God right now. Due to life changes, I am working two jobs and sleeping when I can! My prayer life consist of reading my devotionals when I first get to work, praying in the car while listening to praise and worship music, and attending Sunday service. But I want to do so much more because He does above and beyond for me. I think the journal is a great way to start. It will help me to set a time, be intentional, and more accountable of my time with God.

  56. Tonya says

    Thank you so much for your devotional today! God knows what I need when I need it. This spoke loudly to me. I need to seek God more everyday. Like you said, 15 minutes a day won’t help me to know God more personally. Thanks again for your ministry! God Bless!

  57. Jeanie Benson says

    Thank you so much for the devotion yesterday on Proverbs 31. I have to admit I did not read till today and I was convicted. I have let life take over and take my time from God away. With sickness, death, games, school, life, etc, I have our God in the back burner and more than ever I need Him NOW.

    Thank you for helping me remember what is FIRST, HIM.

  58. BreAnne says

    Thank you for your post today… I recently found your blog and I feel I’ll be coming back again and again. Your words are honest, to the point and God-filled. Thank you.

  59. Sarah Steele says

    The verse from the Proverbs 31 email yesterday really struck a cord in me. How amazing to get to that place in your life where you desire nothing more on this earth than God.

  60. says

    I wrote out a prayer at the beginning of this year, telling God I desired more of Him and how I longed to put Him first in my life through prayer and Bible study, but that I let the world distract me. Well, He answered that prayer by allowing a scary, chronic illness to stricken me just weeks after that prayer. I had no idea what it would take to get me on my knees and into hours of prayer & Bible study at His feet daily, but He knew. If He had told me that was the only way, I would have been too scared to face it. I can honestly say that it was the best thing He could do for me. I have gone through so much spiritual healing, it has been amazing. Although I long for the day He heals me physically, I am thankful for how much closer I’ve grown to Him and I never want it to end. So, I still desire more and more of Him and would love a journal to keep track of this journey. God bless!

  61. Mary T says

    Micca, I loved your P31 devotion “are you devoted to God?” So much that I journaled it yesterday morning…to start my quiet time. I am blessed to have at least an hour of quiet time with God each morning. It wasn’t always this way and I was reminded of how challenging this can be when my daughter was in Washington and I was left in charge…lol! Of my two grandsons, one of whom is medically fragile requiring 24 hour care. I needed to be “on” all the time and still get to work in my special education classroom. I even made arrangements for a nurse to come and help. I rose early enough and with coffee, Bible and devotional in hand settled in but divine interruptions of life with little ones soon took over! I pray for all young women of faith that desire to be devoted to a God that loves each of us even for trying! God bless you for encouraging and inspiring each one of us to make time for our relationship with the best friend we will ever have!

  62. Kelly says

    I’m ashamed of my fickle heart that one day can spend a couple hours with the Lord and His word and the next day only allow a few minutes time with Him. Asking for a hunger and thirst for more of Him and not allowing guilt to rule and create even more of a distance in our relationship.

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