Thank you, Mom

Apr 22

My mother isn’t perfect but she is the perfect mother for me. She has all the qualities of a good mom. I confess I didn’t always see these characteristics or appreciate them until I became a mother. It was then I understood a mother’s love for her children, her sacrifice, her pain and her joy.

I’ve learned much from my mother that I’d like to share with you.

My mom is faithful to care for a scraped knee, wipe away my tears and help mend my broken heart.

My mom sacrifices in immeasurable ways so that she can give to me.

My mom has loved me even when I have hurt her or neglected her.

She will take a bullet, catch a hand grenade, step in front of a train and ask God to take her instead of one of her kids.

She has supported and believed in my dreams no matter how far “out there” they may be.

My mom is a loyal defense. She never bales. She stays and defends me when the world is attacking.

She always goes the extra mile; making cupcakes for school, leaving work when I was sick, staying to help wash the dishes when I invited her to dinner.

Even thought I’ve flown the nest, her love and support continues each and every day.

Most important of all, my mother took me to church. She kept inviting me to bible study. She shared God’s Word whenever I had a problem. Her faith and love for God’s Word made a huge impact on my life. It prepared me to live out my calling; to be the mom and wife God commands me to be; and to develop a faith that trusts God in all things.

In other words, my mom gave me life– twice. She gave me physical life and eternal life. I am forever grateful!

Thank you, mom. I love and appreciate you beyond measure!

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  1. Mary T says

    Micca I loved your post! Your mom sounds just like mine! My mom too is the perfect mother for me! I would love to copy your post and share it with my mom! I made a donation in honor of my mother and am grateful to honor her this way! Thanks for sharing!

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