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Jul 25

Do you struggle with fear? Do you desire a life marked by freedom, peace and joy? Of course you do. Words such as worry, fear, and anxiousness were never meant to be a part of your vocabulary, and yet, they are. You are not alone! Millions of people struggle with daily worry. The good news is…. God’s Word provides the remedy for finding a faith stronger than all your fear!!

I’m excited to announce that I will be leading an on-line bible study of my book, An Untroubled Heart… Finding a Faith Stronger Than All Your Fear!!

It will be a six-week study. We’ll take two chapters on a week. Each week, you will read your two chapters and then listen to a short vlog on my website! Now, I can’t do this alone. Well, I could but it wouldn’t be fare to you if I simply spoon-fed you. NO! God wants you to discover His truths and promises that will set you free! So I expect you to participate by leaving commits with your insights and questions and by praying for one another (me included!!)

When does it start: Aug 20th

Where do I sign up: On my blog! In the next few weeks, there will be a sign up list for the bible study. In the meantime, subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss and important information or when the list is ready to sign on!

What do I need: My book, An Untroubled Heart, and open heart, and expectation about what God will do!

You can purchase my book at Proverbs 31 Store or on Amazon 

A peek inside my book:

Today’s World is anything but secure. We live in unstable times filled with conflict, economic uncertainties and moral collapse. Because life is so unpredictable, fear and anxiety can become a daily reality.

Micca Campbell knows all too well the unpredictable nature of life. After the loss of her husband, Micca feared for her life and the life of her son. Yet in her darkest hour, God began to teach her the remedy for our deepest fears.

Join Micca as she presents a guide for living a care-free, worry-free life. You’ll be encouraged to lay down your worries, trust in your heavenly Father, and embrace a life marked by peace and joy.

I’m so excited about our journey toward freedom!! Can’t wait to begin!


  1. says

    Well, while at the conference- I purchased your book, God has challenged me to see him more clearly and I am needing to think outside my box…it seems a perfect time to try an online study. Sign me up!

  2. says

    Very excited about this study .. its coming purposely & right in God’s timing for me. I am also a widowed soul.. remarried now yet very full of panic, anxietys and fears from Suicide Loss and chaos atm (Moving yet AGAIN ughhhh) So I’m pretty READY for closure, healing, and continued restoration! Thank you Micca for doing this study!

    • Micca says

      So sorry to hear about your loss, Mary. But God is already at work in our life–a new husband. I know He can heal your hurts. Glad you’ll be joining us.

  3. Tracy Goldman says

    I have read your story Micca as well as your “snippets” of encouragement from Proverbs 31 ministries/ur website. I’m looking forward to reading your book & following along in the bible study. Your work & heartfelt words are a true blessing to me. I lost three family members in 2010–a young brother to suicide in Feb., my biological father in April & my stepfather in June. I was terrified for August to arrive because of the pattern. This experience has me dealing with fear daily on many levels & parts of my life.. I am trusting the Lord to do a new work in molding me as He desires & plans for my life. Thanks so much for sharing as God leads you in this journey.

  4. Tina Holden says

    I ordered your book yesterday for the bible study. Please sign me up. I’m looking forward to this bible study and how it will help me in my daily life.

  5. Lamina Schultz says

    Ya! I’m so excited! I signed up for the last one but my book came at the very end so I didn’t. Get to read along with everyone. So when I saw the email this morning about it, oh, I was so happy!!! Count me in! I love you Ladies for all these heart felt, down to earth, Jesus Girl friendships, and these books blow me away with the stories, scriptures, how~to’s, I love these opportunities to read along and P31! I don’t know what I would do with out such a blessed group of women opening up and just sharing the love. I’m truly super duper excited! CYBER HUGS

    • Kristi Seat says

      You have been such a blessing in our small groups with Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies. I’m so glad that you will be able to participate in this study. You will be blessed beyond belief. God uses Micca’s story and her words to change your perspective about fear. So freeing! Love you girl!

  6. Holly says

    This sounds like something I would definitely benefit from. Will have to see if I can come up with the money to buy the book.

  7. Bee Lane says

    I’d like to sign up for the study, too. In the grip of fear, anxiety and depression due to health issues and would sure like to break it. Is this all I need to do or will there be another sign up. I’ve signed up for email updates already. Thank you for doing this.

    • Kristi Seat says

      Girl. You will be blessed by this book! God speaks through Micca on each page as she breaks down those strongholds within us. Although there will always be an undercurrent of worry, anxiety, fear that the devil tries to use to distract us, you will learn how to bypass the devil and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Faith and fear-such powerful opponents. I pray that you will be as touched by “An Untroubled Heart” as I was. Blessings.

  8. Dora Garza says

    I did the untroubled heart book study with Melissa Taylor, but enjoyed it so much and have so much more to work on with fear, that I would love to participate again. How do I get started?!

    • Micca says


      So glad you’re retaking the study! I know Melissa did an amazing job, but sometimes we just need a refresher! Study begins Aug 20th. Watch for updates!

  9. Paula Born says

    Hi Micca….I started your book with Melissa’s study but am sorry to say i didn’t follow thru and finish. I know this is what God wants me to do and now I have another chance…thank you so much for starting the study again..
    Looking forward to digging in with you and everyone .

  10. Kristi Seat says


    I am so excited that you are planning on studying this book. God used your words so mightily in my life as well as so many ladies who participated through Melissa Taylor’s study. I can’t wait to see God work again. Your book has been such a blessing to me since fear ruled my life for so long. Yet, when you discover that God will always meet us at the bottom, we don’t have to fear anymore. My faith has grown so much from reading your book and I want to thank you again for following God’s call on your heart. I know God will move through you.


    • Micca says

      Thank you, Kristi, for sharing such kind words about my book and study. I’m so encouraged at how God used my words to bless you and build a stronger faith in God.
      I praise Him today for the testimony of life change in your life!!

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