God Still Speaks To Your Need

Feb 14

Gripped by the sorrow after Porter’s tragic death, I turned to God’s Word hoping to find answers. I desperately needed to know why the God I had loved since I was a little child would take away my life and my happiness. Instead of finding answers, I found something more precious than gold—God’s living Word.

Suddenly, I no longer needed to know, “Why?” I needed to know “Who” was the God of the bible.

Did you know that God speaks through His Word? Have you ever stopped to consider that when you are reading the Bible God is speaking directly to you? Oh, the things He has to tell us. God didn’t stop communicating with His people thousands of years ago as some speculate. Through His Word, He still communicates with us today about whom He is, His ways and His purposes for our lives.

As I began to really see God through His Word, the Bible became more precious than gold to me. I discovered that God was not my betrayer or a cold dictator. It’s through His Word that I heard Him whisper to my heart; “I am the all sufficient-one, your stronghold, your refuge and your strength. I am your ever-present help in times of trouble.”

Night, after lonely night, My Lord was faithful to meet me in my pain. His Word became the healing ointment that soothed my broken heart as He rebuilt its crumbled ruins. As I listened and obeyed His Word, it became even more precious proving true through and through. Soon, I found myself in love again. This time, the love of my life was God Himself.

How can you hear God speak to you from His Word? God is speaking to you when He nudges your heart, or when a verse pops from the page. Often the Lord is speaking when your eyes direct you back to a verse you have just read. When you encounter Him speaking to you in this way, stop and respond accordingly because He building a relationship with you. Your heavenly Father is reveling His ways and purposes for your life.

For example, when God revels something new to you about His character—stop and praise God for His greatness. When His Word convicts you—stop and ask for forgiveness and a pure heart. When His Word comforts you—stop there and rest in the arms of your Father while thanking Him for His mercy. As you learn to listen, you will learn about who He is, how to be His child, and the purpose God has for your life.

Once I learned to truly communicate with the Lord between the living pages, I developed a deeper relationship with Him. My faith deepened and my love grew for God and His ways.  I discovered I am never along. I have a daily compainon that loves me beyond measure and is ready to meet my needs.

Open your bible and let God speak to your heart today.


  1. Savannah Parvu says

    Thank you for sharing this sweet encouragement today. Though I am surrounded by people that love me I have felt so alone lately. What you have shared here helps me to realize that no matter where I am or who I am with I am never alone. God loves me more than anyone else can and He is always with me. This brings such peace and comfort to my heart today. I need to spend more time with my first true love, God!

  2. says

    Hi sweet girl!

    sending you my love on this Valentine’s Day! I was just talking with someone yesterday about your amazing story. God, indeed, loves you beyond measure. Look at all the many wonderful things He has and is doing in your life!

    The fact that He spoke to you through my words today and you heard Him speaks to your relationship with Him.

    When I need to feel God’s Presence, I sit and praise Him for who He is and for the love and grace He’s giving me. Before I know it, I’m experiencing the warmth of His presence and love in my heart!

    You are dearly loved by God… me, too!

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