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Mar 16


Hi, ya’ll!  As soon as I open my mouth….even blog-style…it’s obvious that I’m a Southern belle!  Raised in a small South Georgia town called Wray, I live on the family farm with my boyfriend of 45 years and my husband of almost 40 years.  (I heard that gasp! Relax!! It’s just one guy…Patrick Mitchell Ashley!  He’s my best friend, father of our three children, Papa to our six grandjoys and my biggest cheerleader!)

I taught school and served as school counselor for many years…which I loved and considered my “ministry” at that point in my life.  About five years ago, I felt a strong leading to retire from the public school system and begin a ministry called “JoyJoy Ministries”.  I like to say that I’m not “retired”….I’m “reFIRED” with a passion for sharing a double portion of the JOY of the Lord with anyone who will listen! Thus, the name “JoyJoy.”

Through JoyJoy Ministries God has opened doors of opportunity for me to do what I love to do….TALK (especially about Jesus!)  I speak at women’s conferences/events, banquets, club meetings, Bible studies, etc.  However, God has shown me that we ALL have a daily ministry “along the way” of life.  Sometimes our ministry (yours and mine) is attending to our families’ needs; other times, it’s visiting those in the hospital or taking a meal to a new mommy.  It may be accompanying a friend to chemo treatments or playing with a child who just needs some undivided attention.  All of those things are opportunities to share the JOY of Jesus…and it bounces right back on you!

A couple of years ago, God teamed me with two precious young ladies who love the Lord.  Amanda Hayes (God’s Truth in Love Ministries), Tammy Arant (Tammy Arant Music) and I were invited to lead a women’s conference near Savannah, GA.  Since that time, we have been delighted that God brought us together to form “Team RADIATE”! We are three women in three different stages of life and with three different sets of “giftings”:

  • Amanda (in her 30’s) is a mother of three, pastor’s wife, writer/speaker and college student.
  • Tammy (in her 40’s) is married with a little girl, singer, songwriter, and has produced a CD, “Life Goes On” with a second one in the planning stages.
  • THEN THERE IS GRANDMA!  Or “GiGi” as our grandjoys call me…and I’m 59!  I love, love, love this stage of life! God has given me my heart’s desire and I’ve published two books on Biblical joy! Wooohooo! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Please allow God to use YOU…no matter whether you are young, “mature” or somewhere in between.  You were created for a special purpose. It is in fulfilling that purpose that you will find your “double portion” of HIS JOY!

Visit Joyce on Facebook at:

JoyJoy Ministries


Joyce Ashley

Joyce’s books may be found on,, or

Joy Juice: Delightful Flavors of JOY in the Lord

Abundant JOY JUICE: Squeezed from God’s Word

Don’t you feel more joyful just visiting with Joyce?!! She’s a precious woman of God and I’m honored to have her post on my blog today. Be sure and check our her blog and site! You’ll be glad you did. Also, if you need a splash of joy in your everyday life, then Joyce’s books, were written for YOU!

Thank you, Joyce for splashing us with joy today!

Wishing each of you a blessed weekend!


  1. Michele says

    Hey, I’ve heard you on the radio WAFT out of Valdosta, GA! I love listening to you! I love how you say not retired, but reFired! Thanks for sharing with us today. I’ve never looked at your blog, but I’m on my way there!
    Blessings from another Small town S. GA girl!

    • Joyce Ashley says

      Hey, Jill! Your post made me smile! Yes, we do have lots of sweet “SHE SPEAKS” memories! Maybe we will be able to be together again……soon! Love and hugs to you and your precious family! JOYce

  2. says

    Enjoyed your letter… I’ve said so much lately that I am so happy in the stage of my life… 65 and really knowing Jesus in a greater and fresher way almost everyday just gets better.. Been born again 34 years!!!! Enjoy reading and hearing so many women that have Jesus in their life’s and sharing their testimonies, so encouraging!!! Everyone has a Story, love it!! Much love and blessings to you all, keep the Faith and continue your call…Dana

    • Joyce Ashley says

      Dana, so thankful to hear from a sweet sister who has the same passion for sharing the JOY of the Lord with others. How true that EVERYONE has a story and each of us has a ministry! Let’s keep singing His praises…….FOREVER!
      JOYfully His, JOYce

      • says

        Would you please come into agreement with me about a prayer request???? I wrote a book called “Forsaken but not Forgotten”! I gave it to a publisher and paid for it. So disappointed with it!! He put it in an ebook under my name, Joyce no one knows who I am! It’s going no where…. Great story about being left at hospital when I was born then kidnappped at 5 yrs old, hidden for 5 yrs being molested….there’s so much to this that I know you don’t have time to read, but my born again experience is BEAUTIFUL!! Was on the 700 club with the story.. It’s such a healing story to the wounded and brokenhearted!! I pray this story can get out to be read…. Thank you for your Godly advice to me, Dana

        • Joyce Ashley says

          Yes, sweet sister, Dana! I will pray with you. God has a plan….”a plan to prosper you, not to harm you; a plan to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.”
          Though we may not understand what’s going on with the book right now, we will claim His promises and BELIEVE that He will bless you and grant your heart’s desire! WE SERVE AN AWESOME GOD….and with HIM anything is possible! Don’t give up!!!

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