November 5, 2010


A Hope To Hold On To

Many today have lost hope, but the God of all hope has not lost us. Whether turbulent times are brought on by an unexpected illness, a strained marriage, a bad choice or some other challenge, this message is designed to point audiences to the one thing they always need — a living hope found only in Jesus Christ. In this conference, Micca will help you:

  • Discover that hope isn’t just for the next life but for the now life
  • Learn to recognize Gods provision and increase your state of stability
  • Relocate your joy by setting godly priorities that will simply your life
  • Gain confidence in the character of God and transcend your attitude of success

Cultivate A Heart Of Contentment

Most people live under the illusion that acceptance among peers, a higher position, or riches galore are what make a person complete and deliriously happy. Yet, true satisfaction is found in the wealth of who God is and the riches He graciously lavishes upon us. Learn from the only One who can satisfy your deepest longing how to be content with who you are, what you have and in any circumstance. Micca helps audiences…

  • Gain a deeper reality of the peace you’ve been missing
  • Discover there’s no greater place to be than where God has you
  • Identify peace as the Presence of God not the absence of pressure
  • Learn to enjoy the present instead of worrying about the future
  • Experience lasting contentment by depending on God for your present and future needs

Finding A Faith Stronger Than All My Fear (Micca’s Book, An Untroubled Heart)

Today’s world is anything but secure. Because life is so unpredictable, fear and anxiety can become a daily reality. In this conference, discover how to live worry-free as Micca explores the anxieties of every woman’s heart. Micca is the go to girl who will help you…

  • Live carefree in the care of your Heavenly Father
  • Develop a faith that is stronger than your fears
  • Balance pressure and stress without giving way to anxiety
  • Recognize the presence of God guiding your life
  • Overcome fears of betrayal, loneliness, rejection, and the unknown
  • Live a life marked by joy, peace, adventure, and courage

Genuine Faith

Like faith, not all chocolates are alike. Some chocolates are labeled, “Genuine Artificial Chocolate.” Do you ever feel like your faith has become genuinely artificial? Have you fallen for the lie that dead faith is real faith stuck in a rut? Why settle for artificial faith, or artificial chocolate, when you can have the real thing. In this transforming conference, you’ll discover a dynamic faith that comes only through a life abandoned to God. Micca will also help you…

  • Learn to trust God in the face of any challenge.
  • Experience a calm assurance that God will heal your hurts.
  • Replace doubt with a life marked by faith, peace and joy.
  • Reduce the pain of trials by understanding their purpose.
  • Stop struggling to live for God and allow Him to live through you.

Learning to Trust, Again (Keynote only or can be included in any conference)

At the age of 21, Micca Campbell experienced her greatest fear when she lost her husband in a tragic explosion. Caring for her infant son alone left Micca confused and crushed by grief. Growing up in church, Micca was taught to trust in God’s care. Now, she found herself questioning God, “Why have you broken your promise? Like Micca, many women question God’s claim to be our provider and protector. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, nearly 40 million American’s suffer with hopelessness due to false impressions about God in troublesome times. Does this mean God has closed the door on His promises? Micca’s view of God took a radical turn when she learned how to trust, again. Micca longs to help you…

  • Walk in confidence that God is on your side.
  • Learn to trust God for things unseen as if you already have them.
  • Gain strength and stability as you lean on God’s support.
  • Remove walls of resistance to deepen your relationship with God.
  • Easy the pain of your past by inviting God into your present

Removing the Mask! Free To Be You

Do you sometimes wear more than one mask at a time? Does your desire to fit in have you constantly changing masks for every occasion? Micca has good news. God never called you to fit in but to stand out through your own unique personality and talents. Stop the masquerade. It’s time to remove the mask and embrace a life of freedom! Micca will help you to:

  • Recognize that God sees behind your mask and loves you anyway
  • Come to grips with past hurts and embrace your future with confidence
  • Gain a deeper relationship with God and others by embracing your value
  • Discover God’s recipe for relationships and build intimate life-long friendships

Tidings of Great Joy (Christmas topic)

Lasting joy isn’t connected to our circumstances. Just ask Mary, a young, unwed soon to be mother who discovers true joy is connected to Christ alone. It’s true. Life isn’t always good. But God is and we shouldn’t confuse the two. That’s the message of Christmas. No matter what we face on earth, we can rejoice for Christ has overcome the world! In this message, Micca will help you…

  • Exchange your hum-bug attitude for true Christmas joy
  • Reduce your outside pressures by drawing near to the Prince of Peace
  • Recognize that God is for you and gain a new level of trust
  • Learn to maintain your joy in any circumstance
  • Change your misfortune through a life abandon to God’s plan

What others are saying about Micca…

“Micca Campbell’s story is one that should be heard by all. She has faced every woman’s greatest fears, dealt with them in a real and honest way, and found the peace that can only come from a sweet relationship with Jesus. I give Micca my highest recommendation as a speaker, teacher, and leader in ministry. She is not only an amazing communicator but also a dear personal friend.” — Lysa TerKeurst, speaker, author, and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Charlotte, NC (2006)

“Micca is a wonderfully gifted woman who has a passion to speak for the Lord. I am convinced that she has a call of God upon her life. She is a blessings to me and to this fellowship. However, I believe she is an even greater blessing to the kingdom of God.” — Pastor James R. Moore

“Dear Micca, Thank you so much for sharing your story on ‘Water Through the Word’ Radio! It is so inspiring to see what God is accomplishing through you and your powerful ministry. I love your boldness and confidence in Christ. We will re-broadcast your show many more times locally, regionally, nationally and internationally reaching Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East, Israel and Australia. Your voice will be heard by over 4 billion people who are searching for truth. We so believe in you and your ministry that we want to promote you as much as possible! You are loved.” — Erin Campbell, Water through the Word Radio, Cincinnati, OH (2007)

“One word describes Micca — Memorable! Micca’s passion, for Jesus and His ability to heal hurting lives, breathes new life into every listener. She captivates the audience with her ability to weave deep truths together with humor. Micca’s message will change your life. I know she changed mine!” — Susanne Scheppmann, Author & Speaker Las Vegas, NV. (Conference 2006)

“Micca Campbell’s messages on genuine faith spoke to me deeply in regard to how I respond to adversity in my life. She speaks with great clarity, compassion and enthusiasm, using humor and applications from her own walk of faith. I feel that she truly speaks from the heart and has a genuine desire to honor our Lord and Savior.” — Brenda Lewis Christ Independent Methodist Church, Palatka, Florida (Women’s Conference)

“Dear Micca: I am so touched, to the point of tears, as I write this to you, to tell you how much your insights have touched my heart and my spirit. How much it means to read your story and know that someone else knows pain like I do. You offer such hope. I now believe I can make it. Thank you for your obedience to God.” — Kathy Rosen, (Conference participant)

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