Where There is God There is Hope

Mar 14

Are you in need of hope? If so, click here to read my devotion, A Hope To Hold on To.

If you came here after reading my devotion, I realized there’s a good chance you are feeling hopeless. Maybe you’ve misplaced your hope. Maybe you’ve put your hope in your career, your children, your spouse, or position, financial security, or materialism. You’ve discovered as I have that misplaced hope disappoints. The good news is hope in God doesn’t disappoint. You see, where there is God there is hope.

You and I have this hope… God is committed to us. He’s committed in the hard times;

The sad times

The glad times

The painful times

In betrayal

In abuse

In addiction

In celebration

In loneliness

In brokenness

In darkness

In light

In love

In fear

In doubt

In faith

And In failure

God is committed to us. Our dreadful times are nothing new. They haven’t caught God off guard. Whatever you’re facing God is aware of. He knows your pressures and your stress. More so, God is working behinds the scene for your good. And God never fails.

As I look back, I have come to realize that despite my past downfalls, I made it. I still achieve great things. Whenever my faith was stretched beyond what I thought I could bare, I found renewed strength in God’s provision. And today, I’m learning not to live in despair but in expectancy of what God can do in any situation. Doing so keeps my adversity from shrinking me faith and killing my hope. Instead, it expands it because I know God is sovereign over all. He’s in control. He’s got my back. And He has my best interest at heart.

Where there is God there is hope.

What about you? Will you choose to acknowledge God’s presence and awareness of your situation? Will you put your hope in Him to accomplish what’s best? If so, your hopelessness will give way to hope for today as you live in the light of His presence.

That’s not all. Joy also is a great antidote for hopelessness. This Friday, my dear friend Joyce Ashley will be posting on my blog. Joyce exudes joy and you can’t help but get splashed with joy whenever she’s around. She is going to bless your heart in a huge way. Be sure to stop by and visit with Joyce on Friday!

Also, if your world is uncertain and you find yourself filled with fear and a troubled heart, then join Melissa Taylor in her online study of my book, An Untroubled Heart… and find a faith stronger than all your fear. The study begins March 25. To sign up, click here Melissa’s blog.

Today, by leaving a comment, you can enter to win a copy of my book!

May the hope that’s found in Christ alone be yours today


  1. Karen Boyd says

    Thank you so much for this message! It is one that I really needed to hear right now! The very fact that I read it today gives me hope that God IS right here with me and knows what I need.

  2. Lori Ann says

    This devotion today was a reinforcement of my pastor’s past two Sunday messages. He used John 16:33 as his base for a two part sermon, “When Life Doesn’t Make Sense”. I, too, have had my share of “trouble”. I once sat down and listed the things that have affected my life and my choices. At first, I was overwhelmed by this list, but as I began to look at it differently, look at those things as learning experiences that have brought me where I am today in Christ, it just makes “my story” so much more amazing!! . . . and still the list continues. . . I still have troubles (and am currently “growing” through one of the greatest of these). Because I have been know to be a “worry wart”, I have claimed Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own”. The Bible tells me right there that I will have trouble daily. I am also a planner, so if I simply plan that trouble will be there and trust it to my Saviour, I look at things in a new perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I need reminided of this often (sometimes daily) and occassionally I need a good swift “kick in the pants” to really get it. God is so patient with me and I am a work in progress. Praise His Name!

  3. Ashley says

    Beautiful reminder :) My husband and I are in the midst of trying to decide when and how to start the foster parenting process and then adoption. So many times it’s easy to look at our bank account and run away from what God has placed on our hearts…it’s then that we must put our trust in Him for His perfect timing and provision to see us through this process. thank you for this reminder!

  4. says

    I really needed this today. We are really in a hopeless situation at the moment and we do not know what to do. I find it hard to trust in God at the moment. I have to learn to wait on God’s answer.

  5. says

    Micca, I was a victim of Child abuse and incest and thought that I was so tough that I could move on from my past, pretend it never happened and be ok! I had to have a total knee replacement in August and recently became aware of what a maze my heart had become!! I have been living in fear that someone would try to “get” me and because of my knee and the other knee needing to be done that I couldn’t get away. My mind along with the influence of the deciever has been reeking havoc in my soul and I want to Thank you for the Encouragement of your devotions! I am beginning a new day with the hope of finding and keeping a faith that is stronger than my fears! Please pray for strength and wisdom for me!

  6. LRF says

    I had commented on a devotion by Suzie Eller (last week) that really caught my attention & that was totally a God thing. Today, I can honestly say that God has answered some of the prayers in the hard situation we (my family) are in. I also can say that once again God has led me to P31 & a devotion that really spoke to me. I do have hope in God but sometimes I lose sight of that b/c of all the trouble going on. I memorized John 16:33 the verse you quoted in your devotion & I really feel spiritually better now that I have had this time with Jesus.
    Thank you for your devotion today, & thank you so much to P31 & all the ladies who write devotions that speak so clearly to my heart-it’s like God is saying, look here, read this & then I do I hear His voice & feel His arms around me despite the feeling that I might cry & despite the pain my heart feels! Amazing God & so blessed that I can read P31 devotions!!!

    May God bless you & P31. Also, thank you for such a wonderful give away. I think I need to purchase your book if I don’t win it-sounds very relevant!!!

  7. Michele says

    It is so easy to take our eyes off the LORD and put them on our circumstances. I want to keep my eyes on Jesus, so that no matter what comes my way I can have hope! Thanks so much for this very timely reminder that God is always there no matter what our circumstances look like.

  8. Suzie says

    So thankful that God is my hope in difficult circumstances. I’ve seen God’s hand in the midst of our my husband’s unemployment, and I know the Lord will continue to carry us through. Micca, I so understand “that worry-some look” of a husband when job situations are unpredictable and things look bleak. However, God’s Word is never-failing, never-ending and always encouraging! God knows the outcome and WE HAVE HOPE!
    Thank you for your encouraging words today, Micca! You rock, girlfriend! 😉

  9. Rosetta says

    I enjoyed your devotional today, it really struck home. I am very thankful that I keep asking God for guidance on how to overcome fear and base everything on faith and I found your book and the online bible study with Melissa.


  10. Ericka says

    Thanks so much for your encouragement. I was just sitting last night reading Psalms 42:11 asking God to give me peace in my time of need. I feel that I am going through a storm and everything happens at one time but I know that through Christ all things are possible and I just need to focus on him and not the storm. I need to put my faith in him completely and let him guide me out. I will be praying for all of us and our outcomes. Thanks so much for keeping me on track.

  11. Sheila says

    This morning, as I was praying, I asked the Lord to truly guide my time with him. That I wouldn’t seek His hand or His help but truly just seek Him. I asked Him to open my heart and mind to what He might say to me. First I began by worshiping him with Jeremy Camp’s song “Overcome.” Just focusing on Him and what He has accomplished through the cross. He is so awesome! And then I read your devotional. Sure enough, there it was, John 16:33 “I have overcome the world.” The conviction set in as you talked about “desiring a life unmarked by pain and problems. God never promised we’d be happy and healthy.” I realize that this is what I have been struggling with. I have a health issue right now that is just not being resolved, my husband’s job is stressing him and me out to the max, finances always tight. I find myself constantly asking “When will things get easier? Will we ever have a break?” I need to let go of these thoughts, and as you said “Trust Him in the midst of adverse circumstances, and we will not be disappointed.” He is so worthy of that trust. So thankful for a God that reaches out and speaks directly to my troubled heart! Thanks for the devotional!

  12. Alexis says

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. This is a truth about God that we all know but definitely need a reminder of….often. We get caught up in everyday life and seem to misplace our hope and even devotion at times. Thanks again for the reminder!!

  13. TAMMY says

    Thank you for a wonderful devotion. I have been really struggling with peace and feel so distant from God. I know He’s there, but I just feel disconnected from everything. Our pastor was preaching on faith a couple Sundays ago and he said that there would be times we didn’t “feel” close to God, but we should never go on our feelings, but faith. I understand that, but it is still so hard when every day is a struggle. I desire your prayers and would love to have your book! God bless you!

  14. Carol says

    Thank you for all that you do. I had struggled without hope for many years and finally found my way back to the Lord. Even though I know He is there no matter what, I still find myself struggling. I am very physically active and for the past couple of years have gone from injury to injury. Just like now, I had been struggling with my back since last July, it has been better the past few weeks and I had actually completed a full week of my workout schedule. Now, I have torn something in my shoulder and I am feeling that hopelessness wanting to take over. I am fighting to get through this but I don’t understand why I have to hurt all the time.

  15. Elaine Woodlief says

    I’m not God. That should be obvious. Really now, can I make a mountain or a bird or a tree that grows this wonderful bean called coffee that I am enjoying as I type?
    I’m a “fixer” if I don’t watch it. Hey, I’m a woman. More base than that, I’m human with a two or three pound brain. And to have the audacity to play God.
    As the country song goes, “What Was I Thinking?”
    Lived a little while. I’m 61 today.
    And if I have learned anything, God is in charge. Now, you may say, this is a “cop out” attitude. Not really. Our loving heavenly Father knows that we are human. He made us. He should know. Better than that, as stated in his wonderful matchless Word, the Bible, he knew we would be his kids way back before the foundation of the Earth. Wow, what an awesome privilege. No words to even describe how much love he has for those of us believers.

    Worry, who needs. Doesn’t help. Please let me know if you find that any where in the greatest book of all time.
    Getting back to my “plight “.
    Have I reached where I want to be when it comes to being,”Miss Fixit”?
    Heck no. But I have a Father who is very patient. So think I’ll go get another cup of one of those miracles.
    Stress less. We got a Big God.

  16. Cynthia Lewis says

    I was reading the Encouragement for Today Devotional, I very rarely go and look up any of the contacts listed. I decided to be curious, and find your message encouraging and have joined Melissa’s Blog. I am a worrier and am trying to learn to live and let God. I find myself learning how destructive this learned behavior is and how difficult it is to change, but God is teaching me to move and give it to Him and leave it there!

  17. Dora says

    I cant wait to be part of this book study. I have struggled with fear my whole life and I am SO sick and tired of it! I want to grow in an intimate relationship with God and trust Him the way He loves me — unconditionally. I pray and declare that this book study will bring all all those who read it an I complete deliverance and a complete relationship with our Lord and Savior! God bless!

  18. Jen Burger says

    I found your blog through the devotions site this morning. It felt like it was written specifically for me. It’s funny how God brings things to us at exactly the right time. I’ve signed up for the Bible study and I can’t wait to get started!
    Thank you for sharing your message!

  19. Kristina Dignan says

    You have an amazing way with words. Thank you for listening for His words to share with us! His timing is always perfect. I’m so thankful that I have a hope that so many others do not. Have a blessed day!

  20. says

    I loved the line about God’s being there “in addiction”… I am really struggling with a food addiction right now and needed to know that He is here with me through it. I would LOVE to win a copy of your book!!!!

  21. Kathy says

    God is always with us no matter how much we ignore or forget about His working in our lives. I am filled with hope that does not disappoint when I focus on God, looking to Jesus who fills my spirit with joy and hope. May God continue to use you and your words to remind me of the glorious truth of God’s presence despite my difficult circumstances.

  22. Holly says

    Thanks for the reminder about hope. Seems like God is speaking to me in many ways trying to get me to really believe deep down that He is always there, He knows and through Him there is always HOPE even when it seems impossible. Just because I can’t see the dawn & what it will bring, I can know that is is coming. The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

  23. Adriana Urbanczyk says

    An Untroubled heart? I used to think that was only possible in heaven, but as your words put it in perspective so well Micca, untroubled doesn’t mean we are immune to trouble in our lives…no, trouble will be with us throughout our lives, but who we look to and who we put our hope in while in the midst of those troubles…therein lies the the source of an untroubled heart.

  24. Patricia says

    If there ever was a time I needed a word from the Lord today was it. Your devotion today almost parallels our life. God used you in a mighty way today to put my eyes back where they belong, on Him and no one else, not the bills, that are piling up, not the phone calls that threaten to take our home, “even if my circumstances don’t change, I will trust you to fill me with your peace”……I will be praying this prayer and claiming Habakkuk 3:17-19. My hope in Him is all that matters. Thank You

  25. Sandy C. says

    Thank you so much!! Your words touched my heart and spoke the words that I needed to hear today…God bless you!

  26. says

    Hi Micca, thank you so much for today’s devotional. It is hard at times to not feel hopeless when things in this world are not joyful, but are mean, or cold hearted. It can be difficult to overcome one’s fears and sadness.

    I’ve been through so much in my life and at times wishing I was just with Jesus so I wouldn’t have to go through more pain or seeing how some people just love to be mean and cause sadness or seeing homeless people and just wishing how no one would be homeless–every person having a home and being loved. This world is a hard place. I do have a wonderful man that God’s sent my way and I’m so happy. I still hear of others going through pain and it’s painful for me too…thanks for today’s devotional and for what your book covers. I wanted to get it at my nearby Berean’s bookstore but they were sold out it looked like.
    Take care

  27. bettina says

    So excited about this blog which I happened to come across by chance. I’ve been struggling with depression and worry for the last two months. I’ve contemplated calling my doctor to start taking anti depressants. I need this study. I’m praying for a friend, for some encouragement.

  28. Arlene says

    I really needed this today. I am waiting to hear if my friend has lost her house with the knowledge that we aren’t far behind her. We have found that we cannot trust in our economy and we are learning to trust in God’s. Your devotional today made me realize that this is not just a handful of folks in one locality being affected by the economic woes of our world. We have so much here in America and even though we don’t have as much as the proverbial Jones-es we are so blessed to be here and now. I am learning to give God glory even through our lack. Somehow, with God less is more. Go figure:)

  29. Helen says

    It is my desire to find faith that is stronger than my fears. Micca sharing remarkable insights for finding freedom from fear in the book from her life experiences and explore anxieties of the heart from insecurities would be beneficial in discovering God’s remedy for my paralyzing fears. Winning the book would be a blessing!

  30. Andrea says

    Great message that I shared with my husband. We’ve both been hoping to be in a different place in our lives by now, but it’s increasingly obvious to me we are right where God wants us to be. Instead of hoping for less stress in my life I am hoping for a closer relationship with God.

  31. Kim says

    Hope..without this word and feeling in my life I would be lost. I am living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have days when I feel like I will never get better, but then I place my hope in a God who is bigger than this illness. I do have days when I am overwhelmed with fatigue and depression and feel like giving up, but God never gives up on us, even when we feel like giving up on ourselves. My hope is in you Lord, all the day long! I love this song by Aaron Shust. Hope is the belief in things not seen..So all I can do is keep hoping and trusting God!

  32. Annette says

    God is my exceeding joy.Through the circumstances I have been going through I have found that when I trust in Jesus and turn my heart and face to Him in this place of surrender.I find that He turns my tears of sadness and sorrow into tears of exceeding joy and I can trust Him even if my circustances have not changed my heart has.

  33. Jenn says

    Great blog and message on HOPE!! Your book and the study will be so helpful to so many, there are so many lost people and only if they had hope and faith what a blessing they would see there life is. Looking forward to reading your book!

  34. Kathie says

    I so needed to hear this today. “We experience deliverance from hopelessness by remembering Christ’s counsel. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33 NIV 1984). Jesus is saying that financial trouble will come, health will falter, children may rebel, and loved ones will die … but He has overcome it all. Christ is bigger than any trouble you and I face.” We are in of finances, my oldest child has walked away, we have health problems and today I leave for home to bury my Dad. I need to remember that my HOPE is not in things but in our Lord!! Sometimes with the twists and turns of life we forget where our Hope lies. Thank you Lord for your word through Micca. I will walk better today knowing that you Loved me so much you sent this word to me just when I needed it.

  35. Carrie says

    What an inspiring message. One that I have to remember on a daily basis. I am really looking forward in reading your book.

  36. Peggy says

    Every since I gave myself to the Lord it seems that all sorts of trouble has come but thank goodness that Christ is bigger than any trouble I face. He truly does give me PEACE in the midst of it all. God’s not dead, He’s surely alive. I am so thankful that He is living on the inside, roaring like a lion. He is where I put my HOPE because I learned along time ago that people, things, and position will ALWAYS let us down. Thank you for your ministry!

  37. Brooke says

    Thank you for this. It’s been a tough time in my household….my man is
    Looking for a job….work is stressful….I am hurting. Needed it
    Today. God bless you!!!!!

  38. Danielle says

    Hope in God’s Word and promises outweighs the biggest attacks from the enemy. I’m 25, blessed with a husband and 3 beautiful children. My husband has been battling an alcohol addiction for some time and is now in a 1 year program. his changes have been miraculous. He gave his life to the Lord. Our family dynamic has changed. We’re diligently making God a part of our lives. A few months ago, our plan was divorce. God’s Plan is better. Unfortunately, I’m undergoing testing now for health-related issues. Before finding His Hope , I would have been a wreck. But I now know who is in control and smile finding the treasure in my trials. Jeremiah 29:11

  39. Karen says

    Thank you Micca for sharing this encouraging msg. I most often think my hope is in the Lord but when I’m feeling dispair I have to re-evaluate. I’m seriously struggling in my job to the poInt I feel lIke a total failure and want to run. I can’t get anything accomplished. I believe God knows what’s going on and cares but it’s like he’s not helping me move through my personal barriers. It’s very frustrating. I’m asking for discernment; maybe he wants me to leave. Then if I did without knowing it was Gods leading I will feel like I’m just running away from my troubles. I want to be like David who faced his problems. It’s so challenging to “not” worry about our responsibilities and trust God in th midst. I know he loves me and is working in my heart. I just don’t see the change in how I face life. I will commit today to hope solely in God, his faithfulness and his plan for my life today.

  40. says

    I have spent much of my day today in frustrated tears. I have even been really angry at God. My hope has dwindled to almost nothing and I then heap guilt on top of everything else because I am feeling the way I feel. I would really like to be entered to win a copy of your book because it sounds like something I really need to read.

  41. Sarah says

    This was a wonderful devotional. I tend to be worried and fearful, and financial problems, church problems, and major health problems among other things threaten to overwhelm me. I will keep this with my Bible. Thank you!

  42. Keri Romani says

    This spoke to me. I am going through the fire in my marriage and health. I believe God
    used your words to remind me that He’s got my back. I am on day 1 of a 21 day fast with my church. Your words have given me hope to keep going and I know that transformation is right around the corner. Thank you so much!

  43. Karin Aiello says

    This message couldn’t have come at a more significant time for me. I have been struggling for the last 16 years, wrestling with God regarding the hope that He promises but that I never understood. Just this past week I had some major breakthroughs in my faith and my walk with God, culminating in me talking in front of my church tomorrow about where I’ve been and what God has done and is doing in my life to show His truth to me. Thank you for this devotional and as well, for the chance to win a copy of your book. I look forward to reading it either way. God bless!

  44. Celia B says

    Thanks so much for your words of hope and encouragement. It’s so easy to forget where to put our trust and our hope in today’s world. I’m looking forward to the study of your book. I think it will be very helpful to me. Have a blessed day!

  45. kimmie says

    Man…Perfect timing. I have been sick with some type of internal bleeding for over a year now. The doctors have not definite answer, and seem satisfied with watching my numbers bounce between infusions. Now the only plan is transfusions. I have SO many decisions to make that at 30 years old, and single, I never thought I would have to make alone. I know God is working in this, but there are times when things definitely feel hopeless. Money gets tight (hello…single teacher!), sickness intrudes on daily life, then my future hopes and desires are dashed by doctors…maybe no children, hard to “move up” at work because of illness…etc. There are days when it’s like, “Lord, I know You’ve got this…You are going to have to because I’m done”. I have experienced a peace that passes all understanding, and thank GOD for bringing me closer to Him through all of this. FEAR is CERTAINLY a daily struggle…but it’s one day at a time. I’m only 30…I’ve got many more trials ahead and MUST learn to let go and let GOD!

  46. Din T says

    What a perfect devotion. I read it Friday and again this morning. Our church is going through a very tough transition and so great to have the reminder that the hope we have in Christ is big enough to deal with a church full of imperfect people who trust in Him.

  47. Lynda says

    I so much needed that reminder today that there is hope in God – when work is hard and relationships at home are tense, and I feel like there’s nowhere left to turn, I just have to remember that God is always there for me, he knows how I’m feeling, how hopeless I feel, and he keeps sending along reminders that in him there is hope – I just need to turn my focus to him. Thanks Micca.

  48. Loretta says

    Thankyou for reminding me that God is beside me, even during the hard times. To put my hope in Him, not in people, position or things. I so needed to redirect my focus to what He is doing in me through all this. Thank you again.

  49. Michelle says

    Yes, my future is very uncertain and that might be an understatement. Only in His strength when I am weak, can I make it through. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have your book –

  50. says

    My husband and I have recently experienced the “hard times” when he lost his job. I thought my faith in our Lord was strong, but without my dear husband to remind me to turn it over to God, I would have been a worst wreak than I was!! Our first step was to really get closer to God as a couple, then after selling all our “toys”, i.e., Harley, trailer, hot tub, stuff we thought we HAD to have but obviously didn’t need, God was right there beside us, showing us the way to get through this tough time and we made it! After 2 years, my husband did get a job, we both are closer to God than ever before and for that it was all worth it. Thank you Micca for the reminder to always refly on God. He will never leave us. Bless You!

  51. Kristina Whitlow says

    I am going through something very BIG right now with my friend, Kristi. Her daughter has severe medical and extreme behavioral problems. Her other two have improved a lot in those two areas; but her daughter, Alexia (8), is not getting any better. She is actually getting worse! She throws tantrums constantly, manipulates, lies, cusses, breaks things, bites, and more. Kristi takes her to medical and behavioral classes; and believe me! she has tried EVERY SINGLE THING that she, doctors, parents, and mostly anyone can think of!!! Kristi is running out of hope, cause we can’t think of anything else to try. This is a great message, thank you Mrs. . Please Pray for Kristi, Alexia and I, just for any kind of help that will help Alexia. Thank you.

  52. Nicole Nelson says

    Thank you for encouragement through God’s Word! I am struggling with fear in many aspects of my life. I love the Lord and know in my head that this is not right but still I give into the fear. I’m looking foward to reading your book a untroubled heart. Thank you for the Truth and for your prayers!

  53. d says

    Even in the middle of a divorce I know God is healing other marriages – healing hearts and blessing millions – God deserves praises even when I hurt – If God can put flesh on very dry bones God can bring hope

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